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Who Needs The Starters? C’s 96, Nets 92

A young opponent on the second night of a back to back….these are the games that will test the C’s this ye……wait I need to save that intro for later in the year, we’re still in the preseason.

Nonetheless this one was worth watching as Boston, despite digging an early hole thanks to a lackluster starting effort and the Brook Lopez show (13 first quarter points), the C’s bench came back with a terrific second frame, leading them to the win.

They picked up the slack for those 12 minutes with a monster 38 point 2nd quarter, giving them the halftime lead which the C’s held onto at the end as Marquis Daniels hit a clutch corner 3 with under a minute left, helping Boston escape with the 4 point victory.

Lessons Learned

The entire bench was the story tonight and it started with Glen Davis delivering his second straight terrific performance of the preseason. 20 points, 10 free throw attempts, 5 boards, 2 steals, 1 block and a charge taken for good measure.

The guy has been arguably the best performer of the preseason, mixing once again his inside and outside game to perfection while being just relentless around the bucket. He will have too much competition on his team to contend for a sixth man award this year, but he just may be the go-to guy for this second unit all year long.

If Baby was the player of the night though, Delonte West and Nate Robinson were nipping at his heels for that honor. West (12 points, 6 boards, 3 assists in 19 minutes) continues to prove he may make the biggest impact out of anyone the C’s added this offseason, looking incredibly comfortable at a shooter and facilitator in the C’s offense he has rejoined after three years elsewhere.

Whether it was setting up Baby for easy looks around the hoop, making the extra pass or burying the transition 3, D West looks like a very motivated man and will likely be the first guy off the bench for Doc this year once he serves his suspension.

Meanwhile, Nate continues to impress me with his distribution skills (5 assists, just 1 turnover) showing he’s taken a liking to his shared point guard duties with Delonte off the bench.

The offensively aggressive Nate also made an appearance this evening, that resulted in an ugly shooting line (3 of 11) he also led the team with 11 free throw attempts that allowed him to help carry the third stringers down the stretch.


* Great to see a strong game attacking the bucket by Marquis Daniels. He’s got shooters surrounding him now on the second unit, so he should have the space to operate in the paint.

* If you need an argument against Shaq starting, just re-watch the first four minutes of this game as The Diesel picked up three fouls attempting to guard Brook Lopez, sending him to the line endlessly. Lopez is probably one of the best offensive centers in the game right now, but Shaq had no chance against him. Let him beat up on the second line centers of the world.

* Semih Erden fouled out in 27 minutes. Not a terrible performance, but held his own out there with the starting five.

* C’s offense was really ugly early on in this contest when they tried to run it through Shaq and KG who missed countless easy buckets. Things picked up at the start of the 3rd when Ray and Paul got more involved but KG really had an off shooting night. Shaq had some powerful post moves down low as well in the second half.

* Paul Pierce continues to have an extra pop in his step this year, attacking the hoop, diving on the floor for loose balls, hitting the glass. I like the attitude, especially for the second preseason game of the year.

* The starters wanted to sleepwalk through this one, but the bench came in and turned it up a notch. The momentum carried over. The depth on this team will make everyone, even the starters at times have to work hard to earn their minutes.

* Von Wafer really is making it hard on himself, taking no shots and earning a T for good measure in just 9 minutes of action. Luckily for him, the other fringe guys had uneventful nights as well.

* Luke Harangody has yet to show me something besides hustle. We should have just kept Scal if we needed that.

* Best moment of the night: KG arguing with Doc after getting pulled out of the game early in the 2nd half…..then proceeding to playfully punch trainer Eddie Lacerte as Doc explained his minute count was at it’s limit.

That’s all for now, Brendan will have you covered for tomorrow morning with some video of this one.

  • Ouvert

    Is it me, or does Paul look thinner this year? Did he lose weight?

  • NHBluesMan

    i was thinking the same thing Ouvert. The whole team (minus Shaq) looks really fit. Even Big Baby seems to have slimmed down abit… must be that MMA training he did all summer 😛

  • Dave

    Scal sucks. Luke Harangody is already better than him and is still learning.

    The starters didn’t care about this game since there were like 12 people in the stands. That place was a graveyard. Everyone in NJ was watching the Yankees.

  • Russell

    I have been a Celtic’s fan and basketball fan forever. I can tell you I am very unimpressed with Harongody, Marquis Daniels and Mario West. Marquis in my opinion has no place on this team. He is physically weak and is not a real offensive or defensive threat. Mario West is also a non factor and should not make this roster. I feel athletically and scoring wise Wafer is a better fit for playing time above Daniels even though he is not comfortable in the system yet. I would make the case that Delonte would be a better fit to start the 2 for defensive and offensive aggressiveness and Ray Allen would be better suited to come off the bench however Ray is a hall of famer so this with not happen.So my backup five minus Perk is Semith, JO, Big Baby, Delonte, and Nate, Perk instead of Semith when he’s healthy, with Wafer and Lasme gettin some mins backing up Baby and West depending on situation. Mario West, Harrongody, and Daniels would not get a single minute on my team.

  • ego roots

    Dump Wafer and sign Lasme instead

  • DeVelaine

    The bas…err…programming department at YES decided that it was more important that they air a Yankees postgame show and not the end of the game. One of the many reasons I hate living in New York.

