Post-game Reactions

Jermaine O’Neal discussed his lingering knee problems on the Dale & Holley show on WEEI this morning.

“We actually had a little evaluation this morning about something that may or may not have to be done,” said O’Neal. “Just to put a couple of scenarios behind me.”

That something is surgery, a course of action O’Neal and the Celtics have contemplated from the early part of the season.

“Yeah, that was definitely something we talked about the first time I was out for the extended period of time,” said O’Neal. “We wanted to try a couple of options and we may be looking at that situation now.”

O’Neal went on to note that it was possible he’d not have surgery until the end of the season but indicated he’d be speaking with doctors later today, after which he and the Celtics would reach a decision on how best to proceed.

“You don’t want to miss an extended period of time. I already did that. So, you make your decisions as a player. You listen to the staff, and if they have a certain way, then you try that. And if that doesn’t work, you’ve got to go with the next best scenario.”

The Celtics’ PF/C has played in only 16 games this season, averaging 5.1 points and 3.8 rebounds in 17.8 minutes per game.

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  • Batman

    Have surgery with Semih in the offseason
    come back fresh for 2011

  • Morpheus

    Get them Sheed jerseys ready ladies and gentleman. That's right, Sheed is indeed going to be need – ed for us to clinch the number 1 seed.

  • Morpheus

    Oh and JO you suck….go away already you LAME-O.

  • someguyinsac

    Glad this gamble didn't come directly out of my bank account, even though they do get some of it every year.

  • Brolan

    I think JO really wants to help this team. If not he wouldnt have tried the brace first. It sucks cause he was just starting to make some gains too.

  • debbie

    Give me a damn break Jermaine you suck.. end of story. you might as well have the surgery you don't play any how.you are no celtic and you will never be a celtic you are a has been…go away already i am tired of hearing about his damn knee just get rid of him what has he done not a damn thing.lets go celtics forget JO lets just worry about our guys not a wanna be..

  • CG12

    Jeez louise, people, that is some harsh stuff for a guy who has been trying to gut out playing through bad knees. It isn't like JO chose for this to happen. He and the Cs were hoping his knees would respond well so he could give them some good minutes, but that hasn't worked out. That doesn't mean he is a bum or that the team was dumb. There is risk in everything, and I'm sure the team knew that they were taking a calculated risk with J. O'Neal. If he could get well enough to play a bit, I am sure he could make valuable contributions, but it is looking less and less likely that his knees will let him. Too bad, but the Cs won't miss him much. With Shaq, Perk, and Semih, they already have admirable depth at the C position.

  • john schaffer

    jo is just like sheed collecting big money and cry about everything , look at semih all year with a bad shoulder , plays when asked , of course he doesnt get 56,275.00 dollars a game to complain about his knees , hes a has been

  • ElRoz

    That photo at the top…who knew that the center-pf on the right is smarter than the GM on the left….but that's how it turns out now

    Danny: LEARN from your mistakes…..they are costly.

    • Morpheus

      Exactly, that's a good observation, sorta "title this pic " style.____No way JO should've come into camp out of shape, if you think otherwise you're deluded. I believe JO took advantage of the Cs situation and Ainge blindly pounced at JO signing him for the full MLE.____Hope Danny learns from this.