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The Weekly Wrap

In the fifty-first week of 2010, in decreasing order of impressiveness, the Celtics served up a win against the Pacers last Sunday, scraped out another against the 76ers on Wednesday, and then lost to the Magic on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, CelticsHub dished up the following holiday treats:

Mike had a gander at the ongoing excellence of one Walter Ray Allen and Brian assessed the way an under-performing Celtics’ offense slipped by Doug Collins‘ upstart team. Hayes put aside his troubling love of romantic comedies in favor of a troubling look into the world of Basketball Wives while Rich considered the chances for a turnaround for a troubled Orlando Magic team. I suggested a few Christmas gifts for the reserves and the starters and took a preliminary look at the Celtics’ offseason moves. We also got some good news on Kendrick Perkins, and contemplated Paul Pierce’s role as point-forward in the absence of Rajon Rondo. Plus, we turned back the clock to revisit a couple of memorable games in Celtics’ history: the 2002 playoff comeback against New Jersey and Rondo’s first game as a starter for the Green.

  • What More Can I Say?

    I know this MIGHT be blasphemy to C's fans, but their is an article on ESPN about Kobe "opening up" about the loss to MIAMI where he subliminally gets in the Lakers tail about their work and practice habits. The sh*t is great…bad for the rest of the Western Conference, but just great because the intensity is very familiar in a 6'11, lanky forward that plays for the C's.

    It just reminds me that there is a lot of reasons why the C's are good, but 1 reason why they are the best in the Eastern Conference. And after watching MIAMI throttle LA on national TV, that's saying a lot.

    I said about 2 weeks ago that I would not be surprised if the C's have a 20+ win streak this season and it was not the then current streak. I still stand by that statement. I'm not trying to overhype winning streaks, just making a point that losing is unacceptable to winners.

    Check it out…

    • Tom W

      I read that same quote by Kobe. I thought the same thing. My favorite quote was "I don't get embarrassed. I don't care what people think of me. I just hate losing." Great, great quote.

      That being said, I still give him the finger and hope he and the Lakers lose every game for the rest of the year.