Post-game Reactions

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Boston at Cleveland
7:00 P.M. ET
Quicken Loans Arena
Local TV: CSN

Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 98.4 points/100 possessions (5th)

Cleveland: N/A

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 89.4 points allowed/100 possessions (1st)

Cleveland: N/A

Probable Cleveland starters:

Mo Williams (game-time decision due to death in family)/Ramon Sessions, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon, J.J. Hickson, Anderson Varejao


For everyone that has always wondered what the Cavs would be like without LeBron, you’re about to get your answer. Pretty much the only reason to watch the Cavs this year is to get some sort of measurement of how good (or bad) LeBron’s supporting cast really was. Apparently the NBA schedule-makers are curious too, matching the Celtics up against James’ new and former teams right away to start the season.

We all remember when Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert made a fuss and said his team would win an NBA title before LeBron did. And I’m sure a lot of people will be pulling for Cleveland this year.

But at the end of the day, their roster is painfully weak. Mo Williams was never fully in tune as the Cavs’ second fiddle, and now new coach Byron Scott will ask even more of him as their primary scoring threat. Probably not a good sign. And at 34, how much can Antawn Jamison reasonably carry the Cavs’ front line?

One bright spot could be the development of J.J. Hickson, who looks like he has the potential to be a solid role player on a championship team. But maybe that says everything you need to know about the Cavs.

Contrary to last night, this is just another game for the Celts. We know Doc likes trying out new rotations early on, so it will be interesting to see his different approach tonight  —- Mike Salvucci


We really don’t know yet, but from the looks of the roster, it won’t be a whole lot. Get back to me tomorrow morning on this.


See above. Should be quite the list.


Hickson. KG is moving around better this year but Hickson is the kind of athletic four that gave Boston all kinds of trouble during last year’s regular season. He will get his chance to reek havoc in the starting lineup tonight.

Powe. Not really, but I like to use any opportunity to give Leon some love. The guy is finally healthy this year and should see consistent minutes off the Cavs bench as their lone real post presence.


Everyone else.


Reduced Minutes. I have no problem with them from last night. Pierce 41, Rondo 41, Allen 40, KG 35. The C’s needed to win that game so those minutes had to happen. However, tonight starts the Doc Rivers era where he should be able to leave heavily on his loaded bench to take the onus off the starting unit, especially coming off back to backs. Let’s hope everyone above is closer to the 30 barrier tonight and look for Von Wafer to see his first action of the season, especially if Paul’s back issues are still affecting him.


Celtics 103-92

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Cavaliers Fan

    If I were going to the game, I would definitely think about it. I never thought I would say this, but I was openly cheering for the Celtics last night. It felt strange to say the least.

    Good luck to your guys, take down Satan and his crew in the east.

    • And here I was thinking Satan played in the Pacific division. Who knew he moved East?

  • Other Cavs Fan

    I also was pumping my fist at every Ray Allen three and enjoying the C's immaculate defense for the first time in my life.

    Honestly I'm not sure this team is about to bend over backwards to win the meaningless half of a back to back.

    The Cavs are still loaded with 3-point shooters and an exotic offense that will make up for at least some of the opportunities formerly facilitated.

  • Other Cavs Fan

    *formerly facilitated by Lebron.

  • What More Can I Say

    What a game last night. The Celtics looked great. GREAT!!! Im super excited about Marquis Daniels and Nate Dogg. Marquis Daniels is back ballin? This is gonna be a a great NBA season.

    Celtics will win this game and let's see how many they can rip off in a row.

  • I_Love_Green

    Alright Shaq, 1/3 from the line

  • I_Love_Green

    JJ Hickson will be the only one to hurt us.

    • Morpheus

      Careful, Mo and Boobie could get going as well

  • Morpheus

    Nate sucked last night,our bench was all about Baby and Quis.
    They should be going to KG in the post more often soon

  • Morpheus

    Dayum Baby with the turnaround fadeaway jumper….NICE.He's obviosuly been working on that

  • Morpheus

    My bad Mo's not playing tonight


    For your viewing pleasure . . . . . . . .

