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Bounceback Effort: C’s 99, Hawks 76

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Any more questions about this team’s effort C’s fans? They were put to bed tonight. After squandering wins over two shorthanded squads their past two games, Boston came out hungry tonight and played nearly flawless basketball for the better part of 30 minutes, just toying with Atlanta a team that really didn’t establish any kind of rhythm all night long. This was a 23 point win but that number was actually closer than it was.

Playing easily their best quarter of basketball of the season Boston put up a 39 spot in the opening frame tonight and didn’t look back, outscoring Atlanta by 26 points, setting the tone with their offense and their defense. The C’s were an angry team, an upset team and they took it out on an undersized, uninspired Hawks team that had beat up the C’s last year sweeping the season series.

The numbers really just told the whole story tonight, both on the offensive end with terrific balance, (no player took more than 10 shots) 53 percent shooting (it was in the 60’s until the bench came in), a dominating effort on the glass (50-30) and three double-doubles for Boston starters (Shaq, KG, Nate). Just a fun game to watch that featured the season debut of Avery Bradley.

That’s all for now, Hayes has you guys covered with the full recap later tonight….for now relish this team’s best effort of the year.

  • I_Love_Green

    Dominated right from the opening tip! I love it!

  • Kobe's Daddy

    ''Any more questions about this team’s effort C’s fans?'' Not trynna be debbie downer but YES. Howabout we wait more than one game before saying all is well. After the first 9 games i thought the probems from last year were gone (besides the Cleveland game) but they've krept back here and there…The next 10 games is a nice stretch in that it'll be a good test to see how we'll do against so-so/crappy teams.

    • Kobe's Daddy

      But this was a great start, just a dominating performance

    • Morpheus

      I understand your skepticism, i really do.

  • TedL

    Awesome. I wish they'd have more nights like this, when they enjoy carving up a very beatable team and get to Gino time by the start of the 4th. You'd think they'd find it fun instead of boring. But what do I know? I don't have to play 100+ games, counting the playoffs..

    The cherry on the sundae tonight is that the Heat lost. To the Pacers. In Miami. By 16 points. Heh. So the Heat now need to go 65-3 the rest of the way to beat the record of 72 regular season wins.

  • zebulon

    Man, avery bradley looked TERRIBLE on offense. First NBA shot – airball. I wonder what the career success rate is for players that airball their first shot. Probably not great.

    • Jay P

      LOL, I highly doubt anyone's kept those stats.

      Bradley will be fine, he needs to learn to slow himself down and get into the flow of the game. He obviously came out with a ton of adrenaline and wasn't able to corral it.

      By the way, my god is he fast. I mean, I heard Doc talk about his speed, but good lord, he can absolutely FLY.

  • JP-

    I can't believe they won like this. It was great. Bradley didn't look good, which was a little surprising because there was no pressure at all, in a blow out. Luke looked pretty good though

    • Jay P

      When you're a rookie in your first NBA minutes, after being chomping at the bit all for the past 4 months sitting at the sideline with an injury… there's plenty of pressure.

  • Jamie

    Atlanta is not that good. They still have not beaten a team with a winning record.

    • Jay P

      True statement, but it's still encouraging to see the Celtics completely dominate a team who's "not that good" since that is precisely what they've struggled with lately.

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