Post-game Reactions

When it was reported yesterday that Erick Dampier was likely signing with the Miami Heat I was completely dispassionate.  On the one hand, Dampier addresses a perceived weakness of the Miami Heat with his size and length.  On the other hand, he is Erick Dampier.

While “Damp” does present a more traditional option at center than the other guys in the running (Udonis Haslem, Chris Bosh, Joel Anthony, Zydrunas Ilgauskas) he does very little in the way of “putting this team over the top”.

If you’re worried about Erick Dampier’s potential impact with the Miami Heat, consider these:

  • Dampier is 35 years old.  Ask the Celtics how it feels to rely on a 35 year old big man.
  • Dampier’s only discernible skill now-a-days is rebounding the ball, which has remained at a steady 7 a game for the past five seasons.
  • Dampier is only going to play 20 minutes a game (if that).
  • Dampier will not be a natural fit with this young, run-and-gun team.

To put it another way, the Heat signing Erick Dampier is equivalent to them signing Zydrunas Ilgauskas- a 35 year old with one discernible skill (spreading the floor).  Their numbers are nearly equivalent:

Erick Dampier

Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Did the Big Z signing scare you?  Good, neither should a potential Dampier signing.

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix put it best when he retweeted this:

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  • joe

    well, unfortunately shaq & jermaine are only marginally better

  • This will still help. With 4 or 5 centers, even though some may not make the team, it gives them a very versatile lineup, in which they can keep switching out centers for fresh ones. If you can’t keep up skill wise, you have to keep throwing in fresh bodies. And FYI, it’s Big Z, Joel Anthony, Dexter Pittman, and Jamaal Magloire. Bosh and UD are forwards, which also may share time at 5, again giving them more fresh bodies.

  • Wow.

    I know Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem are forwards but there has been speculation that Riley/ Spolestra will use Bosh or Haslem at the five given the other options.

    Magloire will continue to rack up DNPs this year and Pittman probably won’t meet Riley’s standard for conditioning. Don’t expect him to see much time this season.

  • Jkid56

    Lol. You Celts fans think we are asking Damp to become Shaq in his prime? You Celts fans think we want him to put up double digit rebounds every game? You Celts fans think we want him to be the primary, secondary, or third scoring option? Look, Damp is NOT a premier center. Damp is NOT going to be what puts the Heat over the top. What Damp WILL do is add depth and be a ROLE player. Let me ask you this Celts fans. Why did you sign both O’neals? Because they will put you over the top and are in their prime? You signed them because they add depth and be ROLE players. Keep laughing at the signing of Damp just like us Heat fans laughed at the signings of the O’neals.

  • What More Can I Say?

    Hell Hath No Fury!

    Erick Dampier isn’t exactly a Slim Thug though. More like an Old Bum!

  • Jay P


    1) I’d take Shaq or JO on crutches over Dampier any day. I mean if we want to take past their prime players, I’ll take a former league MVP former most dominant Center ever, and another former max player perennial all-star over Dampier… a guy who even in his prime was really only pretty good.

    2) If all you’re expecting him to do is play 20 minutes and grab 6 boards a game, then sure, he’s perfectly capable of that. But that’s exactly the point of this article, we’re not knocking the signing, anytime you can add depth at Center, you do it; but it changes nothing for the Heat team and isn’t going to scare anyone.

    And if you want to compare the Oneal signings fine… let’s look at Shaq vs. Damp. Are you really going to argue that Dampier is a better value at a minimum deal than Shaq? Come on man, it’s not even remotely close.

  • MD

    I feel so sorry for Celtics fans! Shaq is old, washed up, slow, pathetic, doesn’t get along with any of the players in the locker room for ANY TEAM he plays with and can’t shoot a FREE THROW to save his own life if it depended on it! However I do respect Jermaine O’neal. He was one of our even though he has been severley overpaid and 1 of the top 3 earners in salary in the NBA in the last 3 years. Even he was surprised and admitted he was overpaid. If the Celtics think they remotely have a chance to make it to the NBA Finals this year, take the crack pipe out of your mouth! Wake up and smell the Hot Coffee! The Miami Heat will destroy You, the Lakers, the Magic, and everyone else who dares to cross our path. One by One, We will lay you down and make any example of you for all the other teams…JUST WATCH AND SEE.The only reason the Celtics acquired washed up Shaq was because Kobe made the comment, ” You guys know me, I don’t forget, I got 1 more ring now than Shaq!” That’s so pathetic…and stupid. Shaq gave up on the heat and was a quitter! You will forever be booed here in Miami…MIAMI HEAT 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS GET USED TO IT!-FOR A VERY, VERY VERY LONG TIME…PEOPLE.

