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Forget the late-game machinations that got the C’s to within 4 points of the Rockets in the final minute. Boston earned tonight’s loss with an ugly, mostly lifeless effort against a seriously undermanned Houston team, dropping the Celtics to 4-3 without Kevin Garnett and edging observers closer to not-really-that-rational-but-worrying-anyway concerns the C’s current winter blahs will morph into a full-on winter depression.

With few exceptions, the Celtics gave the impression they’d rather be anywhere but on a basketball court tonight. Marquis Daniels (7-8 shooting) and Ray Allen (8-13) lead the Celtics with 19 points apiece, but the Boston offense didn’t take advantage of enough favorable mismatches and the Boston defense allowed the Rockets to shoot 52.7% from the field and go 10-20 from the three-point-arc.

Rajon Rondo took most of the night off, suggesting the busy nine-day stretch since his return has worn him down (or he just decided to put it on cruise control). Glen Davis played passable defense on Luis Scola (5-13 on the night) but again lead the team in shots, many of them of the groan-inducing variety. That’s not all on him, but it’s indicative of tonight’s effort – just not enough energy and not enough smarts.

By the time the C’s started to pull it together, the Rockets had taken the reins of this one and weren’t willing to let go. They scrapped hard early, made tougher shots late and walk out of Boston with what they deserve: a win.

That’s it for now. Come back later on for a closer look.

Just don’t expect to like what you see.

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  • LStrike


    • Batman


      • I_Love_Green

        Think of June.

        Helps me.

  • Zee

    Sigh @ this game…

  • ElRoz

    Well…they had problmes last season…but made it to the finals…all they had to do was win game 6 or 7 on the road…and they couldn't do it…so have they learned their lesson about home court or not?
    They lost game 6 n LA by a very big margin…a blow-out…then lost game 7 after leading by 13 in the 3rd…so thsi does not look like a team that can win on the road in the fianls…they went 1-3….
    is this team ready to play game 5 and 7 in Orlando or Miami?

    a few wins in the reg. season could be the difference if there is a banner or not.

    It's true that LeBron's Cavs had the best reg. season record last two season and were still eliminated…but the fact is that for Boston, the lesson should be the fianls, especially games 6 and 7….they had 3 all-stars tonight and Houston was missing some very key players…..this Boston team does not deserve to be #1 or #2 in the East right now…does KG carry their balls in a big sack and gives them back to them when he feels like it?

    SHAQ – CAN YOU PLEASE GET SOME REBOUNDS, OVER 7 FEET AND 300 LBS – rebound instead of going on Letterman

  • Stephen

    We are gonna find out real soon if this team has indeed learned their lesson regarding home court advantage. 5 straight games remaining on this home stand and the C's are gonna need every one of them. The Heat have won 12 or 13 straight on the road, the Bulls are winning without Noah, and the Magic are also now red hot. If this team is that reliant on KG's intensity to beat a shorthanded Houston team and allow them to shoot around 53% for the game, it's not panic time but certainly cause for some concern. Unlike last year they can't turn into a 500 team and expect to hit the gas pedal again. Won't work this time. They can't take any more night's off. Period. They better understand —and quick–that unless they finish as either the #1 or #2 seed in the East they can kiss banner #18 goodbye!!!

  • debbie

    wow the celtics really suck. lately don't know what is going on with them. but to let the Rockets beat them. is an embarssrement .. i love the celtics but they are looking like clowns out there come on guys get your crap together and start playing ball.

  • someguyinsac

    Need to take BBD to the ocean for him to get his shot back maybe?

  • Stephen

    Hey Nate!!!! Get ready to hit the pine once Delonte West comes back. Your basically worthless.

  • fyatroll

    Slight overreaction in here. I watched the game, and from an outsider you should take comfort in the fact that I think the Celtics played some really good ball, especially 4th quarter offense. The Rockets were htting some really, really tough shots in that 4th quarter and it just seemed to me it wasn't the Celtics night to win, simply because the Rockets couldn't miss. That happens sometimes.

    • Zee

      Sorry, but I disagree with you. This was the worst defense they have played in a long time. Doc even said so in his postgame presser. They sucked on both ends.

      What we need to begin doing is being immediately aggressive from the tipoff to weaken the confidence of the opponent. When we linger on offense and defense – like we just did – we allow our opponents – WEAK ONES – to think they can beat us. When you're feeling good, you're confident about your shots. And that's why in the 4th quarter they started making it rain on us.

      • Downtown

        I was at the game last night and was watching Baby walk on the court, take warm-ups, and then wait for Eddie to come over and rub down his left knee, have Baby scream FUCK for 30 seconds, try to bend his knee all the way and couldn't (so clearly not 100 percent). So in fairness to him, Scola was 100% and he wasn't. Would hardly phrase that as a "favorable matchup."

  • SteveB

    Celtics didn't put out the effort tonight. Even with that the Rockets probably don't win if they aren't hitting fall away 3's at the buzzer and miracle shots in the lane. Boston is always susceptible to a team that starts shooting well but much of that can be stopped by good defense. They need to hang their hat on their defense regardless of how the offense is going.