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With 2.7 seconds left to go in a hard-fought contest Amir Johnson knocked down two free throws to put the Raptors up by a single point.  These key free throws ended up being the difference in the game as Paul Pierce’s shot at the buzzer failed to connect.  One thing is for sure, both teams gave every ounce of their being trying to lose this game.  “The ball just didn’t bounce our way today,” said Johnson after the game.  “I tried my damnest to miss those two free throws.  You saw, right?  They both rattled in.  I thought for sure they’d pop out.  But hey, this is basketball.  You win some, you lose some.  Unfortunately, we came up with the ‘W’ today.  The only thing we can do is have a couple of bad days of practice this week and try again to lose on Wednesday [against the Sixers]”

Paul Pierce, on the other hand, was ecstatic about the loss. “We fought hard for four quarters.  Four quarters baby, that’s all it takes, ” exclaimed Pierce while holding three fingers up to the camera.  “We played too well in the first quarter but hit our stride in the second, settling for jumpers, not exploiting the mismatches, and all out scrapping our defensive game-plan.  It was touch and go from there on out.  They tried their best not to make a shot in the fourth quarter and really forced our hand.  I was just fortunate that the refs called that slap I put on Amir [Johnson] and his free throws went in.  Then of course, the Raptors gave me a wide open shot to try and win the game, right in my sweet spot! So I had to take a couple dribbles in and shoot it over two defenders.  After all that, it still almost went in.  I was very fortunate it didn’t.”

Yeah okay.  None of that actually happened but doesn’t it sound like it should have?  Both teams played like they wanted to lose today.  Regardless of the officiating–and I know a lot of you will be crying foul on this one–but everyone has to realize the Celtics did not deserve to even have a chance in this game.

For much of the game, the camera panned to Doc Rivers on the bench sitting there in exasperated perplexity.  The Celtics failed to close out on shooters, failed to secure rebounds after shots, and let the Raptors do exactly what they way to do: outscore their opponent.

Much more on the way…

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  • I_Love_Green

    Who woulda thunk we'd be 9-5 to start the season.

  • sacbobv

    I went at halftime to do some "honey do list" stuff and when I came back I started wishing it was a longer list. Hope they don't make a habit of this type of play, I don't want to start advocating for longer lists to avoid watching it.

  • BRADinLA

    What is up with the C's, man? Anyone think Thibbs being gone is really starting to affect the team's defensive intensity?

  • Morpheus

    I can't i can't ….another game the Cs didn't care about till the 4th quarter.
    Refs were flat out disgusting in the last 20 seconds of the game

  • ElRoz

    Tow games they should have won..are now lost: this is a clear sign they are WEAKER tahn last year. One game is a fluke, but two in a row, that is evidence I tell you…especially if it is against Torornto and OkC w/o Durant or Green.

    Looks like Boston is going to have to win a lot of road games in the playoffs like last year…game 6 and 7 at LA – how did that turn out?
    So…we are now looking at 3 lossess in a row at a time when KG and Pierce are all healthier than last year…..perhaps it was true about that 3-year window…I didn't want to listen to that…but is is looking like that right now.
    That was sad…the team has been well-rested the last 3 days…and they are loosing.

    • Rich

      Yea, cause they didn't lose games they should have won last year (ermm..THE NETS AT HOME). I mean, maybe they are weaker (I don't think so) but your proof doesn't actually serve as proof considering they did the same thing last year.

  • Tom W

    quick disclaimer, the Celtics lost this game, not the refs.

    But seriously…when that ref blew his whistle in the final couple seconds when Amir was going for that rebound, it didn't look like he had ANY clue what he was calling, just that he should be calling SOMETHING.

    • Morpheus

      Like i said, the last 20 seconds and on that play especially.

  • Scott

    This was outrageous. Why is it that this team takes three quarters to warm up the defense? They have done this now two times in a row. Yeah Ray screwed up and lost the ball, probably should have pulled it back and let them foul him, or call a time out. Yeah we probably lost the game cause Ray turned the ball over. The bigger issue however is the DEFENSE! there was none of it tonight until late in the fourth quarter. They let Nate do his thing in the first, and just outscored toronto, and then they went away from nate/he cooled off, and they realized that Toronto can score.

    Trade Deadline – FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN REBOUND. Are you kidding me? this team plays good D (havent seen it in a while) and then gives up an offensive rebound. Its unreal. I think when perk gets back, look to trade an old big (j. oneal) for a young forward that can rebound. Its getting to be ridiculous.

    Lastly.. In the fourth quarter the C's went to Garnett two or three times in a row, and got both good shots and converted or went to the line. Did Garnett post up at all in the first half? WHY don't they do that anymore? HE could have had a field day over REGGIE EVANS? Really….. This should have been the game plan from step one. No Rondo… OK lets exploit the bigs on toronto, and feed kg and shaq all game. I cannot believe they stopped doing that. Ray Allen had three open shots tonight from deep and made two – they are not setting good enough screens for him as he runs the baseline. And when he does, nate and dwest were unable to get him the ball in the corner like rondo can. Really goes to show how great of a PG rondo is for this team. He is a quarterback like passer – puts the ball there right when the player gets there.

