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Scalabrine is the Worst Celtic Ever

Say it ain’t so, Haberstroh.

But that is exactly what Tom Haberstroh of ESPN and HoopData.com fame is saying. He and his crack team of statisticians have compiled a list of the bottom top five worst players for each team in the history of the NBA (Insider Only).

Scal won (?) the honors but rounding out the list were Lou Tsioropoulos, Andy Phillip, Jim Loscutoff, and Acie Earl.  This kind of analysis is yet another reason why the infamous Belichickean mantra “stats of are for losers” is so important.

This analysis does not take into consideration leadership, how good of a teammate a player is/was, locker room influence, and fan favorite status. Pretty much everything Brian Scalabrine embodies.  It also does not take in to consideration isolated incidents of brilliance, ie: Scals countless moments of making the right basketball play at the right time.  Scalabrine’s basketball IQ is off the charts which makes up for his abysmal athleticism.

If you cannot think of any of the “countless moments” I mentioned before, just think back to Game 7 of the Finals with a minute to go in the half.  Scalabrine enters the game after having worn street clothes for nearly the entire playoffs and completely shuts down Lamar Odom on a isolation play.

Scalabrine was not very productive in his tenure with the C’s, but worst?

I’d say hardly.

  • mike

    I am old enough to have seen Loscutoff play. Believe me; He earned all seven of his championship rings playing power forward for the greatest professional basketball team ever assembled. The great Tommy Heinsohn was the other forward. Loscutoff was an outstanding ball player. Acie Earl is the only dud on the list. Lou T. and Andy Phillip were both good ball players also. I ought to know. I was there.

  • mike

    By the way, Scal has a very high basketball IQ Despite physical limitations he never makes a mistake on the court and his ability to defend big men is superb. as everyone already knows , Scal shot the three as well as anybody else on the Celtics.

  • jameel

    What a horrible thing to say about the great Jungle Jim Loscutoff. He was a beast. I also remember seeing him play with that Celtics team of the late 50’s and early sixties. Players were smaller back then, but they were a hell of a lot tougher than anybody that plays the game today. Guys like Loscutoff had to moonlight just to earn enough money to feed their families, but if you played a quarter against him, you would want to sit out the second quarter. There is a reason that his jersey is hanging from the rafters of the Garden in Boston.

  • Roger C. Whipple

    Vin Baker, when you consider what he cost the team and how his contract crippled the team’s rebuilding ability, gets my vote as worst Celtic. Then again there were Joe Forte, Kedrick Brown, and Gerald Green (the Celtic’s version of Oilcan Boyd).

  • mitch

    When is ESPN going to add some full time writers to it’s staff. Enough with the temps already. I know business has been bad but they really ought to kick up the quality just a bit. Jim Loscutoff was good enough to play next to Bob Cousy who was arguably the best basketball player ever to play in the NBA, and Bill Russell who was not too bad himself. They won nine in a freakin row. WOW!

  • James Patrick

    Oh yeah! Vin Baker was the worst! Scal was fun to watch. he had his moments. And seriously, what a stupid article. lol These writers running out of things to talk about this off season?

  • lorance smiff

    Vin Baker is a good call, but Pervis Ellison gets my vote for the biggest waste of floor space in the Boston Garden. By the way, Whats ESPN trying to pull. They’ll do anything to boost their sagging sales. Writing dumb stuff just to get peoples attention is probably not the best way to go. Hey guys, heres a thought, why don’t you try hiring somebody with a little credibility. Todays players suck. Even Antoine Walker was an NBA all star. I promise you that a guy that didn’t even know where to stand on the floor during the game would not have made the NBA in the sixties. No wonder Rick Pitino went grey.

  • I love Green

    A lot of wrong info in some of these Celtic’s fans comments. Like them winning 9 in a row, get out you.

    Anywho, Scal wasn’t the worst. Recently a man named Gabe Pruit suited up for the green. And thats just in the last 2-3 years, I could go on and on.

  • ripmod

    Don’t get too excited fellas. Tom Haberstroh actually follows Justin Bieber on twitter. How straight is that? NOT! He’s just lookin for his fifteen minutes of fame. He ought to go back to covering synchronized swimming. Forgive my spelling. I don’t pretend to be a writer. Although I’m quite sure I could get a job writing trash for ESPN. How credible are they. NOT!

  • Joe

    I remember an inbound play where scal threw it in and let it bounce on the ground until someone from the other team picked it up and then scal fouled him. That was the worst basketball play I have ever seen live. But he is not the worst basketball player ever on the celtics, two words Eric Montross.

