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Garnett Has Calf Injury

Kevin Garnett left tonight’s game against the Detroit Pistons with a calf injury.


CSNNE reports that it is a calf injury, not a knee injury.


Obviously, the injury, however severe it might turn out to be, will have hit Celtics’ fans like a gut punch tonight, as it bore resemblance to the injury that sidelined Garnett for the end of the 2009 season, and affected Garnett all of last season. Though his recovery has been remarkable this year, with the KG of 2010-11 playing like the KG of 2007-08, everyone has reason to be concerned. That noted, there is no confirmation that tonight’s injury is related to that one.

Garnett did have X-Rays after the injury took place tonight and they came back negative. This is good. There is no fracture.

However, the real litmus test will be the MRI back in Boston on Thursday to determine if anything is torn within the knee – assuming that is where the injury is situated. As of right now, that’s unconfirmed. The worst case scenario would be that Garnett is out for the season, or possibly longer, a bridge which we’ll jump off, only if we come to it.

In the ray of hope department, Celtics’ radio man Sean Grande tweeted the following during the third quarter of tonight’s game:

@SeanGrandePBP: No fracture, MRI Thu for KG. Players indicating its not as bad as it looked.

-Ryan DeGama

We have seen this song and dance before.  Brian Robb’s expert opinion complete guess is that KG will be out “a couple of months.”  Eeesh. The videos of the injury are below.

-Brendan Jackson

Garnett’s injury in real time:

Garnett’s Injury from the Baseline Cam:

KG Walking to the locker room:

KG Walking in the locker room:

  • Devo

    I need a PANIC button, maybe a panic room…

  • someguyinsac

    The cryptic "lower leg" injury, that's a lot of territory between the knee and big toe bone. I will think positively and hope it's a short term "minor" injury. However, I will be scouting bridges in the Sacramento area to "jump off of" if it comes to that.

    • ElRoz

      KG has had one every season with Boston….different body parts, but one every season from 2007 to today.

      The way Danny and Doc handled it in 2009 leaves no trust in the way the organization informs the fans…but I am very glad it is another part…maybe a muscle sprain or something….
      They'll just have to try to get 20 good minutes combined out of two O'Neals – imagine that!

  • Celtics_fan

    im having a cardiac attack.

  • You should add this video to your compilation: http://www.anaheimamigos.com/2010/12/kg-injures-k

  • Morpheus

    I'm dead

  • I_Love_Green

    Lets just hope its a strained calf, out 2 weeks. But seriously, no matter what injury it is, Rondo will have to come back next game. We won't win many games with Nate, Big Baby, and Shaq starting.

  • ElRoz

    No Rondo, Perk, or KG!

    Well, if it is not serious but needs some time to heal, the let it be…..

    What I fear is that the team and Doc will have to rely on the two O'Neals…and they are likely to let one down.
    As for Nate Robinson, I don't know what he has done today…he is not good enough to start.

    Instead of injured coming back, there is a clear trend in the opposite direction – more and more injuries…the question might be not when the C's will have their plyers back, but who is next to go down…Doc has no options but to lean on Pierce and Allen and Davis…so one of them is bound to go down very soon.

    Boston is Portland Trailblazers of the East.

  • Batman

    Ugh I'm feeling terrible right now
    What started off as a good day, with a soon to be blowout win over the pistons turned into disaster
    KGs hurt, we got smacked by the pistons……

    If KG is out for a long period of time (knock on wood) would glen davis start?

  • Ryan DeGama

    Update on front page – it's a calf injury.

    • I_Love_Green


  • ElRoz

    I am would be very glad if it is just a calf and nothing else….YES!

    Sit KG out, let him rest, etc….get him back healthy – with his newly recovered knee we all saw….82 games is too long anyhow…Rondo should be well-rested too with the games his missed…..
    ok, very glad…and hope this is true and there is nothing else — yeah CALF!
    I jsut beg…I'm beggin that the O'Neals step up their game…..Shaq has disappeared the last 3 games.

    • I_Love_Green

      Shaq dissapearing definitley has something to do with Rondo being out. He could set Shaq up so well, and we really don't have anyone else to do that. Also against the Magic he played something like 12 minutes because of foul trouble.

      • Morpheus

        Everyone basically …sufffering with Rondo out, especially Ray.

  • moshe

    man in crowed "that what happens when you make fun of cancer patients"(1:00-1:10 of 1st video)

    • misel

      And if you listen more closely, you could hear the faint “shut your dumb ass up” from shaq…

    • anonymus

      just a fucking fucker

  • Celtics_fan

    sorry for asking, calf injury is more serious, or knee injury?????

    • Ryan DeGama

      There are no ACLs in the calf. This is good news.

    • I_Love_Green

      By far knee.

      • DRJ1

        Especially THAT knee… the one that was recently surgically repaired. A serious injury to that knee would = end of season. A calf injury — he could possibly be back in 3-4 weeks, or so.

  • DRJ1

    And "lower leg" technically EXCLUDES the knee. All good signs.

    If it is the calf, that was a very strangely intense reaction from KG. And if it is that, I doubt he'll be out any longer than ~3 weeks.

    • I_Love_Green

      I've had a calf injury before, and right when it happened I just collapsed because it hurt like hell to even stand on. He should definitely be back soon.

      • DRJ1

        Yes… you're right. I wasn't thinking (for some crazy reason) of a real tear, just a bruise. If he tore a muscle, that would hurt like hell, and would account for his reaction. All good.

  • Celtics_fan

    i just wanna say, KG is the heart and soul of this team. He affects everyone when he came down.

  • Kobe's Daddy

    Celtics_fan Tommy point to you sir. But the celtics couldnt suffer this injury at a better time. Better we get it out of the way now while the lakers are slumpin. Even if we were healthy it would be hard to beat the heat reg season. Maybe we still can but that's not at all the team im worried bout home court against. It's all about the lakers and we'll beat them out for sure. KG'll be back in a few weeks tops and back to 2011 kg in a month and a half worst case senario. This is not a knee blowout this is just a little calf injury.

  • Kobe's Daddy

    i also think it's absurd how little mvp mention Kg gets in comparison to rondo. He's JUST as, if not more important. I'd say rondo's most important to the team offense and KG's most important to the team defense. Cant win in the long run without either.

    • DRJ1

      Agree completely. This team cannot lose either one of those two guys and still maintain reasonable hope for the championship.

  • koolaid

    if thats a calf injury, i'm a prize-winning heffer. thats the knee. kg's reaction is not "damn, i tweaked my calf", its "f*ck, again, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY?!?!?!?!?!?".

    so sad. so sad. so sad. hope i am wrong. so, so hope i am wrong.

    • Zee

      No need to overreact or exxagerrate facts.

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