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Magic Pull Win Out Of “New-Look” Hat: Magic 86, C’s 78

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In a game reminiscent of the team’s sloppy matchup last Christmas, (86-77 Celtic win) the roles were reversed today as the shorthanded Celtics stalled in the second half offensively, while Orlando hit big shot after big shot down the stretch on their way to an eight-point win. To me, there were more positives than negatives to take out of the C’s 14-game winning streak coming to an end. KG and Big Baby played terrific games overall, but when your starting backcourt shoots 5/28 it’s tough to win games. 32 second half points overall for Boston as Orlando exploded for 29 fourth quarter points.

For now, a memorable 14-game winning streak comes to an end as too many injuries, a talented opponent and a bad shooting night put a clamps on things. A full breakdown of this sloppy game coming shortly…..

  • DRJ1

    This game was out of control by all involved, even the refs and announcers (both nauseating).

    The ONLY reason the Cs did OK for most of this game was their (mostly) great defense. But the offense was just AWFUL. JO and Nate were BLACK HOLES. And I lost count of all the missed layups. Paul, KG and Ray (till the end) carried the offensive load for just about everybody. Even Shaq sucked. And even Doc screwed up (on the last defensive possession of the 1st half when he should have put Avery in for Nate).

    But the biggest single problem was Rondo's absence. Never has one player been so sorely needed. Nate Robinson will never be a point guard. Not in this lifetime. I don't know if he was made nervous by the bright lights of TV, or what… but he could hardly have been more awful.

    The good news: The Celtics are unlikely to EVER play this badly again. At least… I hope not. I still believe that this team is COMPLETELY different from last season, but this game shows that with this group, you really never know. Not for sure, anyway.

  • BH24

    Anyone else throw the remote every time Nate pulled up for a shot? If your shot's not falling, hey, maybe stop wasting possessions by taking 3s?

    As much as not having Rondo hurt them, just having a ball distributor instead of Nate today might have been enough.

  • Jamie

    Nate with a very John Starks like performance.

  • steveb

    Given the fact the celts were missing Rondo, Perk and Delonte not that big of a loss. Rondo alone tips the balance in this game. I can’t wait until the whole team is intact. Oh, and missing Semih. This team can win it all when healthy.

  • Morpheus

    Rondo would've been the difference tonight. He was sorely missed. Nate was CRAP we needed a real pg to run our offense and get our shooters(Ray) good looks with KG and Pierce involved in our offense, Nate could NOT DO EITHER. I got so pissed at Nate i swear if i was in the stands i would've thrown something at him.

    Rondo was needed tonight….he is the KEY to banner 18.

  • Morpheus

    Yeah i'm not too concernded about this. We were without several key players and our key player Rondo. Ray at his point of his career needs Rondo, he knows where Ray is at all times and he rarely misses the target.

    Orlando still cannot beat us in a playoff series, so they better enjoy this one as much as they can.

  • DRJ1

    You know, I completely agree (and also said) that Rondo's presence would have made all the difference today, that the Cs would have won easily with him playing. But let's remember that by playoff time, the Magic will ALSO be much better than they are today, especially on defense. So… they're still likely to be the toughest out of the whole playoff season for the Cs… probably including the team that comes out of the West.

    • What More Can I Say?

      With all due respect….you are out your skull. Orlando tougher than the Lakes? Are you watching the Heat play ball right now?!?!? Great win for Orlando…but let's not start bowing down to these bums cuz they pulled one from the jaws of defeat.

  • DTL

    What I don't understand is why Avery Bradley isn't given more run? I thought he played decent in his defensive possessions, and he certainly couldn't have done worse on the offensive end than Nate.

  • dslack

    Miami is much better than when the Celtics last played them. They have looked amazing in their last 15 games.

    • I_Love_Green

      I agree they are better, but during their winning streak they seriously did not beat anyone. Yes they beat the lakers today, but the Cavs crushed LA last Christmas and look where that got them.

  • efstje

    Boy,do i laugh at the magic team.They think they are contenders with their funny puppy i can;t score without a dunk center.but they have never beaten a healthy celtics team.they almost got sweaped last season.Actually the only reason this team still exists is that Kg got hurt 2 years ago,otherwise they would have blew this team up.They are so pathetic that they're going to start talking championship again.LOL

  • I_Love_Green

    I seriously haven't been this mad with the Celtics in a long time. Nate Robinson showed us today just how special Rondo is. People say that when the offense stalls Nate should be on the floor, but I think today showed that Rondo's play-making ability is more valuable than anything Nate does. And that doesn't even factor in Rondo's scoring, defense, and rebounding. Just the way Rondo sets up guys for shots would've probably won us the game today.

    Oh, and going away from KG after he hit 3 straight shots was not a good idea.

  • someguyinsac

    I suppose the highlight of the game for me was Dwight getting called for the delay of game when making a free throw, about time!

  • bigpolsky

    i think baby played over-zealously, and commanded too many possessions. He continued going inside and getting lit up by D12

  • Stephen

    Stephen– No way this Orlando team comes close to beating the C's in a seven game series. Orlando may have some new faces, but it's still the same run and gun offense it has always been. They are in love with the 3 point shot and still have a center without any kind of offensive repitoire to his game. The C's offense stalled down the stretch, it had little to nothing to do with Orlando's defense. The fourth quarter is where they really missed Rondo. Keep hoisting those 3's Orlando and see if it works against us in the playoffs. Fear not people, if the C's are healthy and even better go into the playoffs with the home-court advantage- no one and I mean no one can keep the C's from banner # 18.——-Word