Post-game Reactions

Last night the Celtics won their 12th straight victory despite missing some key cogs due to injury.  While I don’t have a full photo essay for you, I do have a little game.  Below is a seemingly innocuous picture of the Celtics getting into an offensive set.  That said, there is something hilarious about this picture that made me (literally) laugh out loud while I was watching the game last night.  Can you tell me what made me laugh?  I’ll give you a hint:  This screen shot was taken in the second quarter, around the 5 minute mark:

The answer after the jump.


That would be Doc Rivers with his face in his hands.  Why is Doc Rivers holding his face in exasperation?  Because moments earlier, the Celtics caused the Hawks to commit a sure-fire backcourt violation.  Unfortunately, Nate Robinson decided to run the ball down and throw in ill-advised pass to Kevin Garnett.  The ball, off target and rolling through traffic, was picked off by the Hawks and ultimately became an intricate part of a Jordan Crawford three pointer.

The Celtics won though, so all’s well that ends well?  Right?

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  • kricky

    Man you guys are being hard on poor little Nate!

    THere was a very good article in the Herald today on Nate:

    While he does have his glaring weaknesses it seems like he is willing to change his game and work hard. I think he's already made some huge strides from his Knicks days.

    Having him start with Rondo out may lose us some games. But it may also give Nate an opportunity to get better. And this may be the silver lining here.

  • JP-

    Still less of a bone head than Tony Allen was

    • TedL

      Agreed – and Nate's clearly better than he was last year. I'll admit last night's game was a step back for him, but that happens to every player from time to time and Nate had an added burden because he's taking on more responsibility with Rondo out. Hopefully he'll grow some in this new role and show improvement over the next few weeks.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    Seriously guys! How have we ALREADY forgotten how painful it was to watch Tony Allen with the ball in his hands?! I mean – Nate is in a much higher class of players than TA. Nate – as undersized as he is – can score in the NBA with a variety of tricks/skills/talents.
    We learned we had to take the good with the bad when it came to TA – he was pretty effective at guarding some of the best 2 or 3 guards in the NBA – and live with the fact that we pretty much played a man down when our team had the ball.
    So…why can't we give Nate a break? We've not lost any games because of his play…and he'll only continue to improve the more time on the court he gets.

    • What More Can I Say?

      Personally…I think you are giving Tony Allen a bad rap. Offense is great and I do like Nate a lot….but Tony Allen is a beast on Defense.

      He will be missed when the C's are battling the Lakers. That guy put the breaks on Kobe something lovely in the FINALS. Name 3 other guys that can D Kobe up like TA?

      • celtics freak

        i am sure that as long as we force people like kobe to shoot the 3 we will be ok i mean kobe will make the 3 with some1 in his face from time to time but hes gunna miss it at least once

  • BrendanJackson

    For the record, we all love Nate. We just also love calling people out for doing boneheaded things.

  • Chris

    It's all good when the Celtics win.

  • playingitout

    Whatever else anybody says about Nate… that was the single stupidest thing I have ever seen a player do on the court. The. Stupidest.

  • Morpheus

    Nate is a BONEHEAD….come on there's no denying that. A good player too, but still a BONEHEAD