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Rondo Suffering From “Mild” Case of Plantar Fasciitis

It started last Wednesday night. Head coach Doc Rivers commented that Rajon Rondo was in such pain, he was unable to bring the ball up the floor for a few possessions. “Sore feet” was the initial explanation in the postgame.

Well last night, after Rondo third double-double on the season the diagnosis got a little more specific as Doc admitted in his postgame press conference that Rondo was suffering from a “mild” case of plantar fasciitis. Here’s a collection of quotes from all the parties involved last night, starting with Doc:

On Plans To Sit Rondo Out Friday
“Listen, this morning, Eddie told me that Rondo wasn’t playing because of his foot. And 10 minutes later, I go down so we can watch film and Rondo said, ‘I’m playing; I’m fine.'”

On Changing His Subbing Plans

““I walked over to him before the tap and told him, ‘Hey, listen, if I see anything, I’m taking you out,’ But you could see he was good. The only thing we did, and you could tell, we subbed him early, “I think with five or six minutes left in the first quarter we subbed him. And then we did it again after halftime. And, overall, that may have helped him with his wind.”

Rondo’s Take On The Injury:
“”It’s fine, it’s cool. It’s sore, that’s all. I was able to tolerate it tonight,We’re just taking precautions, that’s all. It’s going to take a lot to keep me out of these type of matchups. I like competing, especially against guys like Derrick.”

I’ll have a lot more thoughts on this tomorrow, but for right now this is an alarming situation to me. The C’s are pushing the gas too hard on Rondo who is leading the league in minutes/game thus far. This condition which affects the bottom of the foot can linger for quite awhile if it becomes serious and has affected many notable NBA stars including Ron Artest and Joakim Noah last year.

For now the C’s want to win games and they need Rajon Rondo to do that with Delonte West out and Nate Robinson struggling mightly with his shot. With four tough road games coming up, don’t expect Rondo to ask out of the lineup. That truth makes me worried about how this situation could worsen this week. Delonte can’t come back soon enough.

  • complexity

    That's from doc playing him so much.

    My dad has a not so mild case of plantars and he can barely walk.

  • JP-

    This could turn into terrible news very quickly. If Rondo can't go, our options are Nate and Marquis at the point, neither of which is a great option. Hopefully it won't both him too much until Delonte comes back and that will give him more rest.

  • TedL

    Yikes. Of all the people we were worried about, Rondo was last on the list.

    Come back Delonte.

  • What More Can I Say

    Not worried. It's very early.

    On another note…Rondo is a MVP candidate. I don't care how many shots he doesn't take. I heard a reporter say if Rondo shot the ball more..he could be this and that.

    What a load of crap. 5-1. Best player on the C's. MVP candidate.

  • JTKJ

    The reason Rondo won't win the MVP despite his amazing performances is because even though he is the Cs best player, his case is diminished by the fact he plays with 3 future hall of famers and an overall great roster. Put it this way, you take Rondo out and put Nate at PG and you would probably still get to the playoffs…whereas with the Cavs last two years, you take Lebron out and they're not getting anywhere close to the playoffs. Which is why this year I think Durant or Dwight may win it simply because of how much more important they are to their individual teams..take Dwight out of the Magic and their 3 point gameplan is totally gone since they have no inside threat to worry defenders..

  • Morpheus

    Bad timing….we got a brutal schedule just up ahead…..brutal i tell ya,but hey we're the Celtics so i'm now worried.Delonte……we need you

  • VanillaDark

    Screw Rondo's feet, read this brilliant article (11-4-10 entry). TRUTH: http://freedarko.blogspot.com/

  • Mason

    I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to keep Rondo from playing. According to his recent blog post on his website (rajonrondo9.com), he’s just going to stay off his feet as much as possible…which means watching game film on a Saturday night. I think this injury might just make him an even smarter player.

  • Devin in Maine

    Everyone wants to compare Rondo to Chris Paul and almost everyone give CP3 the edge. Why? Because of his jump shot?

    The only stats where CP3 is the clear leader is PPG and FT% (everyone admits that Rondo's FT shooting is abysmal). You can't hold the proficiency of Rondo's offensive teammates against him, because I think it is a fair assumption that Rondo could put up more points if he didn't have so many options.

    Take a look at the most recent showdown between NBA-darling Derrick Rose and the mighty Rondo. Chris Fosberg at ESPN ran the numbers and the C's were a +14 with Rondo on the court compared to the Bulls being -8 with Rose. Even more telling of Rondo's dominance is when they were head to head. Rondo's adjusted +/- while matched up with Rose was an astonishing +21.

    Rondo has been the floor general for a team that went to the Finals twice out of the last 3 years, with the explosion of Kendrick Perkins ACL separating him from a second ring.

    I know that "if" is for children, but IF KG and Perkins had avoided those knee injuries, the C's could be going for four-peat this year!

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