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There is a lot of NBA news out there today, much of which has little bearing on the Boston Celtics.  Now that Rasheed Wallace has retired and Kendrick Perkins is out for the foreseeable future the Celtics should be able to rein themselves in enough that the new technical foul rules will prove to only be a minor nuisance.   Carmelo Anthony also may be coming to the Atlantic Division by way of a trade to the New Jersey Nets.  This will certainly change the landscape of the rankings a bit but the three-headed monster of ‘Melo, Troy Murphy, and Brook Lopez should not alter the Celtics’ reign- especially with Jordan Farmar distributing the ball.

What is pertinent to the Celtics in all of this is the future of the division should Chris Paul join Anthony in Brooklyn or Amar’e in Manhattan when he becomes a Free Agent.  But in the NBA, the Celtics live in the “here” and “now” and the for better or worse Shaquille O’Neal is here, now.

And right now, he is saying all of the “right” things.  When pressed by the Boston Herald as to how he feels about his secondary or even tertiary role with the Boston Celtics, Shaquille O’Neal responded with what has to be music to the ears of Celtics’ fans:

“Five years ago I stopped looking at the individual things – scoring, defense, all that type of stuff,” O’Neal said. “Whatever they need me to do, I’m going to do.”

“It doesn’t matter,” he said. “Me and Doc have had many conversations. I’m at the point in my career where being all about me is over with. I’ve done it my way for 18 years and I got a hell of a record. I’m here for the guys, I’m here for the city, so whatever Doc and the city of Boston needs me to do that’s what I’m going to do.” (Dan Duggan, Boston Herald)

Those are powerful words from a powerful man but the question still remains: how ling will this good-soldier routine last?  Even coach Doc Rivers has been realistic about the all the egos on the Celtics roster.  Rivers has been quoted more than once as saying, “everyone says the right thing in August” while alluding to training camp competition.

Given the fact that Shaquille O’Neal is a liability in defending the pick-and-roll, this may cause Shaq to see a drop in floor time.  What do you think?  As camp starts in just a few short days, how long do you think Shaquille O’Neal will be a team player?  Do you see anyone in Celtics camp being a potential problem?

Right now, it’s easy to say he will be good the entire season but I think everyone should still take a wait-and-see approach.

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  • Josh A

    This should be fun 🙂

  • I love Green

    AB will put him in place don’t worry.

  • Perry

    Creditability goes a long way in a locker room. Based on the core’ success and current regime’s track record, there is no reason to worry about Shaq rocking the boat. The real issue at hand is chemistry on the floor, but Doc is so revered as a coach it’s hard to imagine any player not towing the company line of team first.

    Doc will have his little cuisinart ready for training camp. His challenge will be finding the the right combinations from game to game. The beauty of depth is a coach having these kind of options … its detriment is personal agendas. Ever since the days of Antoine we have never witnessed any player throwing a hissy fit over touches. Marbury didn’t pout, neither did Cassell, and certainly not Nate. All were considered troublemakers if they didn’t get their minutes.

    Last year Doc put the brakes on the team’s leaders. Pierce and Garnett didn’t want to sit out games and play less minutes, but they didn’t go to the press to whine about it. Instead they swallowed their medicine during that 17-17 stretch, which helped them catch that second wind in the post season. Everyone doubted his strategy, but he was right, and Shaq witnessed it first hand.

    So unlike Mike Brown and Terry Porter, Doc has his respect. There is a reason why he walked away from playing in Atlanta. Aside from a potential larger contract he wasn’t going to start there either. He’s not going to play a full 82 games anyway, but he will be surrounded by winners here in Boston. It’s all about a ring … not personal gain.

  • Steve

    If anybody could be an issue it has to be one of the younger guys. I hate to say Nate because I like him and follow his Twitter but he could complain with the sudden depth at the position. Von Wafer could be for the same reason and the fact he has a history of being a problem. Big Baby is still prone to bouts of immaturity and is in a crowded front court. My concern is seeing us go back to the old days of Doc when he couldn’t decide on a rotation and every night someone else was the first man off the bench. Last year we had a pretty set rotation and it seemed to work pretty well. At the end of the day though. I don’t think that any one ego in that locker room will be enough to overpower the 14 other egos. It’s only when you get the young guys vs. the old guys type of issues that the locker room has to worry and that’s not happening this year. Now if we can just keep Delonte from killing anyone we’ll be all set. Where’s Lebron’s mom at these days?

  • great lakers celtics video . . . . thought i should share


  • K.C.

    Call up Larry Bird for James Posey.

  • Josh A

    I don’t think you guys relize how different the Atlantic is gonna be this season, With a possible Carmelo and def Amare, Chris Paul is def gonna come here, Andre igudala is improving, the only team who got worse was the raptors

  • JP

    even with a few added super stars, to the atlantic, the celtics should still be able to run away with the division.

