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A little nugget of interest to all you C’s fans about there convinced that Boston is stuck with the 15-man roster they have in front of them for the rest of this campaign for Banner 18….Celtics’ president of basketball operations hasn’t stopped looking at the idea of tinkering. Here’s Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe getting a few eye-opening, but ultimately expected quotes out of the C’s top dog yesterday:

Ainge said he is getting calls regarding trades but he is not close to any deal. He said he would like to see the impact of his roster when at full health.

“You never know what’s going to happen but I like our roster a lot,’’ he said.

“There’s nothing close and I really like our team when we’re healthy. There’s always calls this time of year. There’s always teams trying to do things, but I like our guys. There’s a lot of talk out there but I’m not sure what we’ll do.’’

Danny is dead on in both respects in this instance. There’s plenty to like about this team when it’s healthy, and it’s probably the deepest roster top to bottom in the league when at full strength.

The problem however, as we’ve seen in these first two months, and well really…the past three years, is keeping this roster at full strength. It hasn’t happened for more than a few spells here and there. So with the C’s so vulnerable in this department, really throughout the foreseeable future Danny is obviously doing his job listening to any offers that come his way, despite the any real need or want to do tinkering with this roster.

Since, for all its depth, this is a roster with flaws, especially on the offensive end of the floor. And ultimately, the case could made to upgrade at a variety of spots (strictly talking about the bench here) to take the onus off the starters, while remaining competitive at the top of the east.

So I throw it out there to you CelticsHub readers? Would you even consider making a deal unless you had absolutely had to (i.e. major injury) if you’re Ainge? And if yes, where would you be looking to be upgrading? And who exactly would be dealt, given the reality that the team has a full 15-man roster right now, with Von Wafer, who has come on very strong lately, being the only guy with non-guaranteed contract.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Devin_in_Maine

    His contract situation notwithstanding, I would NOT get rid of Von Wafer. From the first moment he took the court this year, I was impressed with his defense. He may not routinely get highlight-reel type steals and blocked shots, but he immediately gets into the classic, knees-bent defensive stance and just frustrates his man. His offense has left some to be desired, but his quickness and explosiveness were on display last night against an admittedly defensively challenged team. His defense, hustle, and ability to drive hard to the hoop with explosiveness, make him a valuable addition to this team.

    Plus, I respect his commitment to the mohawk. Big Baby flirted with the 'hawk some in the past, but Von shows a level of commitment far above that of his peers.

  • What More Can I Say?

    NOPE! I wouldn't do a damn thing. The best record in the Eastern Conference with all the injuries? Let 'em heal and keep your eyes on the prize!

  • Batman
    • Batman
      • What More Can I Say?

        That's actually a pretty solid trade. WOW!

        No way Sac does it though. Nate ain't taking NONE of Tyreke's minutes.

        • AussieCeltic

          HAHAHA. We have double the kings payroll!! I love that this team will spend to give us a shot at the title,

      • dtla la

        That's just stupid. Why would Sacramento do it?


  • DRJ1

    We've just experienced having our PG AND his backup both out of action for a prolonged period of time. Danny may be thinking that we need one more backup PG, just in case. Wouldn't blame him. Can they trade Avery for a guy they can cut, then pick up another PG with that spot?

    • Jay P

      That makes no sense. You're telling me you honestly believe there's someone out there in Free Agency you can sign with an open spot who's better than keeping Avery?

      Highly, highly unlikely. At this point, anyone not on an NBA roster is without a job for a reason.

      • hokianga

        definitely. i think bradley is an awesome player!! just needs his shot to drop.

  • zebulon


    We need a wing that can play defense on big 3's (ie lebron) and hit the three ball (ie fit into the second team offense with pierce or ray). Lets make it happen.

    • What More Can I Say?

      C'mon Zeb, that guy is as Official as a referee's Whistle. Who the heck you gonna trade to get him? BBD?

      No way.

  • Tos

    Not that this would happen… but wouldnt it be nice… http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId

  • Russell

    I think we try and trade jermaine onealor perkins for brandon bass, jj hickson, or marci gortat we could also throw in nate to a deal as incentive and/or a draft pick

    • RondoExpress

      Perkins for any of those guys is a bad trade. Perkins is one of the only centers in the league who can defend any center in the NBA one on one. Too valuable to give up for bench guys.

