Post-game Reactions

While today’s Celtics’ win lacked the certain pizazz and excitement Celtics’ fans have grown accustomed to witnessing, a win is a win.  The overall game may have played out to less-than-exciting but it certainly had its moments.

Like the one above, for instance. This gem came in the first quarter when Shaquille O’Neal still has his legs (and wind) under him.  For all of Shaq’s defensive shortcomings, he is extremely reliable when it comes to giving Celtics’ fans one crowd-pleasing-rim-rocking dunk a game.  These dunks are not without their ancillary benefits.  The two (sometimes three) points are great, but these dunks can be demoralizing to opposing players and can really get a crowd into a game.

This guy looks happy, Jeff Foster does not.

Just prior to this alley oop dunk, Kevin Garnett gave a really nice feed to Shaq for a running dunk. Just prior to Shaq’s running dunk, KG made a doubly-sweet crossover on Jeff Foster. Seriously, Jeff Foster had a rough go of it today. Anyway, enjoy:

It wasn’t just the Celtics offense that made the highlight reel tonight.  There was also this little moment where Paul Pierce LeBron’s Darren Collison:

Nate Robinson deserves almost as much credit as Pierce does for this basket prevention maneuver.  My heart flutters every time I see Nate Robinson contest a shot without fouling.

The next two highlights are two impressive layups; one by Nate Robinson and one by Ray Allen.  Here’s Allen’s up and under:

And here’s Nate Robinson’s hang-and-hit.  It’s just incredible how long Nate Robinson can hang in the air.

If you missed today’s game, this was it in a nutshell.  The Celtics play the Pacers again on December 28th.  Hopefully it’ll be a bit more exciting and still a Cs win.

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  • Morpheus

    Ahh this place has the best recaps in the business.____Kudos.

  • What More Can I Say?

    Niiiiccce cross KG!!!!

  • Chris

    Dang! KG looked like he was PG out there when he crossed over Foster, I knew he versatile but not that much!

  • DRJ1

    Refs were so shocked by the sight of KG making like a PG, they couldn't bring themselves to blow the whistle when he palmed the ball. It was fun, but the prime rule remains intact: "Know thy limitations."