Post-game Reactions

1984 Cleveland Cavaliers head coach George Karl

Denver at Boston

7 P.M. ET

TD Garden


Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 107.1 points/100 possessions (t-6th)

Denver: 107.1 points/100 possessions (t-6th)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 97.4 points allowed/100 possessions (t-2nd)

Denver: 103.6 points allowed/100 possessions (14th)

UPDATE: Carmelo Anthony will miss tonight’s contest with an inflammed right knee. On the Celtic side, all day-to-day players will be in uniform with Rondo, Shaq, Big Baby and Nate Robinson all making their returns after missing practice yesterday.

Probable Denver Starters: Chauncey Billups (PG), Arron Afflalo (SG), Carmelo Anthony (SF), Shelden Williams (PF), Maybyner Rodney Hilario (C)

View From The Opposing Bench: Roundball Mining Company


You should have been hoping for George Karl to win his 1000th game last night. Then you wouldn’t have to root against him tonight in Boston, because rooting against George Karl makes you a bad person.

But you didn’t hope hard enough, and the Nuggets lost to the Bobcats last night. So the former ABA player brings his former ABA team to the Garden tonight in hopes to to join the club. Karl is a very smart, very awesome guy and being the 7th coach to get 1,000 wins is a big deal. Only 25 coaches have 1,000 games, and Red Auerbach himself didn’t win that many. But here’s hoping Karl gets number 1,000 somewhere else.


Get to the line. Denver leads the league in free throws per field goal attempt. Birdman Andersen shot 22 free throws on only 12 shot attempts in the five games after he came back from injury and before he got injured again. They’re like a team of Corey Maggetes. They’re also first in the league in And-1s and second in the percentange of their shots they get blocked. See the connection here? The Denver Nuggets…

Attempt shots at the rim. Like the Celtics, the Nuggets focus their offensive attack on getting to the basket. First in the league, with 27.5 attempts to the C’s second-place 25.8. The Nugs are last in the league, meanwhile, in midrange shots attempted.

The Celtic defensive gameplan usually involves keeping opponents away from the three-ball and the rim, so it’ll be fun to see who wins out here.

(By the way, remember when the Celtics were an inside-out team? They’re now inside-even-further-inside: first in attempts at the rim, last in attempts from three. That’s the price of leading the league in FG percentage, I guess).

But why, if the Nuggets take more shots at the basket, don’t they lead the league in FG% instead of the Celtics?


Convert shots at the rim. Unlike the Celtics, who finish 70% of their at-rim attempts, the Nuggets only get points on 59%, sixth-worst in the league.

The guy to blame here is, curiously enough, Carmelo Anthony. He puts up a team-leading 6.5 shots at the rim every game, and only drops about half of them. That’s by far the lowest rate of his career, and way below the league average of 62.9%. HE MUST BE MISSING LAYUPS ON PURPOSE TO TRY AND GET TRADED! Somebody alert the Denver Post immediately.


Chauncey Billups. As we’ve discussed, Rondo has trouble defending against big post-up guards. Use your powers of scientific reasoning to imagine what that means for Nate Robinson, and ask whatever god you pray to not to make this a reality.

Nene. The Brazilian Bulk is quietly having an almost-All-Star-starter-caliber year in a weak year for West centers. Unlike the rest of his team, he’s converting 77% of his shots at the rim, and he’s got a decent hit rate on his jumpers, too. He also gets free throws and hit the only three he attempted this year. But Yao will win the vote like he does every year, exacting sweet revenge on Nene for when he pulled Yao’s shirt up two years ago.



Carmelo Anthony. I know he tore up Pierce in the two games they played last year. But the guy is shooting 36% over his last eleven games, and 30% over his last four since he left a game last week with the flu. He was 8-21 last night and barely drove. Your body is telling you to rest, Melo. Head to the nurse’s office and she’ll call your mom at work to come get you.

Shelden Williams. Even in a new city, he still tweets like a Shelden.

Yes, it was Angry Birds.

Gary Forbes. Even though he’s a Minuteman. He also played for one of the greatest team names in the history of the Phillippine Basketball Association: the Talk ‘N Text Tropang Texters, formerly known as the Pepsi Bottlers.