      • Russell

        bench guys.. lol last i checked Bass was a starter and Hickson and Gortat should be.. Perk is an offensive liability and will be coming back from injury see ya Perk

  • Zain

    Y'all want trades?

    J'O for Pietrus. Defensive player, ("LeBron stopper" of '09), shoot the 3 ball. Hated him on Orlando, would love to have him.

    J'O and Luke for Battier (Another defensive wing)

    I think both trades have a shot at happening, but it largely depends on how J'O comes along.

  • NHBluesMan

    honestly, if we were doing worse, i think it would be better to go for a trade (i.e. last year)

    However, considering we've had some sort of injury to every starter but Ray, and we're still first in the East, i say we stick with what we've got. I really think it all hinges on Delonte getting healthy again… once he comes back we'll have our anchor for the 2nd unit, so KryptoNate can start being more of a scorer and less of a facilitator, and Quis can play within his comfort zone as well.

    When the Celtics are healthy, there is no team in the league that can match up with them 1-15…. NO TEAM in the league

  • aaron

    seriously, just because they are 3–3 in their last six games, doesn't mean that Ainge needs to rock the boat. Top of the east without their big man(KG), Rondo just getting rythm back, JO trying to find it(I'll take 4 blocks from him last night anytime). It goes on and on. Leave the team alone and let em win, they will. They are finding ways to win now. Last year's team gave up on how many games? Last night was a bad win, but they didn't give up.
    There is a chemistry and feeling on the floor that a good team, any good team needs to have for 82+ games to win it all.
    But somebody tell BBD to stop with all the poor jumpshots, crap, Sheed is back.

  • I_Love_Green

    Were not making any trades unless someone goes down for the year. Stay away from the trade machine until then.

    • TedL

      Yes. If the whole team is healthy, everybody else is playing for second place. If people are injured? Well, anybody can get injured. Heck – who thought our biggest problems were going to be Rondo and Delonte?

  • Guest

    I'm echoing certain sentiments here but coming into this year I was looking for a legitimate back up for pierce who was defensive minded but with 3 pt range. I am loving Daniel's versatility so I'm much less interested in it than I was before but he will struggle against big 3's and he definitely just doesn't have range. If Delonte/Robinson/Wafer can start hitting at a combine 37%+ I'm pretty ok with that but otherwise I might go for a solid back up for Pierce. The problem is the Celts have such a "way" that a guy is going to need to have that built in before he gets here or he's not going to pick it up in time to fit in.

    So… Here are guys I would be looking at:
    Reggie Williams

    But Q-rich and Barnes wouldn't fit in here plus Celts prob aren't big on the whole domestic dispute thing (barnes). Say what you will about the characters we've taken on and the dumb things Delonte did last here but at the end of the day all our bad-character guys didn't hurt people.

    I'm not sure Posey can bring it the way we want it any more. Prince and Ariza don't have great 3pt touches even if theyre a bit better than 'Quis. Dunleavy and Delfino aren't great defenders.

    So we have
    Reggie Williams

    Budinger and Battier are both on Houston and look at the other wings they play with on that team:
    K Martin
    Courtney Lee
    Terrence WIlliams

    Not including Jefferies and Kmart who needs to soak up 30+ minutes a game there are 4 guys vying for about 64ish minutes a game. Maybe we can pull budinger or Battier away.

    Don't forget we can bring back Rasheeds $6M+ contract in any trade and have him just re-retire for whichever team so any team looking to lose salary cap can shed some.

  • Morpheus

    Some of yall play way too much 2K

    • Batman

      I know
      And Aaron brooks keeps leaving me even when i offer him a 6 year max contract!!!

  • Green Man

    How bout giving jerry stackhouse a 10-day contract? hehehe! i'd love to see him in green that old fart! :o)

    • Zee

      Hmmm, I like the idea of Stackhouse. How much does he want?

  • dinko
    • hokianga

      i think you just made chicago wayyy better. they would love perks and josh howard

  • Zee

    Who thinks Davis should be traded? Please read.


    — Doc Rivers revealed before the game that he pushed harder for the Celtics to draft Glen Davis than any other player in his Celtics tenure. After the game, Davis said he and Rivers have a father-step son relationship.

    "He has worked with me, given me the opportunity to show what I got," said Davis. "He is still hard on me. He’s still hard. It’s like a love-hate thing."

    Davis had a career-high 23 points against the Spurs, using his much-improved jump shot to help set that mark.