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Put yourself in Kendrick Perkins’ shoes for a second. You are in a contract year while recovering from an ACL tear. Despite your absence, your team is excelling at the top of the Eastern Conference. Your replacement in the starting lineup is a rejuvenated 38-year-old center putting up some of the best offensive numbers of his career since leaving the Miami Heat. It’s a painful position to be in, and one that Celtics president Danny Ainge worried about regarding Perk’s mentality entering this season:

“I’m sure Perk’s going to be worried and nervous since we are going to win games with this front line even when he’s not playing. I’ll be sitting with and talking with Kendrick throughout this whole process and hopefully he can get just focus on getting himself healthy and competing for his job back.”

Talk like that makes you worry about an extremely competitive guy like Perk trying to rush or overdo his rehabilitation in coming back. Obviously, the C’s, despite a lack of depth upfront at the moment,re a not going to rush him back. They need him when it counts and all Celtics fans undoubtedly share that sentiment regarding the big man’s return. However, it pleased me mightily this morning to hear the same kind of talk coming from the man himself regarding his return, while speaking to Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald:

Perkins had been speaking in bold tones — and such hopes may still exist within him — but he seems tuned in to the wisdom of the full process. He has relegated talk of a January return to the shelf of hope.

“It can be real,” Perk said of playing sometime late next month, “but I think if I play it smart I’ll wait to come back until after All-Star break. That’ll give me more time.

“I think, what’s one more month, right?”

Words I long to hear. Perk wants to be ready when it counts. He’s not worried about putting up the numbers for his contract year. It’s a mentality all of us share, but it’s refreshing to hear the six-year veteran share that sentiment even it will be costing him in the long run. So what has Perk been working on in the meantime?

“I’m just working on my touch,” he said. “There ain’t nothing wrong with my arms. I’m trying to get better.

“Hopefully my field goal percentage will go up from 60 to 70 this year,” he added with a quick smile.

Noticeable in his routine is the inclusion of a bank shot from 10-12 feet. Perkins has had a nice feel for short jumpers, but he’s seemed to tense up on the shot in game situations.

“I think it’ll help,” he said of using the glass. “It’s something I wanted to work on this summer. I think it’s a good shot to have.”

Like Tim Duncan?

“Yeah,” said Perkins, “try to be.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t fall in love with it too much….

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • VenturaCelticFan…FTL

    Perk-dog!!!! Love you, man!!!!

  • VenturaCelticFan…FTL

    And as much as I wanted Cleveland to win that game last night, after watching their bench be all chummy with Lebron as lebron torched them, I am now glad they got smoked by 30. They deserved it. How does not one guy take a hard foul on that chump? Clearly the lack of heart last year in the playoffs was not solely confined to Queen James! “Sweep the knee! You got a problem with that?!? No, sensei!”

    • What More Can I Say?

      LOL!!! I agree with everything you said except wanting Cleveland to win. Cleveland is garbage now that Bron is gone and there is no hiding that now.

  • Alex

    It sucks that Perk got injured, but wouldn't it be nice if Ainge could lock him up with a Rondo-esque contract due to the uncertainty.

  • ElRoz

    Is Perk able to jump a bit when he banks the shots of the glass? Hope he can just take it easy, but still elevate just a bit.

  • CG12

    Perk started to show a short jump shot in the playoffs 2 years ago, and I expected him to expand on it last year, but for some reason that didn't happen. It makes sense for him to develop that, just so that his defender can't leave him entirely open anything more than 8 feet from the hoop. Go Perk.