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“Booooooooooooooo, LeBron!” I was going to wait until after the Heat-Cavs game to post this, because I was hoping there would be something noteworthy at the end of the game to write about. But since the Cavs forgot that they actually had to PLAY BASKETBALL tonight, it’s probably not even worth it.

The funny thing about watching “The Most Hyped Basketball Game in the History of Basketball” is that it really wasn’t all that different from watching the Heat play in any road game. Obviously, the Cleveland fans were more passionate and audible with their chorus of boo’s, but there really wasn’t anything that remarkable that occurred. Or at least not in the first half. Overall, a disappointing night in terms of entertainment.

Anyway, on to the Celtics’ growing list of injuries:

Danny Ainge essentially confirmed what we had been hearing as a timetable for Delonte West’s return during his interview on WEEI.com today. “He will be back in March,” said Ainge, “we have a support system set up for Delonte.”

Ainge said almost immediately following Delonte’s injury that the Celtics were not going to make any roster moves as a result. I wonder if Ainge has changed his stance at all. Early reports were projecting roughly 6 weeks for Delonte, but now that West is expected to miss at least 3 months, the Celtics could use additional depth in the backcourt.

Speaking of banged-up guards coming off the bench, CSNNE.com’s A. Sherod Blakely wrote earlier today that the pain in Nate Robinson’s left foot has been a greater cause for concern of late. “It’s been bothering me since the Atlanta game [on Nov. 22],” Robinson said. “I’ve been trying to pull through it. I’m in a little bit of pain, but I’ll be all right.”

Nate played only 3 minutes yesterday against Portland, despite the fact that Rajon Rondo’s hamstring was sore. “I don’t look at it as being disastrous,” Rondo said. “If it happens, it happens. If I play [and] I get hurt, it’s part of the game. I just can’t continue to sit out.”

And finally, Blakely also added that even though Semih Erden continues to play off the C’s bench, Erden told CSNNE.com that has a shoulder injury will require surgery during the offseason.

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Michael Salvucci

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  • NHBluesMan

    not the greatest news about Delonte, but i'd rather get him back healthy for the playoffs than to rush it and re-injure himself. Fortunately, a broken wrist doesn't prevent running on a treadmill, and he can still shoot free throws since he's left handed.

    This report makes me wonder if we'll be seeing more of Avery in some games. i know Doc isn't thrilled with the idea of playing rookies, but Bradley is an NBA level defender, and i'm sure he could fill in for some time if he's given some basic plays to run… but we'll see. I just hope they're all healthy for the playoffs, thats the important thing.

    On a side note (although it might have no bearing whatsoever) the Lakers lost their 4th in a row last night, and none of Phil Jacksons teams 11 championship teams have ever lost 4 or more games in a row… maybe this means we'll see a Spurs/Celtics finals. Duncan vs. KG… classic match-up for the ages…. but really its way to early to even think about this.

    Get healthy boys, GO CELTICS!!

  • ElRoz

    Why no Jermaine O'Neal in the injury report? Or is he, too, going to be back in March?
    Either this team is short on lukc as far as staying helathy goes or the trainers are not doing a very good job. But it's probably both – Delonte and Perkins injuries are just poor luck. Same with Avery Bradley.
    Jermaine was signed and apparently Danny Ainge knew what he was getting into…we are told. Sign him and sit him? Was there any scouting on Semih Erden and his bad shoulder?
    Nate and Rondo both ailing somewhat basically leaves the starting and the back-up point guards in a tenuous situation. Rathern than getting healthy with time, it seems they are already quite mangled and they have not even played 1/4 of the season!
    Not a good trend.

  • C fan

    1) Jermaine's situation is still unknown, hence no timetable for his return. The C's already knew what they were getting when they signed Jermaine.
    2) Semih's shoulder needs surgery, but will play through the season because the C's need a big man.
    3) Everything is unpredictable. The C's look like last season right now, with the exception of a healthy KG and the addition of Shaq.

  • complexity

    You know what would be really cool in the sidebar, vote me up if you agree.

    The next celtics game, what time its at and their current record.

  • pam

    before the season started everyone was nervous about only one position- the 3. right now with quis playing well that seems like the deepest position! (touching every bit of wood i can see)

  • What More Can I Say?

    Whoa! So people believed the game was not entertaining last night????

    I don't know, Lebron was CRUSHING in the 3rd quarter! I'll admit, I didn't even watch the 4th quarter, because it was blowout city…but Bron was amazing in that 3rd quarter. I actually felt bad for Cleveland, they got STOMPED by a phenom super athlete.

    Then I turned to the NFL network and watched another phenom super athlete. Overall, pretty good night in sports I thought.