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Expectations High For Delonte West

He comes into camp with a myriad of issues, but don’t be fooled by the off the court stuff….the C’s are expecting valuable contributions out of the guy this year. Paul Flannery of WEEI.com comes up with a terrific column today about his road to redemption:

“I’m just happy to be given this opportunity to do what I love,” West said. “I’m lucky to be here. I’m happy to be here. I’m a soldier in Doc [Rivers’] army. Whatever he need me to do. I’ll go to war and die for this team. Playing every game, every minute this year like my life depended on it, cause it [does.] Nothing’s promised.

“I’ve been given this opportunity to prove to the NBA and the world that I’m a good person. I have a lot to prove and I don’t want to let anyone down.”

That’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself, he was told.

“No, it ain’t,” West replied immediately. “Pressure comes when you’re not prepared. Confidence comes with repetition. The key is doing one thing over and over. That’s why you see me in here now. Getting prepared so there’s no letdown this year.”

On Backup PG Duties? An interesting quote from Doc

“He’ll handle the ball more than Nate and make Nate a scorer,” Rivers said. “D-West and Nate, who’s the point guard? I don’t think either one of them [cares about the distinction] and that’s a good thing.”

Can Delonte replace TA?

“That’s where Delonte comes in,” Rivers said. “He’s a hell of a defender in his own right. Delonte’s a better shooter. He can stretch the floor. And he can run the point. Tony Allen’s a lockdown defender. [West] will take the challenge with anybody, they’re very similar in that way. They’re both tough as nails.”

Go do yourself a favor and read the full terrific piece. West may miss the first 10 games of the season, but it’s clear how much this squad will be rely on the troubled veteran this year to help stabilize a bench backcourt that remained in flux for the remainder of last season. To these guys, Delonte is a sure thing, a known and proven commodity and on a team making one or two last gasps to win it all, players like that are invaluable.

  • Batman


  • I’m a fan of Delonte. Not so much his personality – but I believe he will be one of the best bench players we have. He won’t be the most dominating at one position, but this guy is versatile. Who else on the team (besides Ray Allen & Marquis Daniels) can play PG, SG, & SF? Effectively? I would love to see Avery Bradley get a chance to play the point, with Nate at SG & Delonte at SF. Not exactly the tallest combo, but when the C’s need a spark of offense, you can’t argue with that lineup. I hope Marquis has been listening to his critics and preparing his A$$ off.

  • Perry

    The second time around for both parties has the potential to be a long lasting marriage for two reasons …

    1- What better place for Delonte to grow into a responsible man than in Boston? Doc and the future HOF’s will have a profound effect on his erratic behavior, and that will make him even a better pro on the court.

    2- All of us were perplexed when TA bolted for Memphis. Up until that point the stars were aligning in the right pattern. There’s no denying Delonte filled a huge void, and to say this acquisition was of value would be a gross understatement.

    It truly is a win-win scenario, but there are a few questions that need to be answered going into October.

    Will the injury prohibit AB from seeing any game time, and if not how do they handle Wafer if he’s knocking down shots, and then Gaffney if he has a break out camp? They could sign TG to a D-league contract and keep Wafer, then cut him after Delonte’s 10 game suspension is lifted. The problem for AB is that there won’t be any time for him to assert himself in the regular season unless it’s in garbage time.

    Would Gaffney be enough insurance at the 3 spot? A lot depends on Quis, but if he should fall prey to injuries, or simply not play well, then a move could be made at the trade deadline. Daniels and perhaps Nate could be dangled since Delonte can play the point and Bradley by then would have fully recovered from the surgery. Doc could spot him minutes in the same manner Zenmaster did with Shannon Brown. One potential option who could be traded for or bought out is Tayshawn Prince. Celts already field a potent roster even without Perk, but if they’re relativity healthy and are sniffing that 1 seed a guy like Prince could put them over the top.

  • K.C.

    Much better player than Tony Allen. Just his shooting alone, and Allen wasn’t that great of a defender. Huge upgrade.

  • NHBluesMan

    i have full confidence in West. Between Doc, KG, Pierce, Allen, and Shaq, there are alot of guys who can mentor him, keep him in line, whatever you want to call it.

    When you’re having trouble getting your 13-15 players time on the floor because of their talent, then i’d say you’re in great shape.

  • ElRoz

    Well, I am just glad they will have 2 shooters and ball handlers coming off the bench: Nate and Delonte.
    That’s somethng the C’s have not had in the KG-Pierce-Allen period. Also, it would not be bad if Glenn Dvais got more of thos mid-range jumpers while Shaq is in the middle.

    On offense, Delonte and Nate can both play the PG and SG role depending on the situation. I just hope Marquis Daniels has a good season and rapport with Doc…it would be very important for the team. The again, Wafer can help – I hope.

  • KC

    I hope Delonte finds the Boston environment helpful to managing his issues.

    As i understand it, he either suffers from bi-polar, depression, or both. Its not his personality, or a concious choice, to be living with either of these issues. And for Delonte to be be able to manage its important for him to have support structures in place, and it sounds like they will be (supportive people and structure on the court).

    Deontes a great player, an upgrade on TA. I loved him when he played for us the first time and i’m glad he’s back.

    Most of all, i hope that when Delontes playing days are over he’s in a position that when the dark clouds form, he’s still able to deal with them after basketball. Best wishes Delonte.

  • Delonte was a terrible pick up!! You’ll c how much of a factor he’ll end up being!

  • Gabe13

    Delonte will be excellent for the Cs if he stays healthy,that’s hard to predict ,but he’ll get all the support he needs. Celtics offers the best, most stable environment for him. Cleveland after LBJ could have been the worst.

  • Delonte always has troubles :)

  • Chris O.

    @ K.C. – Tony Allen is/was not a great defender? R u insane??? He can cover bigger men, quicker men, athletic men, whatever. He is prone to crunch time mistakes but all in all he makes mofo’s work.

  • JJ

    Delonte is a clear upgrade on TA. Remember that “Oh Delonte” play where he tried to draw a charge from Shaq? He’s tougher than TA, just not as athletic.

    Remember TA randomly trying to take over the game. Shooting a 3 he was guaranteed to miss, while three HOF players stood waiting for the ball?

    Delonte is the key to this season. Believe it!