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C’s-Nets Postgame Thoughts: Lasme Cut

A few odds and ends on this one after finishing exiting an enthused C’s locker room here at TD.

* Still think the last roster spot is up in the air? Think again Tonight’s game (Von Wafer played entire 12 minutes with second unit, Stephane Lasme just 3) likely was the final indicator that Wafer has the final spot sewed up. Back in the locker room, Lasme exchanged numbers with a number of teammates and team staff as well as sharing an embrace with Big Baby as he was informed, along with Mario West he had been cut from the roster.

You gave us a good run Mr. Lasme, but at the end of the day the team just had too much depth in frontcourt to use you. Wafer meanwhile will likely be a regular member of the rotation for the first 10 games with Delonte West out.

After that? Things get interesting…….and to be perfectly honest, Doc could easily go with a nine man rotation for those first ten games if Wafer doesn’t “buy in” to team concept to Doc’s liking, something he has mentioned in a couple press conferences this week. He’s getting there on the offensive end, but it’s the defense that Doc will paying to once the real games begin.

Let’s hope the C’s can stash Lasme with “Tiny” Gallon in Portland with the Red Claws.

* Shaq Attack: The big guy wraps us the preseason on a high note and has some pretty gaudy numbers to boot in his five games of action this preseason. Take note:

69% FG
60% FT
14.3 rebounds/36 minutes (Highest rate on team 3 rebounds over KG)

We knew the offense would be there but the rebounding has been stellar as well. Put it all together, how comfortable is Shaq?

“Getting very comfortable. I have had the luxury to watch all these guys come in and watch their career. We have been friends for a long time. I know where they want the ball and how they want the ball. I knew I was just going to fit in just fine when I came here.”

I was all aboard for the Shaq signing, but very much of the mindset he should come off the bench due to his defensive defenicies. And while that may be the case when the game matters, let there be no doubt Shaq will be the man to get the nod on opening night and perhaps awhile there after thanks to his strong start and Jermaine’s injury woes.

I won’t flat out say Jermaine is in the doghouse, but it’s clear Doc is “disappointed” with his lack of floor time with his teammates thus far. He’s got some catching up to do, and Doc hinted he’s a not 100 percent sure thing to play opening night. We should know more after he practices this weekend.

Other Odds and Ends:

Pierce on the preseason: “You want to sort of build something going into the season individually and as a team. Its about getting the confidence going. You want to be playing well not just as a team. Trying to figure out some things I am trying to do offensively just to get some confidence to know I can get the job done during the regular season.”

Lawrence Frank on the 2nd Half: “Well we wanted to play better. We were disappointed with the way we played in the first half. We wanted to get some positive results. This isn’t so much about winning in the preseason. It IS about getting better and it’s about our habits. From one through five in that starting lineup they knew that we could do better and we wanted to show that we could. Once we did show that we could do better then it was time to get them out.”

Day off Thursday for the Green before four days of practice before the opening tip Tuesday night. Start your countdown folks.

  • I_Love_Green

    Good luck to Lasme, hopefully he finds a team to play on.

  • shut_it_up

    I want Lasme on OUR team!!
    hellfire, I really hope this doesn't haunt us…
    effin hell, I'm already haunted.
    we're so deep that we SHOULD have the luxury of character over barebones necessity.

    • Jay P

      Jury is still out on Wafer, but I think he gets a bad wrap.

      Bottom line is though, on pure upside, it's not even close. Wafer can do a lot of things offensively, and if he can buy into the defense and earn Doc's trust, is a much better weapon to have on that bench.

      He's got the length to play some SF in short stretches, and when matchups are good for it (i.e. opponents go small) so there will be minutes for him to earn even when Delonte gets back.

      It was the smart choice, much as I liked Lasme and wish there was a spot for him.

  • Patrick

    I would have put money down that Lasme would make the team. Wafer did step up over the last few games and score, but has anyone else noticed he doesn't seem to use the team? He tries to dribble until HE can't get a shot, then he launches a wild pass to whoever he thinks is looking.

    I hope Lasme plays up in Maine. It's what he wants. He wants a job near his family in Mass – this would be it. You know there is going to be a time when we loose at least two players to injury – that's when they will really want Lasme on reserve.

