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Offensive Efficiency: 107.5 points/100 possessions

Defensive Efficiency: 102.6 points/100 possessions

Pace: 93

Hey everyone. Forgot to introduce myself before the Bucks preview on Wednesday, so I will now. I’m Mike and I’m the new intern at Celtics Hub. Besides doing everything that B-Robb and Brendan tell me, I’ll be posting a few times a week. Go Celts!

As for the game…

Here we go again. For the second game in a row, the C’s needed overtime to come away with a victory. Obviously this isn’t ideal, as the Celts’ veterans probably don’t need to be adding on extra minutes this early in the season. But at the same time, this was a pretty exciting game. Yes, the Celtics let a 16-point 3rd quarter lead slip away. Yes, this became a bit of a habit last year and I’m sure it’s something that Doc will address with the team. But to the Bulls’ credit, they executed very well during the last 18 minutes of regulation. They battled their way back into the game. The Celtics didn’t have an answer inside for Joakim Noah (26 points), and Tom Thibodeau had his team playing hard on defense (not surprisingly). So in the end, I think the Celtics need to be pleased with the way they responded after falling behind late in the 4th quarter.

Some notes on the game:

* Ray Allen’s dunk over Kyle Korver on a beautiful pass from Paul Pierce was probably the highlight of the game. But the two key plays for the Celtics were 1)Rajon Rondo swiping the ball away from Derrick Rose at the end of regulation, and 2) Kevin Garnett hustling back and poking the ball away from Noah on a fast break. Once again, finding ways to make big defensive plays down the stretch of games.

*Rondo vs. Rose was all the hype coming into tonight, and they both had solid games (Rondo: 10 points, 11 assists, Rose: 18,9). Watching Rondo over the years, it’s rare to find him matched up against someone with that same kind of speed. Seeing the affect that Rose’s dribble-drives had on our defense really shows how valuable it is to have that type of point guard.

But my favorite part about watching them play against each other was seeing how competitive they got. Each time Rose scored, Rondo immediately got the ball from the inbound and sprinted toward Chicago’s hoop. And Rose did the same when Rondo scored. It’s got to be a good sign when your team’s point guard cares as much as these guys do.

*Slightly worrisome how effective Chicago’s front line was tonight. Noah and Taj Gibson essentially did whatever they wanted and combined for 17-27 shooting.

*The bench was a big advantage for the Celtics, as they outscored Chicago’s bench 37-19. Marquis Daniels was arguably the Celtics’ best player during the first half, scoring 11 of his season-high 13 points. He’s definitely the type of player that constantly needs to be slashing to the basket. Tonight, that’s exactly what he was doing and it led to easy shots in and around the paint.

*Ray had 25 points on 12 shots. Gotta love those games when it seems Ray just can’t miss.

*Obviously it was great to see such large ovations for Thibodeau and Scalabrine in their return to the Garden. Wonder how long it will be before Pierce forgets about that block by Scal?

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Michael Salvucci

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  • LStrike

    Welcome to the C-Hub Mike, I look forward to reading many a review/preview/any article done by you in the future.

    I couldn't watch the overtime, but I'm really glad the C's came away with the win in this one. Luckily they have a days break, I'd hate for the C;s to go into a back-to-back after an OT game the night before.

  • J Atlas

    welcome to the hub Mike…question are c's going to ever win another game in a blow out or are we going to lead the league in overtime nail biters? Good game though we definitely need to improve in some areas especially containing young athletic bigs

    • Devin in Maine

      Having a few nail biters early in the season isn't necessarily a bad thing. Remember how Orlando and Cleveland steam rolled through the regular season, then when the games started to really count, the folded. As Max always says, "pressure busts pipes", and its clear to see that this veteran team embodies this – as two games in a row saw younger team's rallys fall apart as the C's locked down in the extra period. I agree that nailbiters are stressful, and its tempting to hope for blowouts, but these early challenges will help gel this team with many new and unproven pieces. We'll be better for it!

  • thetruthhurts

    welcome mike! nice start man. and as for ray ray's dunk, i couldn't agree more. sweet stuff right there

  • Jason

    I enjoy KG fully embracing a villain role. I mean in terms of other fans. If I was a Bulls fan, Garnett peeling back his jersey to reveal his chest wherein his big heart beats, would have annoyed me to no end. But as a Celtics fan, that's straight up passion with a flair. Don't just beat your chest, show off your heart first and then beat it. There was also the time when he got under Noah's skin after Noah got foiled or something. Garnett is as charismatic and funny while being a levelheaded person as any player in the league. He could take a villain role to unseen heights. I love it.

  • Oh, cool. Someone new to torm…err…read and comment to.

    This game was insane to watch, really. Only thing that really annoyed me to no end was KG's start to the game, where he was in position to dunk early on, but seemed to refuse to do so, and ended up missing 3 easy shots at the rim. At one point I outright yelled at my computer (which is my TV) because of it. While I know he didn't hear me, I wonder if someone else did, because it didn't take too much longer after that before the transition dunk, and then another dunk from in close. He seemed to wake up at that point, and that made me happy.

    That said, I actually fear this team when they get Boozer back. They will not be a tough out on any night.

  • J-Bone

    Great stuff Mike. I was happy to see a new face joining Brendan and Brian. Keep up the great work!

    Also, too bad Thibs' homecoming was ruined, but it was great to see him and Scal. If Boston can't do it this year I'm pulling for Chicago (even though I hate Noah…thank God Miller wasn't in sight tonight too). I think I hate Miami and LA too much, but I like Chicago for an Eastern Conference Team.

  • complexity

    Kevin your heart is on the other side! Time to go back to anatomy class. Great win though!

    • What More Can I Say?


      The idea is to always show the other side (left side) of your chest to let cats know how BIG your heart is.

      Get it???

    • Chris O

      Actually complexity you are an idiot. Time for you to go back to anatomy class. Your heart is on your left side (slightly) of your chest. It is really in the middle but shades to the left side, for you to say it is on the right is just wrong.

      • Chris O

        Here Complexity, to prove it in case you don't believe: "In the human body, the heart is usually situated in the middle of the thorax with the largest part of the heart slightly offset to the left, although sometimes it is on the right (see dextrocardia), underneath the sternum. The heart is usually felt to be on the left side because the left heart (left ventricle) is stronger (it pumps to all body parts). The left lung is smaller than the right lung because the heart occupies more of the left hemithorax"

  • VenturaCelticFan…FTL

    What’s really funny is that he wasn’t showing off his “heart”, but rather a tattoo of “206”, his hometown area code…

    • Chris O

      Ventura not to disagree but what is your basis for this? He pounds his chest and heart all the time and I am pretty sure when you watch the replay he is saying "that's f*cking heart" when he is showing the left side of his chest. Now I'm not the best lip reader in the world but I'm pretty good and watch his mouth. He isn't mouthing 206, he's mouthing heart.

  • Big George

    Welcome Mike, and K boogie was actually taunting Noah by showing him a male breast or where a male breast is located and also inspiring women's breast cancer awareness in the process. Thank you K boogie.

  • crizik

    The big three is averaging a lot of minutes per game, and Rondo is over 40 minutes pg with a sore foot due to a mild case of plantar fasciitis… We should be worry about all that.

  • John (in Lakersland)

    This is the best that the Celts have looked all year. They actually played all 48 mins hard. Lakers-Celts Finals is looking better and better each day.