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Pregame Addendum: Doc Speaks About the Fight


So…there was a fight today.  Okay, everyone by now has heard the reports of a fight between Von Wafer and Delonte West.  This is obviously big enough news for Doc Rivers to comment on in tonight’s pregame interviews (straight from Brian Robb who is at the Garden):

Doc on the fight:

“There was a fight and that’s all you need to know.  So I’m going to leave it alone but you know, obviously I’m not real thrilled with it but it happened and we’ll handle it.”

On how it will affect Delonte West‘s reputation:

“We’ll just handle it.  I’m going to leave it at that.  It should stay inside the locker room.  It didn’t and that’s okay but we’re just going to leave it alone.”

On whether the blame for the altercation was shared equally between Von Wafer and Delonte West:

“I’m not going to say one way or the other.”

On the frequency of fracases:

“Oh they happen.  Some you’re fine with and some you’re not.  I’m not going to say one way or another on this one but let’s talk about the Knicks.  I would prefer that.”

Pressed with one more question, Doc commented on whether or not he thought it would have an overall affect on the team:

“It could. I doubt it.  I hope not.  You never know. I hope it does not; especially tonight.”

It’s hard to glean anything substantial from these pregame quotes.  Any comment would really be gross speculation.  So let’s do it!

With the reports and these pregame comments, it appears as though the team is stuck between a rock and hard place.  It’s widely assumed that West is really the antagonist in this whole situation but he’s also the far more useful player.  If Wafer were to be waived given this situation I would be really interested to see if he had any “wrongful firing” recourse.  Players get waived all the time so I doubt it but this kind of stuff makes me want to be a contract lawyer.

That’s it for now.  I cannot wait to see how this whole situation plays out.

  • Batman

    Well we saw Delonte trying to draw some "emotion" from Wafer before
    Guess he just went too far
    Was the fight bad enough that we have to release one of them to not hurt our chemistry?
    It remains to be seen

  • TedL

    Dang – no game thread. Spacing for the Celtics' offense is horrendous.

  • Morpheus

    Well i made a comment in the game thread.Seems as though it has having an effect on the court.We're not playing like, well, us anymore.

  • Fort Lee

    nah it wont effect celtics, delonte and wafer are true suspended/bench players, they need to pack up and leave, cus marcius daniels and nate will be the backups regardless.
    hit sum1 shaq..hit sum1 asap

  • Jon Mullen

    i think if anyone needs to go it's wafer. delotne's been with pierce, rondo, perk, these guys know him and he has potential to be a huge part of the bench. we signed wafer as a little risk high reward player and if he's going to be a distraction he should be the one to go… tommy just said baby has a beautiful body

  • Morpheus

    Toronto blew out the Cavs

  • Batman

    We won
    Pretty close
    Knicks aren't bad, but we looked pretty bad out there
    Rondo with a triple double, 24 assists damn
    Garnett, Pierce with solid double-doubles
    Pierce is really rebounding this year
    Glen Davis huge off the bench
    Nate is still trying to find his game
    Still it was too close for comfort

  • Rich

    People fight on sports teams all the time. I remember a great quote from Jim Fossil after he drafted Jeremy Shockey to the Giants. On the first day of camp Shockey was in a fight with another player near the water cooler and Fossil looked at his coaches and said with a smile "Theres our guy." Emotions run high. Intensity is high. Fights happen way more than most people know about. No big deal really.

    • J-Bone

      I see what you're saying, but I guess I would argue that fights happen on the court during practices…but at what point does a player need to let it go? From what I read it seems like Delonte wouldn't let it go. A scuffle during a scrimmage is one thing, but punching another player, from behind, after he had gotten out of the shower? I think that's a real issue. I'm not saying we should drop Delonte because I love his game, I just think this is something that can't be taken lightly.

  • shut_it_up

    I saw a thing where it was Shaq talking about meds and stuff. Whatever.
    I blame kennedy. someone, somewhere (kennedy) has been talking from one point of view.
    honestly, I hope these 10 games finish, D West comes back and we get rid of V wafer (he's the source of all this crap, no really) and PLEASE can we get Lasme back…

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