The Nuggets present potential matchup challenges at pretty much every spot on the floor on offense (except, you know, starting power forward). We want to see the Celtics deny them at the rim without getting into foul trouble and having to resort to the non-existent bench. We want to see Rondo play tonight to prevent a Nate-ocalypse, then take tomorrow night’s game in Philly off. And we want to see George Karl get a standing O in Toronto on Friday.


Unfortunately, I think Billups and the depth issues stymie the C’s here, especially if Rondo’s minutes are limited. Nuggets 105, C’s 101.

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  • Morpheus

    Nuggets should win this one with multiple players out to injury. Brightside…..we get to see more Avery Bradley

  • JP-

    the Nuggets haven't looked great recently, I am watching the Nugs – Bobcats game right now, and the Nugs defense is not great. I think even a depleted Celtics team can win this game. Hopefully the poor defense at the 2, will let Ray get hot, and KG should annihilate Shelden

    • zebulon

      Afflalo is the Nug's best perimeter defender. Not a stud defensively, but I would think it more likely that chauncey 'oldlegs' billups or melo 'trademe' anthony got torched in their respective matchups. Or

  • TedL

    Not sure what to expect from the Cs, but I note that (1) the Nugs lost to the Bobkitties last night; and (2) Shelden Williams was their starting PF.

    When SW is your starting PF, you have problems. KG should go for 20 and 20.

    • zebulon

      Agreed. Sheldan should still be in the league because he can board a little bit. But he should do just what he did for us last year – sit on the end of the bench just in case all the other bigs got injured. Hilarious that he actually has a starting gig.

      • hdavenport

        Hilario, even. *rim shot*

  • complexity

    I predict the C's blow them out.

  • dadadtfawer

    kg should get 50 points 20 rebounds 30 blocks

  • I_Love_Green

    Well I just got a text from ESPN, and Carmelo is outt tonight. On a back to back, their best player out, I think we got this game. Rondo or not.

    C's 96- Nuggets 87

  • TedL

    Be good to get the W, but too bad we don't get to see both teams' best players.

    Also, Chauncey's on the 2d nite of a back to back, and he's not so spry anymore.

  • complexity

    Maybe 105 in the first half. lmao

    • TedL

      It's like a continuation of the Pats-Jets game! Crazy good.

  • TedL

    Rondo does look a little gimpy to me, though.

  • TedL

    Garnett looks like he's been hooked up to the juvenation machine. Looks like 2008 out there.

  • MDftw

    Yo Hayes

    wtf man… this is the Cs baby… we the best

    Weve got 5 Fuckin hall of famers… we aint gonna lose to the mellowless fuggets

    yo celtics hub… fire this guy… hire me instead

    GO Cs

    • hdavenport

      Obviously my prediction was for Melo playing. My new prediction is 118-104 Celtics.

  • Morpheus

    OK with Melo out we got this. Thought Rondo would sit out tonight

  • complexity

    @morpheus, don't think Melo could have stopped that onslaught that the Celtics came out with in the first quarter.

  • complexity

    Our bench stinks.

  • TedL

    Man, Lawson is just killing us. Never seen a guy make Nate look slow before.

  • Morpheus


  • I_Love_Green

    Ugh, bench gives up the lead again.

  • TedL

    OK – WTF. Why is Rondo going over the top on picks when he's guarding Lawson? Make him hit an outside shot for crying out loud!

  • hdavenport

    Hope that Shaq stuff gives them a little energy boost.

  • TedL

    They are sleepwalking out there – and there's no way Rondo is 100%.

    • hdavenport

      Still, amazing how much you get from him on a bum leg.

      • TedL


  • hdavenport

    Notice how the PA is playing the "Charge" tune after BBD takes one? Is that a coincidence? Have they been doing that for a while and I just haven't noticed?

  • complexity

    Another blow out.

  • TedL

    Nice easy win when all's said and done. KG and Ray were fantastic tonight.

    Gotta say – that kid Lawson's incredibly fast. Would've been awesome to see him against full-speed Rondo – maybe next time.

  • Rob

    Way to get go get yours harangody. No hesitation I like his style