Post-game Reactions

But Matt Moore adds a little context for us over at CBS:

How old are the Celtics in comparison to other title teams? Since 2004-2005, championship team starters averaged to be 27.4 years old. The oldest were naturally the Spurs in 2007. Their starting five in the Finals that year began the season at an average age of 30.6 years old. The Celtics enter this season at 30.2 years old if we project Kendrick Perkins as the starter for a theoretical Finals and 32.8 if we go with Shaquille O’Neal, the probable opening night starter. The Celtics, in essence, are trying to be the second oldest team since 2004 to win the title. It’s relatively easy to argue that the competition is greater now than it was in 2007, with the Pau-Gasol-era Lakers, the Heat, and the Magic in play, but those are the numbers.  

Moore has already placed the Magic outside the ring of championship contenders, a decision with which I disagree. 

Does he do the same with the C’s? Click and read.

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  • Rangatiratanga

    I don’t know if Orlando’s window is closed but i do know they still don’t have what it takes to beat us or Miami.They need an elite playmaker a la CP,Nash,D-Will who can get the rock to their shooters and D12.

  • K.C.

    Age isn’t a big deal. The teams that win never have a young starting five. That’s not going to change this year either Miami and Orlando fans. Celtics and Lakers will go 7 again. Who ever has home court will win the title.

  • TruthPierce

    you know i read a great quote (i think from redsarmy.com) about what the celtics remind them of. The Expendables. A group of old timers getting together for one final run. I love this quote and think it’s very true. And by the way, the Expendables won the battle in the end so…

  • TP, “Spoiler Alert” next time!

  • Josh A

    🙂 i love the celtics, ,haha should b interesting season u guys. hows do u feel?

  • I love Green

    We have Avery Bradley!!!

    Waaayyy too ez.

  • Rangatiratanga

    TP you EFFING idiot,what a douche aaaahhh can’t watch it now can i.You must be a tweener,get off your parents computer.

  • Champs

    lol i dont think the celtics are too old. i think they have great depth. the east is between celtics and heat. magic need another piece.

  • JP

    I think the Orlando window has not closed, but it is not open right now, losing Hedo last year hurt them a lot, and Vince Carter has never been a clutch playmaker. VC can’t be the go to guy on a championship team. The Celtics are old, but we knew that going in, they’ll be old for the next two years until the team is torn down.

  • Perry

    I don’t see Shaq starting when the season opens, but that debate is moot since the median age of Pierce/Garnett/Allen is 33 1/2 years old, which explains why Moore is grappling with his prognostics. On one hand experience wins in the NBA unlike MLB and the NFL. So while the Celtics indeed are an aging team they haven’t played like old men in the post season. There are a few reasons why they can still defy logic.

    1- They get stops on the defensive end.
    2- They have four options who can dominate in stretches and make shots when it matters.

    But then there’s reason to pause because in game 7 they certainly looked worn down by the 4th quarter. Garnet was rebounding with one hand and not elevating. Sheed’s back buckled again … Pierce and Allen drifted away. I’m discounting game 7 of the 08′-09′ series against Orlando because they didn’t have enough able bodies.

    So it is an interesting dichotomy to ponder, but technically Miami will open the season with 7 players over 30, and a total of 9 for LA including Kobe who was nicked up for most of last season. The Heat do not have a PG that can stay with Rondo and zero mobility in the middle. Can they win on style points? Maybe, but you can make the same argument about wearing down if LBJ is asked to log in major minutes at the point this season. He will average close to 40 minutes/game as will Wade — if they plan on winning 65+ games. They also play in a very tough division with a huge bullseye on their back despite having won nothing so far!

    Every team has a weakness. The Celtics are not very athletic, but they have Rondo who is playing into his prime and a very deep bench that will allow Doc to manage minutes for the veterans while not having to sacrifice wins.

    Baring serious injuries they win the Atlantic with room to spare. Then it’s a question of health and avoiding Atlanta because we know they’ll be motivated to stick it to the Heat and Lakers.

  • Jeff

    I actually would agree with the thought that ORL is not a championship contender.

    What have they done that makes us believe they are?

    They’ve never shown any ability to beat the Celtic’s.

    They had to go to a game 7 against them after the C’s had already gone 7 with CHI and of course that was with no KG.

    ORL made the finals once by default that year. Not happening again.

    Now if they made trades to get CP3 and Melo on their team then it’d be a different story.

    As for the C’s being old…yeah they are but don’t forget (Spoiler Alert)…

    Russel Crowe in Cinderella Man! He was old too!

  • bobo

    When people say the Celtics are old they fail to look at the Lakers starting 5 ages.Kobe,Gasol and D.Fish are all north of 30.Its always when people can’t find legimate things to complain about they revert back to the old age game.If C’s starting five were 25 and under and made it to the finals and lost,the outcry would be there aren’t matured enough to take that next step.Age is only a number,and each individual wear it differently.I wish Danny would call his old pal L.Legend and make a deal for J.Posey before the season is done.That would bring the team’s age up a few more knotches.Does it make them worst because of it,i doubt it,if Posey could bring some of the same things he did in ’08…and if the C’s won the 2011 championship,it will be said that it was the chemistry of players who have played the game a long time that know how to play in the big games.No one will mention the team is to old.Only when you lose when the numbers game get put on the table.