  • Ian Dyer

    Stephan Lasme is the man. I’ll admit it, Umass guy here, but this guy has what it takes. For my 15th man, I want a guy who is decisive, can compliment Baby, serve as a reasonable backup for when Marquis gets injured, and can score. Look at these clips and tell me he doesn’t have the Celtics attitude, love of winning, and hard working attitude we want from our last guy on the bench. Shaq and KG gotta be loving this guy.

    Nasty Reverse-

    Over the top-

    and tell me he doesn’t look like he just beat down Apollo Creed here-

  • Rangatiratanga

    Starting to look like Wafer has no confidence in his chances of making the 15.Right now Lasme has played above and beyond Wafer,which isn’t saying much since he’s done F all,but still, i feel Lasme has shown he can contribute off the bench.Sign Lasme.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Oh yeah, Delonte looks like he has his head on straight this time around.He’s a very good player when he stays focussed.He looks more comfortable playing/running the point than Lil Nate.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Not to rain on the parade here but i found this hilarious yet twisted piece here from the Washington Post: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2010/10/gilbert_arenas_through_the_yea.html

    Read the article,browse the photos which kinda make you sad(if you ever cared about Arenas)then read the comments.The comments are hilarious.

  • Perry

    @ DeVelaine

    I share your pain, and listening to Eagle and Frat boy is akin to water-boarding. Both forgot to mention JO when taking about the Celts’ roster.

    Without league pass in the pre season you can’t even listen to Grande/Max on the radio side. I managed to circumvent the programming by linking here….


    … It had the CSN feed last night … you must be running a windows platform :-)

  • Perry


    What were you watching last night? Quis was very active defensively and won the game. NJ shot a very high percentage in the first quarter, but wound up shooting 40%, and Quis had a big part in it.

    The three ball is not part of his arsenal, but it shows his confidence is back. If he stays healthy I see no reason why he can’t be effective backing up PP, and as an added bonus he can play multiple positions.

    I agree that Gody has a long way to go, but we all expected him to be playing in Portland this year. He will be used strictly as insurance otherwise he won’t dress.

    M.West blew a golden opportunity. All he had to do was play solid off the inbound pass — instead he tried to play hero and almost got caught with his pants down.

    Wafer has all but played his way off the team. He has not impressed in practice. At some point he needs to get his offenses on track, yet didn’t attempt a shot in the 9 minutes he played last night. Techs in back to back games won’t help his cause either.

    Lasme for sure is showing the most promise, but tactically speaking he can be cut and signed to a D-league contract and remain property of the Celtics.

    Meanwhile Sasha Pavlovic is looking for work. This kid can knock down shots and defend. You can pick up a veteran here for the league minimum who can spot minutes at the 2 and 3.

  • Russell


    First of all a decent preseason game by Quis doesnt constitute him being a good player for this team. He could never guard a 3. The window for a slasher skinny non shooter is very small and that window is closed. Wafer Delonte and Robinson are explosive and way more athletic then Mario and Quis. Bench Quis cut Mario get Sasha and cut Harangody and we are good to go championship no problem!!!

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    My take after 2 games – most has already been said but i’m just too damn excited about this team not to spit it out….
    – Pierce looks leaner. Conditioning has never been his strong suit, really great to see him super-fit.
    – Ray is always Ray
    – Rondo, nice to see him feed shaq like the cake monster he is. But rondo still hasn’t been shooting… that’s all i really want to see, has he improved the jumper?… my guess is no if he hasn’t even taken any yet
    – KGs knee looks better. Look out world. The beast is back.
    – I think Baby’s performances have been overhyped. He’s playing against rookies and 2nd-stringers and still getting stuffed like a teddybear in a chinese factory. He has been getting to the line, but he won’t get those calls against better opponents. Best quote from Tommy; “Baby would be an all-star every year if he was just 3 inches taller” uh, sure, but he’s not, so he’ll always be a backup PF that gets blocked more than anyone in the league.
    – Delonte has been the most impressive in my opinion. Dude can flat-out ball. What a steal. He can easily can play the 1 or 2. He will be first off the bench and play tons of minutes for Rondo & Ray. No reason why he couldn’t close some games too.
    – Nate will be a better sparkplug with one year under his belt but he’s never going to be trustworthy. Delonte will eat most of his minutes.
    – Quis: same old quis. not bad, not good. i think he can’t be pierce’s backup come playoff time if this team wants to win it all. He plays best when he gets angry (which is rearely), the vets should slap him around a bit before the game to get him going.
    – Shaq is shaq. Great offensive weapon, suspect defensively. I think he’ll be used in select situations, and JO will get all the crunchtime with KG.
    – Erdin. What more could you ask from this guy? Good head, good motor, good hands, good length. He is already a huge improvement on sheldon…. did i mention he has hands.
    – Harangody: will not make the roster. Dleague or waived.
    – Wafer: for a guy playing for his career, he has been invisible. No confidence. I liked his game in the past but its not looking like he’ll stick.
    – Lasme: positive surprise. athleticism for miles. would love to see doc start him at the 3 cause If he can only play the 4 he won’t stick. Why not give him the chance see if he could be the new TA.