  • Rei Horror

    The Celtics better eat a good hardy breakfast of Lucky Charms. Because come game day October. You’re gonna need all the green clovers and majic horseshoes in the universe to beat the Heat.

  • Sam

    MD and Rei…No one here is worried about October 27th…we’ll be smiling and ya’ll will be wondering what happened.

  • ZakMan

    To be honest, we could have signed either of the O’Neal’s if we wanted to, both want a ring… But neither were offered contracts cuz the Heat have so much firepower, all they needed were low-maintenence guys who dont clog the lane, dont need the ball a certain amount of times a game, and dont become locker room cancers…

    We got leaders, not former greats that still think theyre worth possessions of the ball…

  • Jeff

    @ All the crap talking Heat fans

    Talk talk talk…

    MIA fans are now the new version of CLE fans.

    I remember some reporter in CLE earlier last year after CLE won a game against BOS saying something about how KG looked like he needed a wheel chair and that the Celtic’s were washed up…

    I wonder how much he’s laughing now?

    I’m not a MIA hatter or anything, and they will win 3 or more titles I think, but I’m afraid they won’t have it this year.

    And if there is a partial lockout for next year, nothing could be more favorable to the Celtic’s.

    A shortened season would almost seal the deal of a repeat for the Celtic’s.

    That’s why banner’s 18 and 19 will hang in the Garden the next two seasons. After that it will be the Heat, unless NY of NJN get melo and CP3 together.

    I also think the Thunder will win a title in there too.

    But as for MIA’s 5 year plan…hope for 4 rings, and be happy if you get 3.

    The Heat fans can all go humble themselves when our 18th banner is up at the end of this year. I won’t need to do that for them.

    And just remember Heat fans…as far as Oct. 27th…it’s not the way you start…it’s the way you finish! And you’ll finish under the C’s heel. Remember that.

    As for Damp…that’s pretty self explanatory. And for MIA fans saying the O’Neal’s are the same as Damp…what planet are you on?

    You of all people should remember Erika and the way he got obliterated by Shaq…don’t even think of mentioning them in the same sentence. Shaq is 3 years older and still averaged double the points Erika did last year.

    I think it’s the people in South Beach that need to get off the crack pipe!

  • dampier is awful. how is he still in the league?

    if he plays 20 minutes a game, the heat are going to be playing a lot of close games.

  • I love Green

    Erica Dampier. Soft, old, sucks, he’s soft, and he’s also soft. Shoulda gone to the lakers!

  • bobo255

    When the Bobcats passed on Damp,that should have been a sign to tell you he isn’t that good.I think Dallas made a huge mistake in the beginning that probably cost them a couple shots at the championship by not having that 1 piece at the 5 that was better.Damp is one of those players who look the part but should probably been in a D-league or overseas most of his career.If you 7ft in this country,you worth a million dollars to someone whether you have skills or not.Don’t forget theres another Mikki Moore and Damp waiting to come into the NBA every season..

  • This is the best headline I’ve ever seen on this site, and that’s saying something, considering the headlines are often very sharp. Well played.

  • Jay P

    I think Heat fans are making a claim for loudest most obnoxious, completely irrational and idiotic fan base. It’s amazing how many have come out of the wood work and spam blogs all over the NBA with nonsensical dribble that makes me wonder if the entire city of Miami is completely devoid of any education system whatsoever.

    That may (gasp) actually be worse than the idiots from LA… maybe.

    Oh well, fair weather fans for a fair weather city. Should be a fun season to see these idiots ride the roller coaster.

  • Champs

    the lockout will be after this season. It won’t shorten this season.

    @Jay P
    That’s offensive. I’ve been a Celtics and Heat fan my whole life. While I admit, there are many that talk shit but don’t know anything about basketball, the same can be said about some Celtic fans. There’s fans like that everywhere. LA fans are the only ones really in their own Kobe obsessed world.

  • Dampier 2 the heat, another bum added 2 the geek squad! Couple good players (Wade,James,Bosh) has beens and want 2 be’s. That team sucks!!!

  • Rangatiratanga

    Damp is washed up, he ain’t gonna do nothing to help Miami.Bring on opening game night already, i’m salivating.

  • Roddy

    Game over. Heat win the east. I’m a Mav’s fan who’s hated watching passes bounce off Damp’s stone hands, but he does bring interior defense and rebounding for 25 min/night, which is what the Heat need. I also hate that he’s going to the team that bounced us out of the ’06 finals due to ridiculous calls (25 FTA in game 5!) in Wade’s favor, not that I’m bitter.

  • K.C.

    It does sound like all the Miami fans are like Cleveland was. I guess that’s what you get along with LeBron’s post season melt downs.