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Mr. Assistance: C’s 105, Knicks 101

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We’ll take a complete look at this dandy tomorrow morning, but for now some quick notes from the Garden on this contest as well as Rajon Rondo’s historic evening.

We’d do an injustice if we didn’t start with Rondo here. Just a magical triple-double, 10 points, 10 rebounds, 24 assists. Just an incredible night, overall but it should be noted Rondo also got an assist from the scorekeeper who gave him a couple dimes he probably didn’t earn. Still, has to be one of the most unique triple-doubles in history, I’ve never seen a 10-10-20 line before and doubt anyone besides Oscar or Jason Kidd has put one up before.

The funny thing about Rondo’s night though is that he and the Celtics offense started off painfully slow. He missed three of four shots out of the gate, as the C’s offense sputtered with just six points in the six minutes of the game. During his next 39 minutes of action? He dished out 23 dimes. Paul Pierce put it best in describing Rondo’s unselfishness:

“He got the popcorn man involved, he got the announcer involved, he got everyone involved tonight. It was beautiful to watch.”

Beautiful indeed. The C’s controlled most of this contest, before their usual late game scare when foul trouble (KG and Baby fouled out) and injuries (Shaq left in fourth quarter with bruised knee) Jermaine O’Neal sat out with a sore knee) making Paul Pierce the biggest player on the floor for the C’s in the final two minutes.

The good news for Pierce though is he rebounded like a center all night, hitting the glass for 14 boards his highest number in 4 years. He chipped in 25 points as well with four shots from deep. Fun to watch.

KG also chipped in with a stellar double-double (24-10) on 70 percent shooting and Glen Davis once again looked like the best player on the floor for large stretches of this one, continuing his hot streak with another strong effort off the bench.

There’s plenty more to talk about. The injuries, the turnovers, how this one got too close for comfort once again and we’ll get to it all for tomorrow. For now, enjoy this historic night on Halloween weekend for the C’s future.

  • Batman

    Too close for comfort indeed
    Two things i loved seeing:

    1). Pierce's excellent rebounding and 3-point shooting. Honestly i love watching Rondo pass to Pierce to just pop a 3 in someone's face.

    2.) Glen Davis' excellent work off the bench. If he keeps this up he could be a serious contend for 6th man of the year.

  • TedL

    Rondo and the Cs did a lot of good. But this game was much closer than it should've been because we gave the ball away 17 times. The Knicks had only 10 tos. That wiped out a lot of our rebounding advantage.

  • I_Love_Green

    The lack of C's big men at the end made this game closer than it should've been. We were up I think 11 with about 2:30 left.

  • ESPN Recap link leads me to a game from last year. Dunno if anyone noticed that yet. (110 3's to go for Ray.)

  • lakershater13

    Rondo tied the record with the 24 assists with a triple double. The celtics did miss a bunch of shots that were wide open that would have been rondo assists and I believe Daniels had butter fingers on about 3 passes from rondo. Rondo could have easily set the record for assists in a game tonight if things had gone better and he didnt turn the ball over a lot early. Great game and hopefully a good sign of things to come.

    • Chris O

      He also tied the record of most assists in the first 3 games with 50!!!! Woohoo. He tied John Stockton I forget which year.

    • Batman

      Yeah what was up with the Daniel's butterfingers
      Been eating too much butter popcorn before the game

  • I agree with everyone else: Rondo, good. Baby, good. Turnovers, bad. These are the same Celtics as last year so far, and I don't like it. Are we going to be a Jekyll & Hyde team again through the regular season? I hope not, because not having home court may have cost us the O'Brien trophy last year, and I'd prefer we get it this season if possible.

  • Jason

    After 18 on opening night, I wondered if Skiles' record was in jeopardy. I was semi-serious. Now? Seriously, anyone got legit odds? They're on the board for sure, now, right?

  • Morpheus

    Agree,same Celtics as last year………don't hold your beath for banner 18.

    • J-Bone

      These are not the same Celtics at all. KG is healthy again, Pierce is 100% again, our bench is deeper, we have better bigs and once Perk comes back it's just going to get better. Three games isn't enough to make an assessment about this team calling them the "same Celtics as last year."

  • Chris O

    Same Celtics as last year? I think you guys are jumping the gun. #1 This team can rebound. #2 as J-Bone just said KG is healthy. #3 Its only been 3 games, and this game was 11 points (101-90) around the 2:15 mark (as somone else already said) , then Pierce was the tallest Celtic left playing. Assuming Shaq and Jermaine get back for the big man depth and KG and Baby don't foul out every game (which KG looks like he could averaging 4.7 fouls per game) we probably won't be giving up 11 point leads

  • TedL

    No – definitely – they're not the same Celtics as last year. There's more depth and more potential. Way too early to reach a conclusion about what they can be.

    That said, there were long stretches against the Cavs and Knicks – two teams that will struggle to be mediocre – where the Celts' offense went into brain lock and/or threw the ball away. That meant the Cavs and Knicks hung around all night. The Cavs hit a few lucky shots, the Knicks missed them. It really would have been very easy for the Cs to lose last night – the Knicks shot poorly from beyond the arc, and they missed a number of open looks they could easily have hit.

    All that's familiar. I suppose we're all hoping the team improves when Delonte joins and Perk comes back, and of course we know they may flip the switch when it's playoff time. But I don't see the point of the happy talk.

    On KG, by the way – was it two times or three times that Rondo threw him the alley oop and he missed it or came down with it instead of jamming it home? I think three. KG's better than last year, but the 2008 KG is never coming back.

  • What More Can I Say?

    What More Can I Say? LOL!

    I agree with everyone except Morpheus. TedL…I will say that 2011 KG is rebouding better than 2008 KG and 2011 KG got his a$$ in the post like a power forward should. Let's keep watching…I'm not sure if I am ready to say 2008 KG is the best Boston will see from Kevin Garnett.

  • Kobe's Daddy

    you know what really sucks? And by sucks, i mean sucks for the rest of the league? KG's back to 08 form. I'd say he's honestly at 90/95% of what he was that year and that means trouble. If we had perk in instead of shaq right now the defense would be absolutely suffocating

  • Kobe's Daddy

    and KG missin alley oops doesnt necessarily mean he's not back to 08 form, come on guys. It just means the timing is off. Obviously he doesnt have the same monster lift but hes lookin pretty beast right now. Crashin the boards, no more limping, playin D everywhere, i remember watchin him wrestle a rebound down over practically the entire knicks team. That's 08 stuff.

    • Chris O

      KG could legit have like an 18-10 (ppg-rpg) season and I wouldn't be surprised. I think we can't expect '08 KG but he is definitely in much better form than last year.

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  • Moshe

    RONDOO= 24!!!!!Assists (Career High) MVP! MVP! MVP!
    Steve Nash= 22 Assists (Career High)
    Chris Paul=21 Assists (Career High)
    Kobe Bryant=15 Assists (Career High)
    LeBron James=15 Assists (Career High)
    Deron Williams=21 Assists (Career High)

    • jEROME


  • lakershater13


    Lebron and kobe dont belong on your list. Guys like Kidd and Andre Miller do. One career high does not put you in the mvp race. Rondo should end up in the mvp race if he averages 12 ppg 14 app 6 rpg 2.5 spg. Most of the time the mvp is almost predetermined. It will likely go to durant as long as he averages 30 ppg and the thunder are top 3 in the west.

  • Kobe's Daddy

    Am i missing something here? Is it just me or did Moshe just happen to post some career highs and people for some reason think that means he thinks they should be mvps or point guards??

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