Post-game Reactions

The Bulls have signed Brian Scalabrine to a non-guaranteed deal, according to Yahoo! and a number of other sources. 

The news is irrelevant in basketball terms, but you can expect a segment of Celtics fans to use phrases like “end of an era” and “a sad day for the franchise” in reacting to it. And the era, in theory, isn’t really any more “over” tonight than it was yesterday. This is a make-good contract with the Bulls—a training camp invite—and Scal could be back on the market in a month. Also: Shamsports lists the deals for both Von Wafer and Delonte West as only partially guaranteed, meaning the C’s could open up a roster spot without eating the full value of either contract.

But if this is good-bye, we can say this: Brian Scalabrine’s legacy is more interesting than that of your average 12th man.  He’ll be remembered for:

• parlaying a season in which averaged 6.3 points per game into a 5-year (!), $15 million contract with the Celtics; 

• inspiring all sorts of fun T-shirts;

• an amazing post-concussion head band;

• spurring uncomfortable discussions about whether Boston fans still need a white player—any white player—to cheer for;

• filling in admirably during the 2009 playoffs after KG’s season-ending injury—and after suffering multiple concussions during the regular season; 

• inspiring hate mail to Tom Haberstroh after Haberstroh named Scal one of the five worst rotation players in Celtics history in a piece for ESPN.com;

• becoming the most strangely loved Boston athlete since….?

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  • I love Green

    Im shocked its not a max deal.

  • Champs

    Celtics cannot beat the Heat without Scal. Bulls will win the Championship =/

  • Andrew

    Don’t forget his seven or so seconds of lockdown D in game 7 of this year’s Finals! Best defensive passage of the game.

  • Perry

    … and the basketball Gods said that one day The Prodigal Son will return and take his rightful place behind the mic.

  • NHBluesMan

    i just hope Harangody can fill in Scals shoes… you know, being a crazy cheerleader, fan favorite, token white guy leprechaun of the team.

  • aaron

    how many 12th men get boozed up and sneak onto the podium after winning a title and go off like scal. miss u dude.

  • The Scal podium performance was pretty amazing.

  • Jay King

    since… I love Waltah!

  • Jeff


    The Irish, red headed step child that we all loved to cheer for.

    His name will always be remembered as fans cheered for the bench to be cleared in blowout wins at the Garden…good times gone…

    Oh well. Harangoddy will be 100x better anyways.

  • amesza

    I mean Scal is a good guy and he probably did wonders for team morale on and off the court with his great attitude and sportsmanship, but….that being said.. his contract was inflated for what he was worth. He simply did not produce relative with what he was being paid. Scal will be missed because he is a likeable person….but as a player…I will not be losing any sleep over him leaving Boston. Hopefully, he can come back in some capacity when his career is over and coach or recruit for the Celts.

  • Clawlin

    Don’t forget the tanning event.

  • w2

    Scal should have gotten more run in the playoffs. We would have been better off…dare I say banner 18.

    It was fun to root for him and be shocked by his physical appearance.

  • @ jay king….man I loved waltah! I a huge UK fan and waltah and walkah were fav’s. patino…..yeah… Not so much not so much. He dumped billups and Joe johnson… Whata dumb ass…

  • NHBluesMan

    another favorite memory… Scal sporting the headband and looking like Jackie Moon’s twin

    i hope when we play chicago that he gets some playing time so we can give him the ovation he deserves. Great guy, not the best player, but a great guy

  • Steve

    Don’t forget, Scal has more rings than LBJ! Lmao.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Scal’s rap diss to LeBron…..don’t know if it was him or not but….RANDOM.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Adam Morrison has more rings than LBJ.I doubt redhead gets any PT anyway.

  • Kevin

    I always thought he looked like he won some radio station’s “Be a Celtic for a Day” contest, especially during his cameo in game 7 this year.

  • radja9697

    it was a consistent source of embarrassment seeing c’s fans chant and cheer wildly for their “token” white player. unfortunately fans around the world only see that behavior as enforcing the already prominent idea that boston residents are some of the most prejudiced in the country. honestly i’m not sure if that is true or not; but it certainly doesn’t shine a positive light on us-and if the same thing continues with harangody that only compounds the embarrassment.