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That was one question NBA.com asked 40 rookies during a photo shoot last month. The answer was overwhelming:

Bradley is one of the biggest question marks on the 2011 Celtics. If his defense is as good as advertised, the C’s almost have to give him a chance to fight for a spot in the rotation. Remember, ESPNU ranked Bradley┬áthe single best prospect in his senior class—a class that included John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins.

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Zach Lowe

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  • 15GREEN15

    wow , i was so mad when we drafted him but who knows maybe he will play good .

  • I love Green

    Its gonna be too ez for him.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i really, really like our roster. looking forward to seeing doc make it gel over the first few months.

  • Tugboat

    Can’t really ask for more from a mid-late first round pick: a couple of legit NBA skills (shooting and defense) with the potential to add a lot to his game over time (diversified offense, point-guard skills).
    Not that it will probably happen, but if Marquis Daniels were to fulfill his once expected role as a ball-handler and slasher, Bradley would fit next to him very very well – as a lights-out spot-up shooter who can play smothering defense on opposing PGs…

  • gar

    Would love to see him paired with Delonte (until he feels completely comfortable at the point). Would be a great defensive second unit. I think he is also under rated as a scorer.

  • Perry

    Bradley’s defense could earn him a few cameo appearances in a Celtic uniform on the court and less time in Maine this season, but he’ll have to make his mark during the first 10 games while D. West serves his suspension. Don’t see much time for AB since Doc traditionally opts for veterans — blowouts withstanding. Nevertheless I’m anxious to see how a 19 year old kid can blend in with a team of this pedigree.

  • Sophomore

    He’s only 19 – give him some time to grow as a player.

    I only wish he could grow another 2-3 inches in height so we could use him as a 2-guard.

  • Devang Dugar

    I was extremely proud of the green’s to have made it to the finals. I just hope it wasn’t their last chance at it. This team deserves another ring.
    Doc Rivers does too.

  • Jeremy Hand

    Hello all…

    Gotta say, having your peers (regardless of their youth and naivete) OVERWHELMINGLY label you “best rookie defender” has to merit consideration from the occasionally jaded C’s fanbase.

    I think Bradley fits in well considering DA’s apparent 2-year window before the “Big Redux”…he’ll either develop as a solid rotation player that we keep, or he’ll be showcased and turned into an “asset” that DA uses to help retool the C’s around #9 within the next 3-4 years…I like!!!

  • Jeremy Hand

    OR..maybe Bradley becomes the keeper, and Rondo (and his quite reasonable contract) will transform into the “asset”…

    ; )

  • Jeff

    Bradley will be playing this year and people will be suprised.

    This kid is the real deal.

    He’s everything we wanted but didn’t get out of TA and Giddens as defensive players while still having a jump shot.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Bradley is the real thing.

  • Rangatiratanga

    This might not be his year/season,but he will be a very good player in the near future.