    Don't even need to mention the officiating. Dick Ba-whatever needs to retire, cause i don't think he can see the ball anymore. SO many traveling calls they missed in the first half, i couldnt believe what i was watching. And the 6th foul on shaq was absurd. he was standing there, and had established position before barbosa got there. what's he supposed to do? Move and let barbosa score? Absolutely ridiculous. They definitely did not play to win that game (The C's) but they should not have lost either. If they lose in Atlanta tomorrow night, there are going to be some serious questions they are going to have to answer in the next couple weeks. I know its early, but there are a few pressing problems that i see with this team that could affect them down the line. ALL Four losses we've had, we should have won. I didn't see the Dallas game, but i did the other three, and the C's LOST those games. they were outplayed, and walked in thinking the other team would just bend over. Enough venting. Holy hell that was a bad game.

    • Morpheus

      I don't really understand that point about KG either….KG could have raped Evans down on the block ALL DAY. So why didn't Doc go with that??????

  • rav

    Remember when the guy form the Raptors blog said on the game preview post the only way the Raptors will win is if Bargnani goes for 30 and Reggie Evans goes for a ton of boards?

    Bargnani got 29. Evans had 16 boards. Raptors win.


  • complexity

    Nah. I don't agree with any of you. The mavs loss and this one were both flukes that happen to even good teams and I think the Celtics are still capable of putting together one hell of a season. You guys are overreacting just like you did in the playoffs last year.

    • Scott

      beating teams you are supposed to beat is a mark of a good team. Granted its not the only mark, but three of our four losses came against teams we were supposed to beat. I think they need to get their focus back, and dial in. Beat teams you are supposed to beat. You're right – it is an overreaction though, and cooler heads prevail. But they played like shit tonight, and we'd all like to see the team thats beaten miami twice tomorrow night in Atlanta, and not get run up and down the court.

  • lets-diamond

    Though the C's could have beaten the Mavs, Thunder, and Raps, and probably should have, it's still good to remember that the C's have not played one game yet without significant injuries. And what happens when you pull the starting quarterback off a footbal team? …

  • MDftw


    absolute bull that the refs didnt call it… hacked him on the elbow

    the stupid young official was about 10 feet away from it too

    Barbosa was smiling at the end of it too… he knew he got away with highway robbery

    • Tom W

      seriously, that young official blew so many calls in toronto's favor. it was like the crowd was getting in his head or something.

  • MDftw

    Scott – look at the replay of Ray turning the ball over

    yeah Ray lost the ball but so would any player alive when they are hacked on the elbow while dribbling

    Yeah refs arent responsible for the outcome of the game… but they certainly blew that call

    Barbosa was a good 2 feet away from touching ball on that play

    • subzero

      If he was hacked at the elbow, the ball would not travel as it did. Look at the replay again, he pushed the ball, not the elbow.

      At the end of the day, when you're only up one point, crap's bound to happen. Cs need to play some D and take care of the A T L.

      • MikeD

        you need glasses if you didn't see that Ray got hacked. He had to dribble up court to avoid the 8 second violation, he got clearly fouled and the refs blew it. not rays fault

    • MOrpheus

      Tell me how the hell does Barballsa knock the ball loose from Ray when his hands are NOWHERE NEAR THE BALL….look at the replay it's there, no way in hell could Barballs have knocked that ball loose from Ray from behind and he didn't even touch the ball…..The only way it could have been knocked loose was knocking Ray's arm/elbow…which we all know is a REACH IN FOUL…Meh it's over anyway

    • Scott

      didnt see the hack when i watched it live. thought he just lost it. If that is what happened, then that only furthers my belief that dick needs to retire.

  • Morpheus

    COME ON man. I think dudes need to actually pay attention to what's going on around the league outside of Boston. All the other elite teams – Lakers,Spurs,Utah,Dallas,Hornets,Oklahoma are beating teams they should be beating. This team is just like last years team….they might not care about the regular season but that train of thought will come back around to kick them in the ass…. game 6 and 7 of the finals anyone.

  • Jay P


    Chill the F out people.

    Obviously their going through a bit of a lull right now, but people are acting like they've never gone on losing streaks before… Holy crap 2 games, Oh noooooooooes!

    Two games they should have won, 1 game was stolen from them at the end.

    No refs dont win or lose games, Celtics gave up plenty of opportunities before the Refs handed the game to the Raptors at the end (no call on Barbosa, and flimsy foul on Pierce which gave FTs to win it) but they certainly did everything possible to hand this one to Toronto.

    By far the worst officiated game I've seen all year, for both sides ( the out of bounds from KG and then subsequent T on Calderon was obscene) but the Cs got screwed by it in the end.

  • Celtics Dynasty

    Honestly, I am so disappointed with our team. We should have at least beaten the Raptors, look at the Lakers now they are thumping the Warriors who are, probably, much better than the Raptors.
    Look, the last thing we as Celtics fans want to see is the Lakers equalling our record of 17 championships.

  • VanillaDark

    I have a running bet with some fellow Laker fans as to how many games Boston fans will blame on the refs rather than the team. And so far you people are NOT disappointing. Keep it up, cause I'm doing great with this bet!

  • Jamie

    Didn't see the game but based on the box score, just look at the +/- of our guys. The bench players all have double digit minus numbers. This one is on the bench.

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