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Ray Allen Complains to the Official Late in the Fourth Quarter

Yesterday’s debacle north of the border will soon be eschewed in the hearts and minds of Celtics’ fans.  It’s one game out of 82, the Celtics are no stranger to losing to bad teams, and frankly they have bigger and better things to worry about than a team who will inevitably be the worst team in the division.

That said, it’s time to set you cry-baby Celtics fans straight because all you do is sit there and cry about the refs every time the Celtics lose.*

For those of you that missed it, the so-called “blown-call” by the officials happened with just under 20 seconds to go in yesterday’s game.  After Sonny Weems swooped in for a quick lay-up to cut the Celtics lead to one, the ball was quickly inbounded to Ray Allen who began haphazardly dribbling the ball up the court.  Leandro Barbosa, employing his blazing speed and intuitive hands, valiantly let Ray Allen dribble by him only to reach around Allen and poke the ball away.

Here’s the real time replay:

Barbosa had to know the officials would swallow their whistles given how few touch fouls were called in this game. Adding to that, the Raptors were only down one with 20 seconds left. It’s not like they needed to foul. In the end, Barbosa’s gamble paid off and he was able to poke the ball away from Ray Allen without committing a foul.

Here’s the play in slow-mo:

I cannot believe the audacity of Celtics fans. They seriously cry foul every time they lose. Barbosa clearly got ALL BALL on that play. If you still don’t believe me, here’s the play in super slow-mo:

I know what everyone’s going to say, “but Brendan, Barbosa clearly smacked Ray Allen on the elbow.” Oh you poor poor basketball Philistines. Article 7, Section 3 of the Naismith Guide to Poles and Peach Baskets (available here at Amazon.com) clearly states the following, “a player may make contact with an opponent if there is clear intent to make contact with the ball and/or the ball had just left the vicinity of the contact.

Where's the foul?

See, even if Barbosa did damn-near break Ray Allen’s elbow on his steal attempt, the move was well within the rules.

If complaining about the Leandro Barbosa “foul” was bad enough, Celtics’ fans haven’t stopped there. Many people believe the ensuing putback attempt by Amir Johnson was blocked cleanly by Paul Pierce. Here’s the video, you decide:

Not only did Paul Pierce completely mug Johnson, but I got a tip from a baseline cameraman with superior auditory sensory ability who heard Pierce say after hitting Johnson, “your contract situation is cancerous to your team and to the league.”

It’s hard to believe Pierce went there but my source is fairly reliable based upon the pictures I have seen him take.

Hopefully, after seeing these videos, Celtics fans can finally stop complaining about officials. Officials never affect the outcome of any game so everyone needs to stop complaining about them.

*I’m putting the satire away for a while after this post. It’s weird living in an alternate universe.

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  • I_Love_Green

    Well there you go, Celtics lost fair and square.

  • What More Can I Say?

    Whatever. Next game.

  • Josh

    Those were not the only bad calls. Shaq fouled out on some terrible calls. There were just some bad calls.
    So you are insulting Tommy Heinsohn too? Do you think he doesnt know basketball? Because he was disgusted with the calls too

  • Scallawag

    LOL…ok, well now I stand corrected. No foul. Ray should remember that next time he guards Kobe.

  • James

    Hayes, you're a thousand times better than the last guy. I'm so pumped to enjoy reading CelticsHub again.

    • James

      My apologies, Brendan. But the sentiment still applies.

  • complexity

    I rarely blame the refs, but yah, some horrendous calls. And the way the Celtics played in the last six minutes of this game, they deserved the win.

    • BrendanJackson

      I don't think I would go as far to say they "deserved to win" but I think they deserved to have a chance, which they did.

      • complexity

        Yes and that chance was taken away by the refs.

  • Morpheus

    What…so you're telling me it's "within the rules" to grab someone's arms from behind.
    Come on don't be so dumb. I've watched your" replays", Barbosa is clearly trying to foul Ray he's not attempting to steal the ball…he knows it. I bet he'd say that if you were to ask him yourself.

    • Jay P

      I'm getting confused now…

      I can't figure out if Morpheus doesn't understand the satire or is playing along…

    • CG12

      The sarcasm (including explicit disclaimer at the end) is apparently too subtle for some. This post was seriously tongue-in-cheek. Wake up, guy.

      The reffing is often bad, but at least its usually equally bad for both sides. It didn't seem to be last night, which could just be random. The crew didn't have any of the guys with a recent history with the Cs (Tom Washington and Eric Lewis come to mind).

  • Morpheus

    While you're in the habit of posting replays of some "cry baby" fouls why not post some of the ridiculous fouls called on Shaq during the entire game.

  • Morpheus

    Oh i apologise,i was in over my head because i didn't read the whole article the 1st time,due to steam coming out of my head. Got it on the 2nd "thorough" read….APOLOGIES Brendan.

    • Jay P


  • Matt

    That was a foul. The only reason it wasn’t called was because of no ref on the sideline.

    • BrendanJackson

      I originally thought that too but watch the replay. There is an official right there.

  • MDftw

    well i guess i dont know the rules well enough…

    although players hacking each other on the elbow and getting away with it is something that doesnt coincide with my previous experience of watching basketball

    I stand by my opinion that Barbosa expected a foul to be called on the play and was grinning wildly afterwards because he was amazed at his good fortune

  • JP-

    Can't believe that wasn't called on Barbosa, and I can't believe it was called on Pierce. Usually when an official makes a bonehead call, they let one slide on the other side, didn't happen in this game, and the Celtics lost. I don't think they lost because of the refs, but they didn't help either.

  • JP-

    also, if I was Ray, I probably would have hipchecked Barbosa into the 5th row when he was turning the corner on his drive to the basket.

  • yordgreat

    this just shows that the celtics can still find a way to win at the end of games even if they weren't really interested on playing, but on this game the refs took that chance not only once but twice and to think they put 3 officials in there to officiate it, still they were playing 3 blind mice the last minute of that game. the "steal" by barbosa was plainly ridiculous he caught ray's whole elbow on that "steal", and pierce's "foul" on johnson? absolutely crap. the only positive thing i can think on those 2 losses is that the team can still find a way to win even playing half-sleep for 3 quarters but I'm afraid these losses could also haunt the team for home court adv in june, hopefully it wont matter. and just asking, stern is pretty much really strict with players and coaching officials in this league with regards to techs and their conduct on the court, but no sanction whatsoever on this crappy officials who blew the outcome of close games with their non-calls or stupid calls, if stern is really serious about the integrity of the officiating in this league he should make like an oversight committee or something like that to review this kind of games and and penalize whoever was officiating it. but again it wont happen so nvm…..

  • greeninLA

    You didnt use "eschew" properly.
    Other than that, refs make bad calls all the time. I'm a huge Celtics fan but as Doc would say, play through it…

  • Amused

    Wow, you clearly have issues with the Celtics and their fans. I tried to approach this article as objectively as I could. I tried hard to see where Barbosa “clearly got ALL BALL on that play,” but this piece of writing is a complete work of fiction, as you no doubt know in your heart. That no-call on Ray Allen was an obvious oversight, but it’s not where the Boston lost the game. They lost it on at least another dozen plays earlier in the game.

    The problem, however, is that Boston could have won the game at that point had the referees made the proper call instead of swallowing their whistles.

    Toronto fans should enjoy this rare win, whereas Celtics fans should look beyond this relatively insignificant game against an insignificant opponent and look at the bigger picture with the eventual return of Rondo and Perkins and continued development of West.