Post-game Reactions

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If you missed today’s game there is really only one thing you need to see to get a feel for how this one went:

If those replays were not enough to satiate your lust for Paul Pierce dunkery then feel free to check out these other angles:

There are few things I love more in this world than Paul Pierce turning back the clock to throw down a monster dunk.  This one was especially great for two reasons: 1) the Raptors got away with a win a few months ago on that non-call on the Leandro Barbosa reach-around; and 2) Paul put two Raptors on a poster.  Amir Johnson and Joey Dorsey will not be excited to check out the game tape of this one.

Paul Pierce just loves dunking on the Raptors. In case you forgot, check out this doozee from last year:

After Friday night’s tough loss to the Hornets, the Celtics needed a game like this.

More to come…

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  • TedL

    Thanks for the clips! For those of us who didn't see it – how did Rondo look? Gimpy or healthy?

    • jacksobd

      I'll be putting in a bunch of stuff about Rondo in the full recap. Also, be sure to check out the ESPN Daily Dime tomorrow as BRobb will have even more Rondo analysis there.

      • Chris

        Any news on PP's ankle?

        • Ryan DeGama

          Yeah, that was kind of cringe-inducing. Assume he's fine unless we hear differently.

        • jacksobd

          I doubt it's anything serious. It looks like a little tweak. Something that happens all the time. We'll update as soon as we get something but rotoworld is reporting that it's nothing serious.

  • Avinash

    that's one hell of a throw down

  • misel

    in the third clip, bosh also got slammed down "there"… oof… that must've hurt >.<

  • Celtics_fan

    celtics should stop dunking the ball so much, hate to see so much injuries. cant take even the mild one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one in, another one out. what the heck. C's has to come back as a group!

  • DRJ1

    Btw, PP was fouled by the Raptors defending on that play. Hit on the arm. He was getting mauled a LOT tonight, with very few calls. I believe that pissed him off more than anything.

  • torpid bunny

    Staggered that PP has that much hop left. Monster dunk.

  • What More Can I Say?

    Bosh likes playing the victim on Celtic posters doesn't he???

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  • fucker

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  • dude