  • Tim

    What about Brett Szabos, Alton Lister, Michael Jordan (not him), Marty Conlline, Dwayne Schinzeus, Marlon Garnett, Nate Driggers, Steve Hammar… Half these guys played on the team at the same time! Don’t forget Jerome Moiso, David Thirdkill, Rick Carlile sp?, Greg Kite, Fred Robberts…

  • ripmod

    The Boston Celtics won at least eight in a row that I am sure of. That was back in the late fifties and early sixties. It may have been more but it was not less. There were only eight teams back then and they were all stacked. If you are a Celtics fan then you should be aware of their accomplishments. Opinions are worthless unless you do your own research.

  • mike

    Theo Ratliff comes to mind. He did less than nothing in a Celtics uniform. I can’t imagine why the Lakers picked him up for next year.

  • jameel

    Obviously Tim has done his homework. Good job!

  • legs-diamond

    Haberstroh’s article is a waste of time.

    What criteria are used to decide the worst? Is there a minimum of minutes played? Years in uniform? Most important decisive game blunders? Number of key negative playoffs moments? The most costly error made in the most important game? Combined worst shooting percentage, lowest assist and rebounds, and most fouls in fewest minutes? What are we talking about here?

    Does anyone remember Mark Minor? How about the 1987 Artis Gilmore? Terry Dourod? Jim Ard? Sidney Wicks?

    Why bother negatively tagging players most of whom were great college talents, many of whom played their hearts out?

    You have to give Haberstroh credit though, a guy who writes an article like this, and still can draw a paycheck.

  • lorance smiff

    Mark Blount made me throwup in my mouth more than once. Talk about bad hands. He made Perkins look like Jerry Rice.

  • lorance smiff

    Hey Legs! Artis Gilmore averaged 18 pts and 12 rebounds a game for his entire career. How does that make him a bad player. You must think Perk really sucks!

  • mitch

    By the way, Sydney Wicks averaged 17pts and 9 rebounds a game for a ten year career in the pros. Wouldn’t mind having that coming off the bench.

  • mitch

    Gabe Pruitt didn’t actually cover himself in glory but he definitely does not belong on the list of NBA frauds.” I Love Green” must be in his twenties to be making comments like that. Hey Greenie! Come back in about twenty years. Basketball analyst you aint! By the way , the Celtics won at least eight in a row. Get it right!

  • mitch

    Enough of this, Some of us have to work in the morning. We are not all unemployed teenagers. G’nite

  • I love Green

    Mitch you’re the one who said the Celtics won “nine in a freakin row!” It was 8, and any Celtics fan should know that. And please don’t tell me Gabe Pruit is better than Scal. What I meant was Scal isn’t even the worst Celtic in recent years, so its stupid to say he’s the worst of all time.

    But hey, you tried.

  • JP

    I agree on the Vin Baker pick. Scal did bring good IQ to the team and he wasn’t a total waste of space (both physical and cap) like Baker was. Are we still paying Baker?

  • legs-diamond

    Lorrance and Mitch: Yes, I knew someone would come to the rescue of Gilmore and Wicks, as both had great college careers, and both put up great numbers during their NBA careers.

    But what did they do when they were Celtics? Gilmore was a bencher with no better playing record (perhaps worse) than Scal. Wicks started for Boston, but was one of the biggest disappointments in the Celts history. As Celtics, these guys were … poor.

    Reflecting on the point I was making: What criteria is Halberstroh using? He brings up Andy Phillips, but Phillips was an 5-time NBA Allstar who was flagging by the time he arrived in Boston.

    Halberstroh’s article just doesn’t make sense.

  • I love Green

    I gotta go with Rick Pitino. Hey, you never said they had to play for the Green.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Theo wouldn’t qualify he only played 2 games in green.I would certainly agree Scal had a better career as a Celtic than Olowokandi.ESPN has a strong hate for Boston,i don’t care and their lame BS opinions don’t matter anyway.Lostcutoff wasn’t a beast……that’s just being homerific,and if he was a “beast” he would have finished his career with a better FG% than 34 freaking percent.Baker had a better career here in Boston than The Scal has ever had too.Vin hit his decline just after he was released.

  • the-facts

    Maybe we all forget about greg kite, he should be first than eric montross would be second than acie ear would be my third worst celtics of all times. And maybe joe kleine and van baker could be either fourth or fifth worst players.

  • the-facts

    i meant to say acie earl

  • Ian

    You know why he’s the worst?

    Because we paid him 8 million dollars a year to wear street clothes and to cheer on the rest of the team.

    Yes, he is the worst.

  • James

    I honestly think not resigning Scal is a loss.

  • Celtics3417

    Scal was a fan favorite, that’s it. Personally, which apparently I’m on my own, I’m glad to be rid of him and I bet the players are glad not to hear the crowd go crazy every time he would throw up a three that would clank. He shot 34% from the field last year and 32% from three’s. I understand that every team needs that guy who does the dirty work( big baby) and someone who has a great bball IQ, but our team is filled with vets who all have great Bball IQ. The Celts need a young energy and talent around our core not a IQ guy that is making over 3 million a year. I think Scal would make a fantastic coach some day and is probably a great guy, that said I’m glad he isn’t suited up with the green

  • James

    I do agree Scal at 3 mil a year was overpaid but he would be a good vet min guy. I wonder how good he could be if he had a work ethic of someone like kobe. I just hope V.W. and West actually produce and don’t go insane.

