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The news comes by way of The Boston Herald:

Lafayette played just one game with the Celtics last season, scoring seven points in 22 minutes in a 106-95 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on April 14.

With the offseason signings of such players as guard Delonte West, the Celtics decided to let go the 6-foot-2, 195-pound guard from the University of Houston to give Lafayette an opportunity to latch on with another team during the preseason.

Really classy move by Danny Ainge here. The C’s signed Lafayette last April, landing a top NBDL prospect on the early side in order to get him acclimated to the team during the playoffs, while also landing a guy who had a decent job of making the team (back then) signed for camp this year, on a non-guaranteed deal.

As we all know though, things changed quickly this offseason. Avery Bradley was drafted, Nate Robinson re-signed, Delonte West was picked up off the scrap heap. The point guard position position that was once lacking any real insurance off the bench, became arguably the deepest position on the roster. Once West signed, the chances of Lafayette making this talented 15 man crew turned from slim to none. The writing was on the wall.

So give credit to the Celtics for giving Lafayette a chance to make it elsewhere, even before training camp started. They were under no obligation to do it, but clearly did the youngster a favor by letting him latch on somewhere else before next week, on a team where he has an actually shot to make the cut.

To the same degree, you feel bad for a guy like Tony Gaffney, who was signed at the same time as Lafayette last April. While Gaffney has his work cut out for him to make this team, he at least plays a position at the 3 where the team is sorely lacking depth. And that’s without even mentioning Marquis Daniels fragile injury history. Gaffney at least has a shot to make the cut next month. Lafayette’s dream in Boston is over before it even started.

Don’t be fooled, Lafayette has some game, looked terrific in the regular season finale last year, and was maybe the team’s second best player at Summer League in Orlando. There was just no way he was going to make this roster. Best of luck to the guy.

Highlights of Lafayette’s brief detour in Beantown, after the jump

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Brian Robb

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  • Batman

    Good Player
    Hope he does well
    Do you think we might possibly be giving up a valuable asset though?
    He looked real good in summer league.

  • …and jersey 0 is available for Leon once again…

  • I love Green

    Obviously did this so he wouldn’t get embarrassed by AB in training camp. Classy move.

  • Steve

    He looked good in Summer League against guys that will be bagging groceries in another month. He’s a D-League lifer. Better than 95% or the people on Earth. And that leaves him about 2% short of being in the NBA. He can hope to be a 3rd stringer on a decent team or a back up on a bad team but that’s probably his ceiling. I’m glad to see Danny cut him loose now rather than lead him on when he had less than no chance of beating out anyone on the roster already.

  • Rangatiratanga

    No Damp for Miami.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Wish Lafayette all the best for his future.

  • JP

    Hope he can make it somewhere, the clip also showed, Quisy at his best, slashing to the hoop.

  • John

    You still have ONE point guard – Rondo. No one else is a playmaker. West is a shooting guard – that’s part of why he left Boston. Robinson looks for a shot the instant he gets the ball.

  • Jay P


    So many things wrong with that statement:

    1) Delonte left Boston because he got traded for Ray Allen. Ainge has said trading Delonte was the hardest thing he ever did, he loved the guy. But you can’t pass up on Ray Allen. It had nothing to do with his game, or your assertion of his apparently inability to play Point Guard. That’s just flat out not true.

    2) Robinson’s playoff performance last year would disagree with that statement. Even during the regular season, Doc said part of the reason Nate wasn’t playing was because he was trying to hard to get other people the ball. He wanted Nate to look for his shot, that was his role in the second unit. Nate has proven more than willing to alter his role to do what’s best for the team. Given a full camp to learn the sets, he’ll be more than capable at backup PG.

  • Perry

    Celts have great flexibility at the point. Now if the Heat and Lakers challenge Rondo with size and sag off of him, they can counter with D. West and play Rondo off the ball or sit him in certain situations.

  • celtics freak

    @shut it up no. 0 is now worn by AB