Post-game Reactions

Here’s a list of links to previews for the entire Atlantic Division.  These posts from our blogger brethren are definitely worth a read.  There is no better way to catch up on other teams’ offseasons than reading what the people who follow them the closest have to say.  Enjoy and after reading, be sure to tell us who you think is going to give the Cs the most trouble!

Celtics: CelticsBlog Celtics 24/7Celtics CentralCeltics HubCelticsLife | Gino’s JungleRedsArmy.comSBNation BostonSBN Recap

Knicks: Posting and ToastingBandwagon KnickKnickerBlogger.NetSBN Recap

Nets: NetsDaily NetsAreScorching FanwaySBN Recap

Raptors: Raptors HQHoops AddictHip Hoop JunkiesSBN Recap

Sixers: Liberty Ballers

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  • Perry

    Really appreciate all these blogs and corresponding viewpoints, but ‘The Hub’ is the best forum around for Celtic die hards who are in the know. It seems there are more blog sites for the Celtics than any other NBA team — maybe that’s because we take our legacy seriously. I wish all you guys and your fellow bloggers the best of luck this season … can’t wait for it to start.

  • J

    In the Atlantic Division, there is just no way Boston loses. The Knicks are overhyped with injury prone Amare, the Nets might be abit better but still far from a threat, the Raptors just got a whole lot worse than even the Nets and the Sixers’ D-League team just got better with Evan Turner.

    All in all, Boston would have to be playing their bench full time to lose the Atlantic Division.

  • Josh A

    Even with the bench playing full time, we could still win the division. Nate, Daniels, Big baby, west, shaq , jermaine

  • Jeff

    Nets are the only one who COULD contend, and that would be if they got Melo.

    I don’t think they’d be able to keep Harris, Lopez, Favors and Murphy if they want Melo but if they were to offer a package of Outlaw, Humphries, Favors and 2 first rounders, they’d still have a pretty darn good lineup of:

    PG – Harris
    SG – Morrow
    SF – Melo
    PF – Murphy
    C – Lopez

    That would definitely be a good enough team to make the playoffs I think, but unless the C’s lost KG, PP and Rondo for the YEAR, there’s no way they lose the division.