  • sauce

    Scal was always on the bench when I watched, as I only watched the playoffs being from europe and all but he cant be any worse than shelden f**cking williams nor that fat white geezer in the rookie pictures with rondo or anyone else.

    Scal must have been on the rooster for all those years for a reason and I say we should thnk him for that.

  • Mark from Boston

    Scal as the worst? I think not. Yes he was a 3 million dollar a year cheerleader but I think Vin Baker and Joe Forte (with all that hype) were the worst. Joe Forte was said to be the next MJ after his freshman year at UNC.

  • Eric Montross
    Greg Minor
    Vin Baker
    Pervis Ellison
    Zan Tabak
    Ron Mercer

    Any statistical measure that has Scal as worse than those guys needs to be thrown in the trash. I would’ve included Mark Blount, if he weren’t the fifth leading Celtics scorer for the previous decade…

  • Rjw

    How about my former English teacher Rick Weitzman?

  • morey grundmaN

    Scal was not even close to being worst Celtic ever…Who ever wrote that is crazy

  • Jeff

    Mark Blount, Vin Baker, Toine, anybody remember Shelden with that bonehead pass in the Finals at the end of the half that Bryant stole? I think that might qualify him.

    Eric Montross would definitely be on my list as well. Also Patrick O’Bryant.

    Scal is not even close to the worst man, BUT for anyone who thinks Scal NEVER made any mistakes and always made the right play…check this out before making such claims.


  • Celticgirl

    Anyone who says that “Jungle Jim” ranks among the worst player in NBA history never saw that man play. He was an integral part of a monster team. He understood his role and executed it well. Scal is another story, but among the “worst”? In NBA history? Really?

  • Caleb Stone

    Scalabrine being the worst celtic ever is absurd, somebody forgot about the teams that ML Carr put together. Psabo and Driggers, that is all I have to say. They were so great I don’t even remember there first names. Haberstroh is officially an idiot

  • victor

    Mikey Moore, anyone?

  • Anthony

    what about stephon marbury? lol.

  • redneck castle

    scalabrine and greg kite tie

  • LOl Scal is a good player. Check out Rajon Rondo Official song


  • Jeremy

    advanced stats or even whats in the box score dont really show how good a defender someone is which scal most certainly was. all advanced stats for defense can be skewed if a poor defender plays on a good defensive team his defensive numbers will improve and the other way round . scal played on two contending teams played some important minutes and produced for both new jersey and boston he has a ring and is a fan favorite ability to knock down threes and defend people bigger stronger faster and far far far more athletic ie amare and josh smith . Scal is a coaches favorite and coaches know basketball more than advanced stat nerds. so shove that up your arse scal is in no way the worst rotation player in celts history rather on of the better ones he didnt bring much in terms of box score production but he is what makes teams work .

  • james

    Anyone who says scal never makes a mistake has never seen that video of him inbounding the last ball of a half to rondo vs the blazers. He tries to set up rondo for the whole “let it get to half court before picking the dribble up to save clock” thing and doesn’t notice bayless or something and basically puts it in his hands for an easy layup, hillarious. But I do agree, scal was both a clever player and a strong leader. Last year he was practically sheed’s fricking shrink off the bench, always jumping up to try and prevent another technical. That’s got to be worth something alone!

  • joseph

    this reads like a parody. basketball iq? you mean, white? leadership? you mean, that he is white? fan favorite? i assume you mean the white fans.

    scalabrine is an out of shape millionaire who jacks up threes. if he was black or foreign he would not only be the worst celtics player (which he already is) but also the most hated by the fans.

  • I wouldn’t normally respond to an asinine comment, but you’re putting words in my mouth while playing the race card. I meant what I wrote in the post, which has no mention of anyone’s skin color.

  • John R. S.

    Scal has got to be the worst Celtic since I moved to Boston in Dave Cowens’s rookie year. Being able to hit an occasional long jumper didn’t come close to making up for his lack of foot speed, bad hands, or the lousy boardwork resulting from the above.

    Who knows what would happen if I ever met him personally? He sounds like a guy I could enjoy chatting with once in a while. But as a basketball player I won’t miss him at all.

  • Scal has got to be the worst Celtic since I moved to Boston in Dave Cowens’s rookie year. Being able to hit an occasional long jumper didn’t come close to making up for his lack of foot speed, bad hands, or the lousy boardwork resulting from the above.

  • Nah he sucks