  • Perry

    Starters proved a point last night by cleaning up the sloppy mess they created in the first. Zero fast break points, and they came back to win the battle on the glass.

    Obviously the Atlantic (unless Melo becomes a Knick) will not be a true indicator when measuring this team. But the Shaq experiment was a huge success in the pre season and there's no denying Garnett is a different player now than what he was going into the 09'-10' season … ditto BB who is playing under control, and with a head of steam.

  • Berkcelt

    I didn't think Shaq's game was so positive. I guess everyone played better in the second half, but I'm a little worried about the defense with him in there. The offense seems to muck up sometimes too when they feature him too prominently. Right now, I think he's going to be great against certain teams (and I don't mean just LA/Bynum and Orlando/Howard) and not so great against others. Hopefully Doc plays him less in those not-so-great games and Shaq enjoys the rest. I guess the good thing Doc has in that department also is he can say, "Shaq, you need some rest, take the night off."

    • NHBluesMan

      Doc knows what he's doing. Once Perk gets healthy having Shaq, JO, Perk, and Erden gives Doc alot of options to throw at opposing teams… heck Harangody didn't do half bad against the Knicks at center if we needed to go small (doubt it, but there's always a chance)

    • koolaid

      Shaq has been smooth on offense and the defensive glass, but those dreaded pick&rolls at the big shamrock have been coming hard and fast…. with the expected results (I would be very grateful for a real breakdown on this topic by CelticsHub, its going to be an issue all year).

      I think JO will start and shaq will be used more strategically, depending on situations and matchups – 2nd units and bad pick and roll players can't exploit him the same way.

      JO seems to be the most out of shape of all the guys. He could definitely drop some pounds. Kinda disappointing. Maybe its been a factor in him being out of the lineup and getting extra attention from doc so early.

      Sorry for Lasme. He showed he can make an NBA roster, if not this one, someone else will give him a shot. All the best to him!

  • Jay P

    Very very unlikely.

    Bottom line is though, Doc will keep Wafer around because of his offensive upside. If he doesn't trust him on D, Wafer wont see the floor (barring injury, of course.)

    Even in the first 10 games, if Doc doesn't trust the guy, he will have no problems going to a 9 man rotation and keeping Wafer on the bench.

    But, far as upside goes, if Wafer learns the defense, buys in and earns Doc trust, the things he can do offensively make the argument between him and Lasme really not even close.

    • zebulon

      Most teams run a 9 man rotation anyways, so I would expect Wafer to see very little time, particularly after West comes back. But for the first ten games, Doc can shift Nate or Quisy over to SG the play the stretches where Wafer would be used, depending on the matchup.

      Right now with West and Jermaine out we've got a nine man rotation as follows:

      Rondo, Ray, Paul, KG, Shaq

      Baby, Erden, Nate, and Quisy. Wafer only fits in when needed to defend bigger SG's, but if his defense is as shaky as it looks in the preseason, we would be better served shifting rondo onto that SG and playing Nate on their point. Obviously we don't want Rondo guarding players six inches taller than him for extended stretches, but he would still be a better defensive option than Von Wafer.

    • Perry

      Agreed the rotation will be trimmed. I don't like the NR/Wafer combination because it puts the play making onus squarely on Nate's shoulders. He flourishes in this offense playing off the ball.

      In respect to Delonte's absence and Jermaine's injuries, Wafer and Erden won't hurt us too much if their playing time is limited to 5-8 minutes a night. But there's always the risk of foul trouble, and that's what worries me over the first ten games.

  • Morpheus

    Stay up Lasme your time will come,no way this guy doesn't get a spot on an NBA roster soon.Wafer better bring something when the regular season begins or i'm gonna bring hellfire upon everyone.Disappointing about JO,very disappointing.
    Anywho,5 more sleeps fellas.

    • Werner

      Lasme sucks. Not a NBA player.

  • ElRoz

    Put Lasme and Mario West on the floor, and the defense gets better right away.

    Good luck!

    • Werner

      Yeah but they couldn't find the bucket with a map. Defense is great, but you don't make your man guard you.