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Pacers’ Paul George Pays Homage to Larry Bird

…by dunking over Roy Hibbert?

Okay, so the Celtics’ reference is ancillary to this video but it’s still a pretty sick dunk.  Larry Legend may have elevated his shorts that high, but there is no way he could have ever flown like George does in this video.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    does anyone else not find it that astounding for an NBA athlete to "jump over" another player when they do the leapfrog thing with one hand on the giant's shoulder?

    granted, it takes some coordination and athleticism, but it's not like the guy is really jumping over a 7 footer.

    is it just me?

  • CelticNut

    We've just seen this same dunk too many times to be impressed by it. Dunk contest style dunks are by-and-large played out. We've seen almost everything the human body can do- winning a dunk contest is now more of a stage show because the dunks themselves are used up.

    When a player jumps over someone and dunks in-game (think: Vince Carter, Blake Griffin), that is simply amazing.