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Here’s when you know you have a good point guard. Rajon Rondo had 19 assists last night and it wasn’t even considered a major story during the postgame last night. A sidebar if you will.

On a night where KG had his best game of the season with a line of 20-17-6, and the entire starting lineup posting double figures, it was the still the Celtics point guard who jumpstarted the team’s victory, pushing the team to double-digit leads in both the first and third quarters with both his passing (19 assists) and scoring (12 points, 10 in third quarter.)

The guard underwent about 45 minutes of treatment on his various leg injuries last night, and was unusually candid and talkative with the small media contigent that waited for his arrival in the locker room at around the midnight hour. Here’s a few of the more revealing answers from the C’s point guard:

On His Injury Scare During the 3rd quarter: “I’m feeling good now. It was a little scary. I just came down wrong. I was fine. It was my knee. An awkward twist, but I came through. I just sucked it up really. It was a tricky foul, I didn’t try to force it and I felt fine.”

That wasn’t Rondo’s only injury concern during the night, as he signaled Doc to bring in Nate Robinson in the first quarter, before waiving him off shortly thereafter. What happened there Mr. Rondo?

“I told Doc to put Nate in but I just kept going and fought through. It was the hamstring. It’s still giving me a little bit of trouble.”

So just how much of an issue is the knee compared to the hamstring?

“It’s not even an issue really. I’m getting a lot of treatment on my hamstring, feet and knee. Hopefully it won’t be an issue. It wasn’t lingering or anything during the game, it was justĀ the hamstring.”

Doc Rivers spoke in the pregame about wanting wanting to reduce his All-Star guard’s minutes who ranks 5th overallĀ in the league with 39.2 mpg. The point guard, always the competitive spirit was disappointed but concurred with Doc’s assessment on his PT, especially given his health situation.

“I’m going to be very disappointed but I agree. As long as we win I care less really. I just want to win, win the most games as we can before the break. As far as the rest Nate is playing great, especially the three games I didn’t play. So if we can do that, get my minutes down and get me healthy, that’d be great.”

Some interesting words on KG’s performance last night:

“It’s funny we were both in here complaining how we felt before the game. The trainer was joking we should complain before every game. Kevin looked great tonight. I think it was a blocked shot he had. He was jumping very well. He’s just exposive. It’s a good thing for us and a bad thing for other teams. He’s been jacked up ever since he’s been here. He’s feeling great and looking good. It’s most dunks he’s had since he’s been a Celtic.”

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Idaho

    I have been as critical of Rondo as anyone on here so this is saying something. Give the guy some rest. I don't care if it comes at the expense of 5 losses in a row. When you have a nagging injury like that you favor it upon contact and it likely contributed to the way he fell so awkward. Point being, he is further prone to injury by playing with the nagging hammy especially the way he plays the game. Not to mention how difficult it is to heal from a stressed hamstring. This could easily be a season-long nagging injury. I don't know about these trainers. The guy needs to sit! Watched too many teammates never get over it despite stretching, ice and heat.

  • ElRoz

    I guess one could use Nate against the Nets and give Rondo a rest….but Net's aren't as weak as they used to be…I'd say only Sacramento is weak and can be taken for granted. But I agree, I'd give Rondo next game off and use Nate.

  • TimC

    I love how random fans (yes im one too) think they know better than an NBA trainer.. Im fairly sure the trainers in the NBA would not let a player jeopardize their season or career.. Thats why they are on the sideline of the Celtics and we are at home watching

    • Glenn

      Tell that to Grant Hill.