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Resume Breathing: C’s 105, Spurs 103

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I started writing about six different short recaps for this game, but each time I got into one, something happened that forced me to delete them and start over. That’s the kind of special game we got tonight. You should watch it all over again at soon as the replay comes up on League Pass, which you should buy if you don’t have it in order to watch the game again right now.

We’ll give this one the attention it deserves in a little while. Until then, I’m guessing a lot of your fingernails look like mine:

UPDATE FROM BRIAN: Hope everyone got their money’s worth watching that one. Here are some entertaining quotes from the locker room tonight to hold you over in the interim before a full recap of this classic from Hayes……

Popovich on Regarding Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen: “He affects the game on both ends of the court. He put it in the hole. He drove it. He plays D, gets steals, he rebounds. He does everything, he’s a good all around player. Ray needs to work on his shooting a little bit. He only hit 13 out of 16. If it was practice and you did pin downs and you came off of that – I don’t know if anyone in the league would it 13 out of 16. He does it in a game. I think he’s pretty good.”

Parker on Re: Rajon Rondo’s Triple Double: “He played great tonight…finding his teammates. It helps when you have a guy like Ray Allen making all those shots, so he had a good game.”

Doc on The Game: “Yeah, you know, two great defensive teams tonight, huh? One shoots, scores 103 the other one scores 105. The fact that we shot 61% and won by two is a scary number, when you think about it. That tells you how good they are, how well they’re coached, and all of them – everything above – it took a 61% effort from us tonight to win a basketball game at home. That tells you how good that team is.”

Baby’s Crazy Talk: Re the Spurs defense: “They were playing off me. I was shocked. I was like oh m god they are just going to let me shoot. So I just kept shooting and got into a rhythm.

Re the ticket stub: “No he didn’t rebound. Ticket stub does everything. You know he does what the big ticket does. Two rebounds, last game I had one, ticket stub rebounds. It was a different guy out there today, because Glen Davis rebounds.

Re Doc: “He has, he has worked with me. Given me the opportunity to show what I got. He is still hard on me. He’s still hard. It’s like a love hate thing.

Re their relationship “ For sure father son, like step-son. He loves me. But it’s like I love you, but I’m hard on you. It is what it is.

  • Please, fans… give this team some credit tonight and don't start whining about "a near monumental choke-job". The C's are without KG, Perk and Delonte and yet they beat the Spurs even though the refs missed some big calls at the end… like when Ginobili WAS TRYING to foul Pierce. Ray's missed free throws sucked but this team is gutsy and hard-boiled. Great win in the face of a lot of adversity.

  • jpbl1976

    Great to see the C's pull this out even though it looked like the Refs wanted the Spurs to win it at the end. There were several instances when fouls clearly should have been called.

    The only upside to that is that the Celtics survived a playoffs-like game without KG and even when the calls weren't exactly going their way.

  • Zee

    Great win. Now who was it in the other story that said Davis and Robinson need to be traded? How do your words taste? :)

    • hdavenport

      A) I don't think anyone suggested that Davis needs to be traded, or even that he should be.

      B) Robinson had 7 points on 3-5 shooting, okay, but he also gave the ball away on the possession when the game should have ended. I don't think anybody is eating any words about Nate Robinson after this game.

      • wharpua

        to be fair to Nate, Rondo really should've moved to the ball while Ginobli was committing that loose-ball foul that didn't get called

      • Zee

        1. Perhaps you didn't read anyone's comments in the other story. Yes, several listed BBD which means Big Baby Davis.

        2. Robinson had a very good game. How many times has Pierce lost the ball when it mattered? Nevertheless, I guarantee you Robinson won't be traded.

      • Zee

        For clarifications sake, I was referring to reader's comments when mentioning Davis. Not your write-up. Cause if you would've said Davis, we really would've know to read no further. Robinson? You can get away with – yet I don't fully agree. But Davis? The people who mentioned that in the comments must not be seeing the same game you and I are seeing! :)

      • Zee

        Lets not forget, that in the end the ball was stole from Paul Pierce too. We gotta stop picking on Nate. :)

        • DRJ1

          The ball wasn't "stolen" from anybody! The refs neglected to call the obvious (intentional!) foul on Paul, and then the ridiculous, violent hip check on Rajon to get that ball free. Nobody screwed up, except the refs.

          But in their "defense", the refs did do a REMARKABLE job in keeping the score under the betting line (which was 2.5-3, I heard), while still allowing the better team to win. It's not easy, you know!

          • Zee

            That's not the play I'm talking about (the one with Ginobli). There was a play where they stole the ball from Paul (wasn't a foul) and they scored.

    • Batman

      I still think Robinson needs to be traded
      But whoever said Davis is going to be?

    • jpbl1976

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. There's a reason Danny's happy with his lineup. People keep remembering what happened post the all-star break last season and start panicking/doubting the team.

  • Jim

    This was one of the best games I have watched all year. Both teams played great. Ray missing two free thows almost gave me cardiac problems. I have a huge smile on my face as I write this. I will sleep well tonight. Thanks Green!!

  • Ryan DeGama

    Rondo was extremely lazy tonight. Didn't even finish out the quadruple-double.

