Post-game Reactions

Old Celtic friend Brian Scalabrine did an interesting thing last night.  With 5:41 left to go in last night’s 76ers vs. Bulls game, Scalabrine entered the game with fanfare similar to what he enjoyed in Boston.  We won’t get into the difference between the way Boston fans clamored for Scal and the way Chicago fans do now; that is a discussion for another day.

With the shot clock winding down, Scalabrine drove left and awkwardly put up a half-floater/ half-jumper with his right:

With these points, Scalabrine put the Bulls up by a game high 51 points.  Absolutely ridiculous.

The Sixers took a beating last night from Chicago and hopefully that will be indicative of how they will play tonight.

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  • Batman

    Don't hate Scalabrine
    Scalabrine is the engine that stirs our drink

  • JP-

    Wow, 51 points. They clearly didn't show up for the Chicago game so they could be rested for the Celtics tonight. Still, Celtics win an easy one tonight

  • complexity

    Scal scored a season high 51 points.


  • That’s a crackerjack answer to an interesting qsetuion