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Getting to Know the Enemy Part II: Pacific Division

Two weeks ago we provided you links to previews for the other teams in the Atlantic Division. This week it’s the Pacific. Get to know how other bloggers feel about the teams they cover and how these teams could have an impact on the Celtics this season.

Is Baron Davis going to hit a game-winner to steal another “gimmie” win against Boston? Are the Kings’ rookies going to show flashes of the domination that could take place down the road? Are Hedo Turkoglu and Josh Childress going to resurrect their careers in Phoenix and will Jared Dudley make a hilarious Vimeo about it? Can the Stephen Curry and Monte Ellis really share a backcourt?  Do you still hate the Lakers?

I don’t know. You tell me after you read these previews:

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SunsBright Side Of The SunSB Nation ArizonaValleyoftheSuns SBNation Recap

WarriorsGolden State of MindSBNation Recap

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  • Batman

    Thanks for putting this all together

  • Suns might c pretty decent but they will miss Amare

  • Rangatiratanga

    I was doing my own analysis of the Suns-minus Amare- the other week and my conclusion was that they’re juuust good enough to make the playoffs again.They might even surprise the crapola out of all of us and finish 2nd-3rd in the West,though i doubt they will.We’ll definitley see the Turkoglu we saw in Orlando and Josh Childress will come with some Euro combined with American moves of his own.I think a healthy Robin Lopez will strengthen their frontline along with Lawal and Warrick.
    Warriors will continue to suck,Kings might tease us but will most likey finish 10th-11th,Clippers….2 words…..Blake Griffin.I cannot wait to see this guy in action for real.I don’t care where they finish, although i like them better than the Lakers,ok i hope they make the playoffs,but this guy is going to re-invent the power forward position all over again.I hope he enters the dunk contest next year too.

  • Rangatiratanga

    I’m not a Suns fan btw just for some reason i thought what life would be like without Amare for them and Nash would be the sole survivor from that 06-07 squad.

  • dee

    Yes…I still HATE the Lakers!!!!!!!

  • pilgrimtraveller

    i don’t need no stinkin’ preview to tell you i still hate the lakers. after the lakers have been burned down to the ground and their ashes plowed under and their ash-flecked furrows strewn with salt, i will still hate the lakers. when the salty mud in which the ashes are buried is washed down some river and out into the pacific, where it will poison dolphins, i will still hate the lakers. when that polluted ocean turns red as blood at the advent of the apocalypse i will still hate the lakers.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    Great Faker story:

    I live in Little Rock, Arkansas – moved from Leominster when I was 17 (10 years ago). So, me and my wife are the only Cs fans in our circle of friends – for obvious, geographical reasons…she just cheers on our boys because she loves me and thinks Rajon is little-boy-cute (which I’m okay with)….

    I met a guy from Mission Viejo, CA – he’s a rep for one of the vendors I work with – Monday for lunch and the first question I asked after I learned he was from SoCal was “So, are you a Lakers fan?” His response was “Oh my gawd, yes! I LOOOOVE the Lakers – they’re my team, always have been!”

    So, I told him that I’d lived the first 17 years of my life a short drive from Boston and grew up knowing that I would never cheer for anyone but the Celtics…he told me basically the same thing about being a Lakers fanatic for the past 30 years…what happened next made my week…

    He said “Well, I hate to break it to you, but I think we’re gonna 3-peat this year and raise OUR OWN 17th banner.” I kind of rolled my eyes and said, “Hah! You mean 12th?! I mean, do all of you Lakers fans really think it’s okay to claim the 5 Minneapolis banners as your own?”….

    He paused…looked at me like he was trying to figure out how he knew me…and said…”Minneapolis? What are you talking about?!”

    He took it pretty well – conceded that he wasn’t aware of the fact that the LOS ANGELES Lakers only have 11 banners – and basically tucked his Faker tail…we got on with our lunch and had a pretty good time.

    I’ll never let him take me to lunch again, though.

    Man…I HATE the Lakers…

  • Jeff


    Great story! Love it!

    Yes the people in LA are ignorant and completely unaware that they don’t have 5 of those championships. I’d like to see how many of them would’ve been pulling for their team when they were in MN.

    I live in OC so I know the type very well. And yes for those of you who are still in Boston (where I grew up) everyone in LA thinks that the Lakers are going to 3 peat…WRONG!!!!!!!

    C’s will slap those B’s strong pimp hand style!!!!

  • jonathan

    Well, whatever his grasp on franchise history, that guy’s still seen a lot more championships than you have. Fact, unless any C’s fan is a grandfather, he’s probably only seen a handful of titles in his lifetime.

    All that to say that the constant insistence by Celtics fans about how certain titles don’t count is hilarious, and shows just how concerned and obsessed they are with the Lakers passing them in total titles.

  • I will allways hate the flakers, Any teAm lebron James is on and the magic unless they are beating lebron James and his superfriends or the flakers.