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Gilbert won't have a chance at that loose ball tonight.Boston at Washington

Boston at Washington
7:30 P.M. ET
Verizon Center

Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 109.2 points/100 possessions (10th)

Washington: 102.3 points/100 possessions (26th)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 100.7 points allowed/100 possessions (2nd)

Washington: 108.6 points allowed/100 possessions (20th)

Probable Wizards starters: Rashard Lewis, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee, John Wall, Nick Young

Injuries: OUT: Shaq, Perk, Delonte, J.O Washington: Lewis (questionable, knee) Kirk Hinrich (questionable, elbow) Josh Howard (out, knee)


The C’s leave town for the first time in two weeks to the Verizon Center, where the Wizards have won all 12 of their games this year. The C’s, winners of five straight will head into the nation’s capital down their top three centers, as Shaq did not make a trip with a sore hip. The good news? The team is 9-1 without Shaq, and undefeated with Semih Erden in the starting lineup (4-0). All signs point to the team extending to that streak tonight against the underwhelming Wiz who were blown out by the Suns at home last night.


Make You Turn The Ball Over: The Wizards are 4th in the league in opponent’s turnover rate, which combined with the C’s well documented turnover follies (26th in league in turnover rate) could provide a little bit of a problem tonight. Add in the fact that this one’s on the road and I could easily see the C’s shooting themselves in the foot all night, making this one closer than it should be on the second half of a back-to-back. Rajon Rondo is the guy to keep an eye on here, as he has been especially sloppy (4 turnovers/game) with the ball this year.

Hit The Offensive Glass: The Wiz aren’t even a top 10 team in this department, but I’m adding this in anyway, due to their sheer athleticism up front, combined with the absence of the Diesel, one of the C’s best defensive rebounders. McGee is one of the best offensive boarders in the league, and Blatche has given Boston a fair share of problems over the years. Look for Semih(automatic) to step up on the glass tonight coming off a season-high 7 boards last night. Either that, or expect him to foul out in 18 minutes. Either way, it will have to be a team effort on the glass tonight to contain the Wiz so expect Pierce to get involved.


Too many to list, so let’s go with bullet points! The Wiz are amongst the bottom 5 teams in all of these categories.

  • FG shooting percentage
  • Turnover rate
  • Getting to the line
  • Opposition’s FG shooting percentage
  • Allowing their opponents to get to the line

So as you can see, they are pretty well rounded with their weaknesses. There’s obviously plenty of talent here between Wall, Young, and company but nearly every part of their game, especially the offense, is incredibly inefficient under Flip Saunders. And sadly, Rashard Lewis hasn’t been the saving grace nearly no one in D.C. thought he would be when dealt for Gilbert Arenas last month. They also haven’t won a road game yet, so I kind of have to throw that in here too.


Nick Young – During a season of turmoil, Young has been a consistent positive for Saunders, posting terrific numbers since being inserted in the starting lineup. Ray Allen, Marquis Daniels, and Pierce will have their work cut out for them tonight as they try to contain the USC guard, who is averaging 22 ppg in the his last 10, along with 46 percent shooting from downtown. You also may remember Young tearing it up in garbage time during the C’s blowout win in Boston earlier this year. It appears that was no fluke.


Anyone matched up against a motivated KG. Which I think we’ll see tonight. That was from Ryan’s preview of Washington earlier this year. And coming off a calf injury and a strong performance last night, Blatche should be in for another long night, similar to the 10 point outing he had in the team’s first matchup


Ball movement. Semih not fouling out. Big Baby continuing to operate down low. Pierce continuing his first quarter dominance. Keeping McGee and Blatche off the glass. And oh, a win.


Boston 98, Washington 91. Closer than it should be, but the Wizards actually play fairly well at home and should be steaming coming off a bad loss. The good news is the Verizon Center will likely be crawling with C’s fans. Boston has trouble containing Young, but they pull away in the fourth so we don’t have to see a repeat of this. As awesome as it is, I prefer easy wins.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Batman

    What i want to see: Rondo showing the rook how elite PGs play

    • Batman

      but damn John Wall is amazing

      • Zee

        LOL! No he isn't. That 3 he hit is why they won the game IN THE END. And he should be happy it was an off shot (cause it wasn't on purpose). 🙂

        • Batman

          r u really denying john wall isn't an amazing talent?

          • Zee

            Nah, I just didn't think his talent had anything to do with their win tonight is all I'm saying… As in him being "amazing" tonight. We lost this game. He didn't win it. Feel me?

  • I'm excited to see Rondo-John Wall… And I'll also be looking out for KG-Blatche. Blatche hates him… But he's also a little bit scared of him.

  • Gay 4 Shaq

    Dwight Howard is an assclown who never stops smiling even when he's losing

  • I_Love_Green

    What the fuck was that?!

    • ARGGGGG!!!!!!!

      SEGABABA that's what's up >.<

  • ARGGGGG!!!!!!!

    We scored 35 in the first quarter, and 48 points for the rest of the game????" It's games like these that makes watching the Celtics so frustrating…..

  • Clark

    pierce sucks..

  • Zee

    No excuse for this loss. Yet, I stand by my Celtics wholeheartedly. On to the next one…

  • Chris O

    Ummm this was just a very depressing game. We should have ran them out the gym. Other than the fact we couldn't do anything right after the 1st quarter, we looked good tonight lol

  • ElRoz

    Ray Allen just reminded me of his 0-13 in finals game 3…..he had great looks for some key shots tonight and basically choked…as did Pierce.

    KG loves his jumpers as does Baby…and they don't really shoot them that well.

    This team MUST have home court since showed over the last 3 playoff runs that on the road, they canot win a clinching game – they were 1-3 in 2008; 0-2 in 2009; and 0-4 in 2010…so to get that 4th win on the road they tried 10 times and won once…..

    losses like tonight, like to Cleveland early in the season will add up and Boston will face game 7 in Miami..or game 7 in LA or San Antonio..and as Doc rivers' Celtics go, they will likely lose.

    • Zee

      Disagree with much of what you said. Some nights you're hot, and some nights you aren't. We lost. That's it.

      Ray wasn't the only one missing shots. We got a lot of good shots. They just didn't go in. The ball is funny like that sometimes.

      Within their range, KG and Baby DO shot good shots. They were withing range tonight. They just didn't fall.

      You talk with little faith in the team. The game wasn't that bad. Yeah we lost, but it's not a blowout like the Spurs are receiving right now from the Hornets. Down by 25. Our game? A 1 point game. Don't talk like we got our faces handed to us, b/c we didn't.

      WE lost the game. They didn't win it. Huge difference.

      Celtics are fine. You win some, you lost some. No loss is good, but I'll take it.

    • Batman

      Dude do u watch the celtics? KG is a very good jump shooter and big baby isn’t bad either they just weren’t falling tonight

  • someguyinsac

    Well, that was really painful to watch after the first quarter but I toughed it out hoping for a different outcome. Bummer to say the least. 🙁

  • Zee

    Spurs down by 28. So don't feel so bad anymore. Must be something in the air tonight against teams top of their conference. 🙂

    • Zee

      30 now… 🙂 (Yes, I have league pass)

  • Jamie

    Score 35 in the first and 48 the rest of the way against one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Didn't shoot FTs well either or from 3.

  • Heya, thanks much for your brilliant information. I’m going to be back again to check on this site no doubt.