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Lost amidst the hysteria of this Celtic offseason has been the spotlight on the C’s 1st Round pick Avery Bradley. It’s fair to point out that it’s tough to get any spotlight by Shaquille O’Neal, much less the C’s other countless acquisitions, but Bradley particularly has fallen through the cracks given his absence at C’s Summer League due to an ankle injury.

Fast forward to today, where ESPN has introduced a fun series over at the mothership entitled Welcome to the NBA, featuring short interviews with 13 of the NBA’s new rookies, including Bradley.

The most exciting part about this guy folks, is just one year ago he was rated the top High School prospect in America by multiple publications even ahead of John Wall. Danny Ainge has a fairly strong track record in the late 1st Round guard draft department (Rondo, TA, Delonte West) so despite there being virtually no expectations on the 19 year old to contribute this year, the talent is clearly there, making Bradley a nice chip to have in Doc’s back pocket.

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Brian Robb

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  • I love Green

    ROTY. Just give it to him now. Its gonna be to ez for Bradley.

  • I don’t see Bradley playing much this season unless injurys force doc to play him. His defense may allow him to be on the court but it will be his offense and decision making that will decide if he does or not. We currently have guys with more experience and that play the same position. If we made a trade that included Robinson and a few other pieces I could see him playing. But I don’t see many rookies ready to play minutes on a championship level team. Give him two years and if he isn’t traded he will be playing good minutes.

  • slam

    I like him so far. Nice interview.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Clearly there won’t be enough minutes to go around now that we’ve got more wing players than you can shake a stick at.But his time WILL come.

  • dslack

    Why do you want to shake a stick at wing players?

  • Kevin

    He most likely will be subbing for Ray Allen anyhow. That is what I have heard in the past that he can shoot the rock and he even considers himself more of a SG than a PG. That would be a killer backcourt of Defense with him and Rondo back there if rumors are true that he is a defensive stud.

  • Rangatiratanga

    @dslack i was being silly…..duh.

  • hokinanaz

    cant wait too see him on the floor. rated the best defender of all the rookies by the rookies on nba .com