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Members of the C’s organization hit the links today in a benefit for their Shamrock Foundation. In between their time on the green, our man Chris Forsberg caught up with Danny Ainge to discuss the status of Avery Bradley amongst other things in the last hurrah before training camp opens next week. A few items of interest, starting with Bradley’s timetable:

“I don’t think Avery will be ready for training camp,” Ainge said b”He’s a couple weeks away, at least.”

Pressed on the timetable, Ainge added, “I don’t know, it’s day-to-day with Avery, so we’ll just see how that goes. We certainly won’t rush him.”

A tough break for Bradley to be sidelined this wrong, but you can trust Danny here about the team being cautious with the youngster’s progress. The C’s have a loaded backcourt on their bench with Nate Robinson, Von Wafer and Delonte West (suspended first 10 games) if they all make the roster, so minutes will be hard to come by as is for Bradley off the bat.

It just hurts for Avery in that sense that with such a crowded guard group, his best opportunity to earn minutes, if any are to be had would come during the preseason. Doc is as tough on his young guards as anyone in the game, so patience will be crucial during the rehab process and throughout the rest of the season for the 19 year old.

More from Danny on training camp and Doc on team chemistry, after the jump

Is the team done making moves before camp?

“We feel like we’ve been in training camp the last few weeks , bringing players in, evaluating [them], but we’re close,” said Ainge. “We may be all done. And we may not be.”

“We’re constantly evaluating players,” said Ainge. “Sometimes you bring guys into camp that have a very realistic chance of making the team, and sometimes it’s just furthering of the evaluation process.” (ESPNBoston)

KG’s Health

“I think Kevin needed some rest, some time off, and he took it, but he’s ready for camp,” said Ainge. “He’s in much better shape than he was last year in training camp. I think that KG got better as the year went on last season and we saw him moving much better in the playoffs than in the regular season.”

Most Talented Team of Big Three Era?

“I’m very excited; this is the most talented team we’ve had in quite a while,” said Ainge. “Now it’s just a matter of it all coming together. You never know how it will work until you get a chance to play the game, but we have a lot of talent.”

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  • Perry

    The news on AB is predictable off the surgery. I would not be shocked to see Gaffney stick if he plays well — especially if AB is forced to miss the first half of October. Either Hassell or McCants could also turn out to be an October surprise.

    No great revelation about Garnett who caught his second wind as the post season started. Over/Under for KG? Even in the championship season he only played 71 games.

    … Bill Simmons is a breath of fresh air on PTI this week.

  • Josh A

    @(One of the writers for CelticsHub) Do you think you could write an article about the CBA negotiations?


  • Batman

    I agree with Josh, I would enjoy an article about the CBA negotiations

    Thank you

  • I love Green

    AB gon’ do work on everyone on the Celtics in camp, then dominate everyone in the league.

    Too ez for Bradley.

  • JP

    Did anyone see the expanded technical foul rules? Thank god Rasheed is retired

  • slam

    Expanded technical foul rules are ridiculous. I thought they made a change last year that allowed players to be more expressive following a foul call. Now it’s the opposite? They’re not even allowed to talk calmly to an official about a call? This is never gonna work…

  • lakerhater13

    @ JP. I would think if its a lakers celtics rematch in the finals the new tech rules give the celtics an easy win. Gasol and Kobe are the cry babies of the league and now they will get a tech(well if these rules get called against kobe unlike all the other rules in the nba that dont apply).

  • Jamie

    KG is going to get some techs that he got a pass on the last couple of years I can guarantee you that.

    As for AB I don’t think most were looking for him to be a major contributor this year, and even then probably only in the 2nd half. Danny built a roster that basically puts him at the end of the bench this year anyways.