  • TedL – aka Sophomore

    Man. Baby has a lot of good in his game, but he does NOT box out.

  • moxie

    Would you look at that. The Cavs are giving us a better game than the Heat did last night.

    • What More Can I Say

      It's all relative homie. Wait til the Heat play 10 games together. They will be a problem come 11/11/10.

  • lakershater13

    I know the Heat will figure things out and be really good but if you look at the talent on this Cavs team it is possible that Lebron might have been better off staying in Ohio and trying to draw a couple more good role players.

    • What More Can I Say

      I mean…but he chose South Beach, D.Wade, & Bosh. How can you be better off than that?!?

      Cleveland is just ass out! Simple as that.

  • Jon Mullen

    these quick techs are going to start getting very old. I'm all for less complaining from the players but these are game changing calls.

  • I_Love_Green

    I cannot believe we're going to lose to the cavs

  • moxie

    Well, it's been a good two nights for the Cavs. Both courtesy of the C's.

  • MP!

    It's just kind of pathetic how bad the fourth quarter offense is. Cost us a title.

  • ElRoz

    Is it 2009-2010 season already for Boston? We are recognize this team from last year. Didn't take long – no Mo Williams, limited Jaimson…and Doc apparently has not prepared the team against a clear let-down. And they are not able to prepare themselves.
    JO looks like Sheed. Ray shows what it means to have a back-to-back for a veteran: 4-12 and 0-4 from 3pt line.

    At least last year they began this after a 23-5 start and after 6-0 start. Now we get it in game 2?
    Come on!

  • Batman

    Come on guys…don't get down
    I know we were all making fun of the Cavs earlier and we just lost…..
    Oh god
    We just lost to the Cavs

  • ElRoz

    Ray 0-5 from 3pt line after going 5-8 the day before.

    95 points allowed to a poor team w/o its leading scorers is not good at all.
    See you all in April? The "reg. season doesn't matter"….game 7 could have been in Boston.

  • Jon Mullen

    it's turnovers and defense rebounds. the hustle isn't there, this team looks older than i think we all anticipated. Only real bright spot of the night was Baby who played great down the stretch once again.

  • I_Love_Green

    Fucking retarded stupid shitty Celtics. Obviously thought they would walk right through the cavs, being cocky as usual. Stupid fucks. Just cause you beat the small 3 on the heat doesn't mean you don't have to try the next night. Of course we don't try to feed KG with the size advantage, or Baby who was beasting. No we just let Rondo dribble dribble dribble, Paul shoot a stupid ass shot, or Ray force up a 3. Offense still sucks shit.

  • Johny

    if i have go through another half assed season by these guys im gonna get so frustrated

  • lakershater13

    Cavs played very well. This is getting old having the Celtics lose the second half of every game. Second night of a back to back could be the reason they looked bad late. Rondo was scoring all night and doesn't look for his offense late. Bad game for the Celtics great game for the Cavs. They have a lot to work out over the next 80 games.

  • I_Love_Green

    We need Delonte. Wafer is lost as hell out there. Ray cannot play back to back games.

  • Kobe's Daddy

    as bad as we played, we probably would have won the game if it werent for a couple things out of our control. One, that ridiculous 3 seconds that Parker got for what was supposed to be ONE second on that 3. Second, those BS techs that now exist in the game. Those were huge momentum shifters that sealed the game.

  • Morpheus

    No way i can't believe it,we played to lose tonight,well we certainly didn't play with the same intensity last night,don't give me that back to back crap either.These are professional atheletes who get paid millions of dollars to recover from such things.
    This is not going to be another season of huge letdowns is it because if that's the case i don't want to watch another game.
    Horrible officiating didn't help, but that frickin TO problem continues to linger around like a bad smelly fart.I mean 20+ turnovers WTF.

  • Amen. I’ve been snyiag that all along. Plus, Irving only played in one game vs. a quality opponent in college. Which was against Arizona. AZ blew them out, because D-Will put them on his back. Hmm.