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Monday is a day where we can expect the latest power rankings from around the league. Personally, I was excited to see where the Celtics would stack up, coming off six game winning streak, with their two latest wins coming in extremely impressive fashion. With the C’s rolling and the Lakers reeling after losing four straight last week….this appeared to be Boston’s chance.

However, I forgot to take into account that Dallas is playing well and Marc Stein is a bit of a Mavs fan. Plus, they edged the C’s in Dallas earlier this year. However, all things being equal on an neutral court, would anyone out of Dallas be willing to take the Mavs in a head-to-head matchup? In any case, here are the top two spots courtesy of ESPN.com:

2010-11 Power Rankings: Week 6
1 (2) Mavericks 16-4 It’ll be fascinating to see what The Streakbusters can do with their six straight home games. I’d buy into Hollinger’s idea that they can really stretch this thing to 15 … except that the Mavs lose focus at home so often.
2 (3) Celtics 16-4 The Rondo Effect: Folks are starting to ask on a regular basis whether RR can really pull a Stockton and average 14 dimes for the season. The KG Effect: Boston has started at a brisk 16-4 for the fourth consecutive season.

The good news? Hollinger’s power rankings have the C’s going out on top, ahead of the Spurs thanks to their strong schedule and growing margin of victories. I ask you the question though C’s fans, through 20 games, despite all the injuries, does Boston still deserve the top spot at this juncture?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • NHBluesMan

    as nice as it is to see them as number 1, its really not important. I'd rather get banner 18 than afew #1 power rankings.

    I think its funny that the Spurs are stacking up to be the Celtics of the west, a team that everyone deemed to be to old to compete, but their veteran savvy infused with young talent is making them a top competitor. I think i'd enjoy a Celtics/Spurs finals almost as much as a Celtics/Lakers, assuming we come out on top 🙂

    • willybeamin

      as much as I agree with you with the comparison, no way I'd rather see the spurs then get another crack at the lakers.

      I don't think there is any question in my mind who has been the most impressive NBA team this season, and that's the celtics.

      To me the spurs should be #2 and the mavs #3…

      • What More Can I Say?

        Couldn't agree more about the Lakers. F*k the Spurs, I want Kobe to feel the pain of this C's team. Shut all these Kobe fans up who compare the guy to Michael Jordan.

      • NHBluesMan

        don't get me wrong, i didn't say i'd rather see the Spurs, i'd MUCH rather beat the crap out of the Lakers (and if we're healthy, we can and will do just that) but i wouldn't mind seeing a Spurs/Celtics finals.

    • What More Can I Say?

      Couldn't agree more about a few "power rankings". #18 is where it's at.

    • AGREE!!! Banner 18 is most important…
      Banner 18 in 2011

  • Savi

    As well as the spurs are playing, I would much rather face them then the lakers. Come playoff time you know that gasol and kobe will be playing well and we matchup well verse the spurs. A revitalized KG can and will outplay Timmy and Rajon is going to absolutely destroy parker. Manu, eh, ray could drop 30 on manu…lefty. Not to mention our big man depth, once playoff time comes around assuming everyones healthy is going to get their big guys in foul trouble. The Mavs are more dangerous i believe. They have depth and guys who can knock down open shots which is how you can beat our pick and roll defense. KG won't be able to help as much cause of Dirk's shooting prowess.

  • Chris

    I would rather see the Lakers in the finals and beat them, just so the Laker trolls can shut up and show them what should of been ours last year.

  • JP-

    I can't believe with all the injuries we are playing as well as we are, if someone told me how much time Rondo would miss at this point, i would have thought we'd lost more than 4 games.

    • What More Can I Say?

      Solid point. I can't believe KG is playing as well as he is playing. He looks just as good when they won the title. The C's are gonna be real tough when everyone is healthy.

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