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Rondo: I’m The Best

Rajon Rondo may be short on his jumper sometimes, but there’s one thing he’s definitely not short on: his confidence. (Boston Herald)

“I feel I’m the best at what I do, and that’s how I play it,” the Celtics point guard said following yesterday’s practice at Salve Regina. “People know who I am, but that’s not why I play. I play to be the best.

“I’m the best, hands down. There’s no speculation. Not top three or top five, I’m the best.”

Two quick questions here since I am in a crunch for time. First, do you enjoy this kind of declaration from your All-Star point guard, or would you rather Rondo acknowledge the reality that his reign at the top of the position is at best, debatable?

Secondly, is it bad the only thing I could think of when I read these comments was this voice?

Enjoy your Saturdays folks.

  • Batman

    Unless Rondo really starts knocking down that jumper, and having some better offensive awareness, im afraid hes top 5 currently

    but so much potential to be the best

    great to see such confidence though

  • tai

    haha this is misquoted he didn’t say that at all he said until he feels hes the best he works hard s when that day comes peoplle say hes thes the best no top 3 or 5 its an undisputed answer


    read it urslefs double r is coky but hes not stupid hes top 5 at what he does could def be the best at what he does but its gonna take developing a jay and being a 70 or 80% shooter from the charity stripe

  • I Hate Blogs

    Thanks tai for clearing that up. Bloggers should be required to take classes before they start posting online. False information is running rampant !

    Brian Robb DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB!! Unless this is your day job!!!!! P.S. he is the BEST!!!

  • NHBluesMan

    regardless of the misquote, i love that he’s playing with that mentality. I agree, until he gets a solid jumper he’s still top 3 or top 5, but when he comes out and plays with that mentality, it can give him an edge over alot of other people

  • Hate to break it to all of you but if there is a misquote here, it’s from Mark Murphy at the Boston Herald. Tai, the article you link to is from the Boston Globe and was written by Julian Benbow.

    Both writers were undoubtedly present when Rondo spoke and Murphy interpreted it one way and Benbow interpreted it another.

    False information? Please. It’s not like this is new. The following is from a SLAM interview with Rondo back in May:

    “So my question to you is, where do you think you rank?

    Me? I think I’m one. I feel like I’m the best at what I do. That’s just how I put it. That’s how I play. I love my match-ups against those three guys, every time I play against them. I’m biased, but I feel like I’m the best.”


    Guess what? Deron Williams thinks HE’S the best point guard in the league too.


    Please. Educate YOURSELVES before you comment.

  • I love Green

    Brendan wins. Eat that.

  • Josh A

    Woa, this is good 😀

  • CelticsFan42

    @”I Hate Blog”
    If you hate blogs so much, why are you even reading?

    Even if there was a different article with a different quote, no need for all the hostility guys, either way its a pretty interesting topic of conversation.

    As for what I think, I think it’s definitely important to have confidence, especially as a point guard and leader of a team. I think it can also help give the rest of the team strength knowing they have a confident point. The problem comes when you have too much confidence and you can’t recognize your flaws and what you should still be working on to get better.

    I am hoping Rondo was more trying to get himself psyched up for the season, but I have a feeling that this cocky attitude could make it harder for him to improve his game…Prove me wrong Rondo

  • Jeff

    On its best day the Boston Herald is NY Post quality. But the Herald doesn’t have many good days. It should be ignored for the poor reporting.

  • Rangatiratanga

    If he’s too cocky now with a majorly weak jumper and free throw shooting that would make Josh Boone cringe,how is he going to realise his weakness if he thinks he’s the best when he’s not.If he can hit 75% of his Fts and shoot a better percentage on jumpers than he would clearly be the best.That’s all it would take for Rondo to become the best pg in the world,to become a better shooter.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    I like his swag but now he just sounds ridiculous. I’ll bet the farm this is why he was cut from team USA (yes, he was cut)… being all alpha dog and trying to piss on D-Rose and Chauncy and co.

    I love rondo’s competitive fire and its been a treat to watch him expand his game…. and someday he might be #1… but its not even debatable at this point. When opponents stop sagging off to the foul line every possession, let’s talk.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    Thank goodness for the heat being public enemy #1, or these celtics would be shaping up as the most hated team in nba history. Going to make the badboy pistons and knicks teams of the past seem like choir boys.

    Going to be an entertaining year :)

  • Ouvert

    I’m with koolaid – if the swagger works for him, keep swaggering. But he’s obviously not number 1. Everybody can see his achilles heel.

