Post-game Reactions

According to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld.com, Tony Gaffney has been cut by the Boston Celtics:

Some news was expected today considering this is the last day of training camp.  Still, this news will disappointment many UMASS fans.  Gaffney, the former Minuteman was widely considered to have to have the best chance to challenge Von Wafer for the final roster spot.   Don’t fret UMASS fans,  there’s currently no news on your ol’ pal Stephane Lasme and for training camp invitees, no news is good news.

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  • I love Green

    Gaf will play for us in 3 years. He’ll dominate the d-league then come up to the NBA in lockdown everyone.

  • I love Green

    and lockdown everyone*

  • Batman

    Hes still young, maybe he can come play for us later

  • Rangatiratanga

    He will never be the best pg in the league if he doesn’t improve his jumper.If thinks he’s the best now, he obviously doesn’t know what the value of having a jumper would make him…..UNGUARDABLE.He’s a consistent jumper and a 75%(at least) FT shooter away from being the best pg in the world.
    Improve your jumper Rondo.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Sorry, i posted in the wrong entry.My bad.

  • Perry

    Word is Gaffney was a victim of the numbers game, but Lasme reportedly is with the team.

  • kelz