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Doc Rivers Considering Resting Rondo For A Few Games

Saying the Celtics roster is a bit beatup just two months into the season would be a bit of an understatement. With three players already out for longer periods (Jermaine O’Neal, Delonte West, Kendrick Perkins), and other guys battling other varying ailments (Shaq-calf, Semih Erden-shoulder, Nate Robinson-heel) the C’s locker room can resemble an injury ward at times.

Yet, despite all of these bumps and bruises, the C’s have rolled out to 16-4 start, yet perhaps their most valuable commodity, Rajon Rondo still remains as beatup as he’s ever been, battling both plantar fasciitis and a lingering strained hamstring that has cropped up again this past Sunday and has forced the point guard to miss four games thus far during the young season.

Given the tendency for these injuries to linger, I posed the suggestion to Doc Rivers to practice this afternoon. Have you thought about resting Rondo long-term right now, to try to minimize the chances of the injury coming back? Here’s his candid response:

“I just leave it up to Eddie. That may come at some point. I don’t think it’s a bad suggestion. It’s been suggested already, I can tell you that. Eddie knows when it’s close enough to play.”

“The injury scares me. Both the foot and the hamstring. The foot is not the problem right now, but the hamstring can go from a pull to a tear. When you get the tear, you are talking two months so it’s a tough little situation.

“We thought it was over with. I don’t think it got any worse. A week ago Rondo and Eddie said ‘I’m over that.’ I don’t know what game it was where he pulled it (again) a little bit.”

Happy to see this consideration is being made in the Celtics locker room, especially given the amount of turmoil this team is facing. With Avery Bradley showing he can at least handle spot duty against inferior opponents, this could give Doc the green light to sit Rondo down before Christmas as the team goes through a weaker stretch in their schedule with fewer games and not as many elite opponents.

The team in fact just plays seven games in the next two and a half weeks with the toughest opponent being Atlanta at home, a team missing it’s best player in Joe Johnson who the C’s defeated without Rondo on the road by double digits.

Can this team win without Rondo? With Nate Robinson at the starting point, they have proved they can. So if there’s anytime to rest your starting point guard, it’s now before the problem gets any worse. Given the fact the team is already down Delonte West, Doc can’t afford any more long term injuries to his guards.

  • What More Can I Say?

    I say sit his butt down til Christmas. Hammy injuries come back like crack addicts…the 2nd most nagging injury in sports behind turf toe.

  • BamaCelt

    I agree. Even If we lose a couple, We have to look at the long term. The Celtics have shown they can win even without the starting five. We CAN NOT do without Rondo in the long run. We have Denver,Philly,Charlotte,Knicks, and Atlanta for the next five games. I disagree that Atlanta is the toughest team right now. It seems the Knicks are the most dangerous right now, but I would sit Rondo at least until Atlanta, maybe even until we play Philly again on the 22nd. That will give him at least one game to ease into, before we play Orlando on Christmas. It always allows someone new to shine. I would love to see Bradley and Nate, maybe Marquis get some quality minutes, like big baby did a couple of yrs ago. He has become so much better since then. Maybe someone new will shine!

  • paul

    I posed a question to Doc Rivers, no big deal…just kidding I'd be on board with shutting rondo down if we weren't missing delonte. Unfortunately I feel that this is the year the C's really want that 1 seed so that Orl-Miami can battle it out in Round 2 and I can't say I disagree.

  • JP-

    It would be ok to sit him down till christmas, I think it might be better to have him come back a game before the christmas game though, so that he gets reacquiated with the speed of the game after sitting for so long. Nate is doing a good job, marquis can handle some of the PG duties, however it means more minutes for Paul and Ray. I have no stats to prove this but my general feeling is that when Ray starts to log a ton of minutes, like at times he did last year, he looses his legs and can't hit shots like he normally can. A rested Ray is deadly.

  • TedL

    Man. If we win the championship, Doc deserves a lot of credit. He's shuffling those lineups like crazy. Like JP said, we all want to rest RR, but the price is more minutes for Ray and PP – or losses.

    Sure would love the 1 seed, though. Last year, I think it was the difference between banner 18 and going home disappointed.

    • John Evans

      Wether we had homecourt or not, we still would've lost game 7, change of venue doesn't change rebounding and frontcourt size.

      • AussieCeltic

        But a rested Ray might have made a shot in game 3(?) when he missed everything…

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