  • Josh A

    trust me, it will b harder thn b4

  • inolongerhatemarquisdaniels(causehenolongerplays)

    I am confidant Shaq will do well in Boston

    Low minutes, high production, high risk, high reward

    Poor dwight and other bigs when the postseason rolls around… Cs start with Perkins only to be replaced by Shaq… then throw in some Jermaine and Big baby and we have all the different types of big men we need

    I think one of the keys to this season will be the progression of Nate Robinson… He is talented and now has one year of the Cs system under his belt… if he can come in and provide consistent scoring and energy it would take some pressure of the big 4 and I think it will really make the Celtics difficult to deal with

  • There won’t be anyone out of line that I can see.
    Nate, delonte, vonwafer, Davis, gaffney, daniels…. All are trying o proove themselves. If any of them act up they know there chance of getting a decent contract next season! JO and shaw are hear only to win a ring. So they won’t step out of line. Starters are starters….I don’t worry too muc with doc.

  • Perry

    @Josh A

    Traditionally, in his first year, Collins always has his team overachieving so I agree the Philly will be vastly improved. With all the new blood, and a rejuvenated E. Brand we can expect a +10 to +15 win turnaround … still that would leave them short, or right at the 500 win plateau.

    The same would apply to the Knicks, but in order for NY to sniff the mendoza line they’ll have to outscore their opponent every night. Amare, who is prone to injury, will be pounded in the east … Turiaf gives them hustle and some much needed toughness off the bench.

    But as good a job as Walsh with did with the cap his body work will be judged for not signing LBJ and now Melo. In the short term Melo and Augustne doesn’t make them a contender, but a front line of Melo, Lopez and Murphy is nothing to sneeze at either. The Nets are a few years away from their Brooklyn diggs. CP3 is under contract for the next three years. NJ who is trading Favors and a protected number one have nothing else to offer for the foreseeable future.

    …Celts won this division by 10 games last year. If they stay healthy that margin will increase.

  • Chris

    Wafer and West are two guys that are on “make good” contracts, trying to get their careers back on track. And you can’t do that if you’re logging DNP-CDs night after night. Throw in Nate (and hopefully we’ll get a look at Avery, at some point) and there aren’t enough minutes. Given Doc’s familiarity with Delonte, and his ability to back up the PG, Von is doubtful to make it through the season, IMO.

    Does the fact that DA didn’t release Gaffney (despite releasing LaFayette) indicate that there’s competition for that 15th spot?

  • JP

    I’m sorry but I just don’t see out of Toronto, 76ers, Nets, Knicks, how any of those teams can keep it close with the celtics in the division. Toronto has no Bosh or Hedo, the 76ers didn’t improve much this offseason, neither did the Nets. The Knicks could be a bit better, although I still don’t think they have a real point guard, and they won’t play any defense anyway. Like I said, the celtics will run away with this division.

  • Birdman33

    Hey Laker Fan,
    Enjoy it while you can. A new season is here and it’s time for the Purple Reign to become a Purple Haze.
    Feel the Green and look at the Big Scoreboard. It has a long history of the Celtics on top.

  • That is a good question.. How long? Can anyone really give an accurate answer.. Thanks Jim

  • carlosrizik

    Calm down folks. Yes, the C’s have issues regarding players egos and temper, but they have Doc Rivers to deal with all that, and nobody’s better than him when it comes to coaching “bad boys” or inmature players. Not even Phil Jackson, who has done a super job on that matter over his coaching career.

  • I love Green

    Hey hey!!! Hey!!!

    How are we going to watch the Celtics training camp!?!?!?!?!?! Is there something online for it?!?!?!?!

    I just looked on NBA tv and they’re showing the lakers, Wiz, and Knicks. What the fuck. Where’s the green people! Am I missing something or what?!?!?!

  • Rich

    I’m trying to figure out how Carmelo on the Nets should even slightly worry the Celts. Anthony will have LESS talent than he had in Denver, that Nets would win like 47 games or something.

    Anyway, there is no one in the Celts locker room that can control Shaq’s ego. Period. He has had more success than any person in that locker room and knows it. He also knows his legacy in the sport is far greater than anyone else in that locker room. The idea that KG or Doc or PP will hold him in check is wrong.

    That said, Shaq seems to have reigned in Shaq. He didn’t complain in CLE. He didn’t whine about not getting “his touches.” No one in CLE had the stones to put him in his palce, so it seems he has done it himself. No probs from Shaq this season.

  • Rich

    A far greater concern is Delonte West losing his mind and shooting up the locker room. Sadly, that isn’t really a joke.

  • Chris

    With Flip Murray expected to stay in the NBA this season, Zhejiang Guangsha has set their focus on signing one of either Von Wafer or Rafer Alston, according to Hoopchina.com.

    Wafer is currently signed with the Celtics, but it’s not certain he will be on their opening night roster. The Celtics brought 17 players under contract into camp, a number which now stands at 16 after Oliver Lafayette was cut over the weekend. With Delonte West brought on board earlier this month to solidify Boston’s backcourt rotation, Wafer is no longer a lock to make the team. He is seen to be competing with former UMASS standout, Tony Gaffney.

  • Chris, are you a bot or just like to plagiarize?


  • Chris

    “according to Hoopchina.com.”

  • which doesn’t explain why what you wrote is “word for word” from the link I provided.

  • Chris

    Because we got it from the same place (no doubt both via Hoopshype) and the hyperlink was embedded in the text. I understand being touchy about having your stuff ripped off. Honest mistake.

  • Sorry to be so ornery about it. Just trying to keep on top of that sort of stuff.