    The other thing I really don’t like is that I think other teams are going to start doing to him what Cleveland did to him in the playoffs last year – knocking him to the ground when he drives. He’s got a lot of courage and toughness, but he weighs what he weighs. Until he develops a shot, he’s going to see more of that treatment.

  • J

    Rondo says hes the best at what he does. He didn’t say hes the best overall. He knows he lacks their offense but in terms of playmaking he could be consider one of the best in the league easily and in terms of steals he IS the best. Same with defense, he is probably the best PG defender in the league. And with driving to the hoop, he is one of the top at converting close to the basket. With rebounding, he is probably one of the best rebounding PGs. So in many categories he can be consider the best at what he does. Just not all of them.

  • JP

    I love the confidence, I think that you need that to play point guard at a high level in the NBA. he feels like he can make any play at any time in the game because, as he said, he’s the best.

  • You know what…? This kid has a warriors spirit, a never say quit attitude, and a drive that doesnt go away even when faced with unimaginable adversity..He “In my book” is the #1 point guard and now that he has this new profound confidence about himself I believe the sky is the limit.. Once he starts nailing that 15-20 footer at will he’s gonna be a BEAST to reckon with……

  • I love all these responses. This is a great debate for fans and coaches and players.
    But the best part is….rondo believes he is the best hands down no debate! Whether he said it this way that way or any way at all we know it’s how he feels.
    Celtics fans…. That’s a great thing for him his team and our team.
    With out that swag how would a 6ft nuthing 175lb kid with no J lead a team with 4 HOF’s and a talented core arround them? How would he fearlessly get to the rim at will and create for himself and others? How would he pull down all those rebounds?
    He wouldn’t! Easy answer!
    Deron and chis have no rings. Deron and Chris haven’t been to the finals. Deron and Chris don’t LEAD HOF’s. RONDO DOES!
    do you think 4 HOF’s would follow those guys? No! They haven’t proven themselves as leaders of men as champions… As the best.
    Rondo may not have a jump shot. He may not shoot free throws well.
    He plays great defense. He creates off the dribble for others and himself. He rebounds. He works hard at all times. He leads his team like no other. The discussion shouldn’t be if he gets a reliable Jumpshot will he be the best now….he allready is… The discussion should be if he developed a jumpshot how high will he be ranked all time as a pg. My arguement was the equivelant of the movie drum line….dropping my sticks!

  • Rondo was the best player in the playoffs besides Kobe, maybe.

    He has an argument, right?

  • hahahahaha . . . . . delusional . . . . a celtic to the core

  • Jai

    When I was little I told my father that I was going to the best baseball player of all time, and then I grew up.

    Rondo…..grow up

  • Jeff

    Love the confidence…hate the arrogance.

    Rondo’s better than Rose no question, and pretty close to D Will, but a healthy CP3 is another thing altogether.

    Rondo has just as much right to say he’s the best as D Will does because neither of them are.

    Rondo is a better rebounder than any of them, and has as good of court vision and passing ability as CP3 if not better, but the 60% FT and horendous shooting % give pause to his greatness.

    The real problem is the attitude that he is already better and so he doesn’t need to improve.

    Such as when asked what he’d done to improve his jumpshot over the offseason and the answer was…NOTHING?!

    “Rajon, you have the most broke jumper in the NBA. It looks like a cross between Tony Allen’s and Ben Wallaces free throws, so what did you do during the offseason to improve it so that your teams one offensive weakness, which allows teams to simply sag off you and turn it into 5 on 4 on that end of the floor?”



    “Because I’m the best.”

    “Makes sense.”

    We wouldn’t want you to IMPROVE on being the best in the league to make a move toward being one of the best EVER right? Cuz that’s not what other guys who were the “best” would’ve done right?! Thanks RR for the only frustrating part of the offseason.

  • Thales

    To those of you who still believe that the author misquoted Rondo. According to this article (http://www.boston.com/sports/basketball/celtics/articles/2010/10/02/the_point_of_it_all_for_rondo_is_to_be_the_best/), Rondo clearly stated that he is the best, but he indicated that he planed on working hard to maintain the top spot among point guards in the NBA.

    Rondo, I admire the energy, the confidence, and all of the great things you accomplished in the league. But, don’t put that pressure on yourself by making such statements. There is no honor for someone to glorify himself. Grow in humility, and let others talk about your greatness and what you have to offer to the game of basketball.

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