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Reports: Delonte West Won’t Be Released Due To Fight


UPDATE: Ainge spoke to The Boston Herald, who confirmed the fight and said there would be no consequences for either party:

Danny Ainge confirmed there was an altercation today between Delonte West and Von Wafer, but he denied there would be any repercussions.

“There was something that happened, and we’re handling it internally,” Ainge said moments ago. “We’re happy with Delonte and Von and how they’ve been playing, and today was unacceptable.”

Chris Mannix of SI.com, another guy with close Celtic ties (former C’s ballboy) tweets:
the good news for West

Despite fight between Delonte West and Von Wafer–the second spat between two this month–BOS not expected to release West, sources say. West and Wafer have a lot of animosity and this happened early, but the truth is fights in practice are relatively common in the NBA.

I’ll have much more analysis of this whole situation in the coming hours, but for now this is ultimately good news if you are a C’s fan. West had a tremendous postseason and really shores up the team’s backcourt despite all of his flaws. He has probably run out of extra chances already, but this early in the year, given the entire backstory to this situation I’m not surprised Danny gave him another shot.

He’s going to have to be on his best behavior for the rest of the year, but ultimately this team needs West if it wants to get back to the promise land.

In what could be ultimately just as big of a story in this is how fast this story got out. As Mannix said, fights happen all the time in practice, but rarely do they get out in public, especially this quickly. Although Wafer obviously wasn’t the instigator in this fight, it seems likely that he or his people have been feeding Kennedy a bit too much internal info, be it the “meds” comment, or the circumstances surrounding this fight.

The fact he was even talking about the meds issue at all, which is obviously a sensitive subject for West doesn’t make him an innocent bystander in this scenario if indeed it was true.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not blaming Wafer at all for the fight situation, but this is definitely something the C’s would have much preferred to deal with internally and you can bet that message will be made clear to Von and those close to him.

For now, I’m very curious to see how the C’s locker room will address the situation tonight, if at all. I will be reporting live from the C’s locker room before the game and will keep you all posted on the latest.

I’m also interested to see though how everyone feels about this? Are you surprised Delonte was given another chances? What’s your feeling about Wafer’s role in all this? And how much will this affect the locker room?

  • Morpheus

    Ok now you got me playing the dumbass.You mean to tell me this is common practice between NBA players,punching their teammates from behind.What about the other aforementioned incidents that Delonte was involved with other teammates.
    I know of other fights that have occured around the league,but it's never re occured twice.
    I don't know,it's up to Ainge whther or not they decide to keep him on and i'll be rooting for Delonte if he helps us return to the "promised land".

  • J-Bone

    If Von Wafer really did make those comments I can see why Delonte is so upset. Obviously his actions were out of line, but I am not suprised Danny gave him another chance. The C's have one of the, if not the strongest locker rooms in the league. I don't think someone like West or Von Wafer could throw off the locker room all by themselves. The veterans on this squad have seen everything and I don't think this is anything new to them.

    Let's hope Delonte gets his emotions in check and that some of these internal issues (the medicine comments etc.) don't make it out of the locker room. As long as it stays in there I don't think there will be any serious issues with having West this year, who I agree, we need coming off the bench.

  • http://twitter.com/M_DeVelaine @M_DeVelaine

    Too much info getting out indeed. The "meds" comment is a low blow. A seriously low blow. Delonte has every right to be livid with whoever said it. I'm sure that culprit will get outed soon enough. Even if he hasn't been taking them – and it's understandable with the possible side effects many medications tend to have – *no one* on the team should be telling the media anything of the sort. Ever!

    Danny's right to not take any actions against D. West just yet, and hopefully he's going to find the source of that quote. He was an instigator in his playing days, so I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if he decides to get back into that mindset in the locker room to find out who opened their mouth before he does anything else just yet.

  • Perry

    Anyone serving the second 10 game suspension over the past two years would be a goner in light of the circumstances. But this is Delonte West we're talking about, and he just may be the glue that gets this team over the top. Celts are concerned about winning here … not saving his career.

  • lakershater13

    This is why we should wave wafer and bring back Lasme. Just tossing the idea out there.

  • http://twitter.com/geronimothomas @geronimothomas

    Bollocks. As someone who has had people close to me dealing with depression and other mental illnesses, I can (somewhat) understand if DW is having a difficult time with any medication(s) he may be taking. They can sap the life out of you, and can be almost as bad as not taking them!!! However, I would hope the team is working with DW to help him manage and overcome whatever he may be dealing with.

    IF VW, anyone in his "camp", or anyone else within the organization went down the reported road, they may need to be disciplined as strongly as DW, or perhaps more so. Let's hope DA has/is getting a handle on this – people with mental health issues need positive support, not negative attention/treatment. The guy is obviously talented, bright, and passionate. VW (judging from his Twitter feed) is a typical NBA player – all about the fame and $$$…he's done nothing during his time with the C's to change my perception of him.

    +++1 Delonte – but remember, young man…"an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind".

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