    • Zee

      Glad that was a joke. :)

    • someguyinsac

      I know, what a slouch he was.

    • Chris O

      I know, what a bum lol

  • JP-

    This was a great game, can't believe the Celts shot 61% and Rondo had a triple-and-a-half-double (regular triple double and over 5 steals). The team came to play. Spurs were on the second night of a back to back, but the greatness of Rondo was something no Spur could match tonight.
    Rondo > Manu

  • the truth hurts

    two close games in a row. both wins, but against the opposite extremes. celts beat the t-wolves in a close one two nights ago and beat the spurs in a thriller tonight. clearly it still seems that they are playing to their opponents (playing up and playing down), but as long as they keep winning i won't beg for blowouts (even against the t-wolves).

    this team is gonna be scary good when healthy. already can't wait for the playoffs.

  • DTL

    Just got home from the game – a few thoughts:

    First, Rondo is incredible. The little fakes and shuttle passes that he does to set up Pierce and Allen for threes are amazing. At one point in the game his stat line was 2 pts, 8 rbs, 20 ast. Oh yeah, and as he showed down the stretch in the 4th, he can still score when he needs to too.

    Second, the near slip wasn't on Pierce, he was fouled. It wasn't on Ray, misses happen. But wow, when all you need is someone to hold on the ball and make a good decision, why would you ever give it to Nate. What was he thinking with that through-the-legs b.s.? He's really been playing poor lately.

    Also, what's up with the C's going so small? Nate-Ray-Rondo-Quis-Davis is a weird lineup, but it played all right.

  • wharpua

    adding to the chaos at the end was Ray Ray missing both free throws, capping off a spectacular shooting night

    glad this ended up as a W – it's astounding how much more exciting the games are to watch when Rondo's on the floor

  • I_Love_Green

    Easy game. I rewatched it with the refs actually calling fouls in the last minute and the Celtics won easily by 7.

    But seriously, Manu was grabbing Pierce when Parker stole the ball, and then Manu knocked Rondo over stealing the ball after that. But then the most shocking, Ray missing BOTH free throws! That never happens.

    Fantastic win without KG, Perk, and Delonte though.

  • JenG

    I love how even with a near quadruple-double, Tony Parker still finds a way to demean Rondo's game by mentioning his teammates. Yes, having guys like Paul and Ray on the floor with him will bring up his assists, but what he did in the game tonight was freaking incredible. Parker obviously doesn't want to admit he was wrong in saying Rondo's "overrated", even after getting embarrassingly spanked for 48 minutes tonight.

    Anyways, great game. Shouldn't have been nearly as close as it was, but I won't complain so long as we get the win. =)

    • Dr H

      Don't forget Tony Parker is the one that said "Sometimes the best team doesn't always win" last June when the Celtics were up on the Lakers 3-2 going into game 6. The guy clearly has a problem with the Celtics as a whole…and I don't know why.

    • JP-

      Parker is jealous, Rondo spanked him bad tonight. Also, Parker has Duncan, Jefferson, and Manu so its not like he's a one man show out there. Parker is a very good point guard, Rondo is elite.

  • Karthik Swarna

    I am from Boston and i have purchased NBA league pass as i do not have a TV( no interest in purchasing one). But NBA does not let me watch Boston games as all of them have been blacked out due to local restriction. So please if any one can help me with watching these games please let me know how to do it. Also if you are considering buying the league pass please be advised, if you are from New England, you will not be allowed to watch Celtics games.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Ripped off Fan :(

    • Jmt

      atdhe.net or firstrow.net have sports games streaming online. I'm sure there are other similar sites out there.

    • DRJ1

      Get a TV set. If you want to spend the minimum, get an old CRT… they're giving them away now. What I've found is that the quality of the experience watching online is much inferior to that of watching it on the big screen, with the DVR going so you can see every detail whenever you want. But maybe that's just me…

    • koolaid

      thank Comcast for that one, and the FCC for allowing them get away with it. funny thing is in almost every country outside the US there are no blackouts, so you can get every single game live without having to pay up the a** for all the other crap that Comcast shoves. much better for an NBA fan who doesn't have much interest in all the other junk… who has time to watch other TV shows when you have league pass 😉

      great game. great, great game!! this is a team for the ages!!

      • mcfly

        i live in australia and have league pass, and its the best thing ever, every game live.. i didnt even know you guys had local blackouts, that really sucks.

    • Diehard Celtic

      channelsurfing.net!!!! Who needs cable!

    • TMC

      Admittedly, league pass while overseas is awesome, but I think I have had Mike and Tommy for like 10-15% of the games this season. And boy, do those other guys suck at calling a game.

      THank you Mike and Tommy, I need more of you in my life

    • WestCoastCeltic

      Try this site out

  • Scott Selfridge

    Heres what i got.

    34 assists

    46 made field goals

    73.9% of our makes came off an assist

    Glad Rondo is rollin. How old is Ray Allen? Kevin Garnett wh– just kidding.

    Good win.

  • Russell

    I would love for somemone to argue that we should not trade Jermaine O'neal. And yes I am writing this after a decent game by him. The money he makes and his injury plague are two sure reasons to trade him. Argue that folks

    • WestCoastCeltic

      i agree. We should trade him.

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