Post-game Reactions

Well, not exactly.  Brian Kamenetzky from the ESPN Los Angeles “Land O’ Lakers” blog pulled a Forsberg and assembled their own panel of Laker experts.  The question the Kamenetzky brother’s posed to the panel:

Which Eastern Conference team has the best chance to beat the Lakers in a seven-game series?

The Results:

Boston: 9 votes
Miami: 3 votes
Orlando: 1 vote

Some interesting quotes from the panel:

“Maybe I’m just trying not to grant too much, too fast to the Heat, but the playoffs are about matchups, and Boston still lines up better against the Lakers.” – Brian Kamenetzky

“And with all sincere respect to the tough Finals Boston just provided, they’re looking old to me. Thus, I’ll take Orlando…” – Andy Kamenetzky

“Yes the Celtics have aged a year and adding the O’Neals [Jermaine and Shaquille] doesn’t make them any younger. But that team defines the term “tough out” and we all saw how hard the Celtics pushed the Lakers in last year’s Finals.” – Darius Soriano

“The biggest threat would be a healthy Celtics team.” – Kurt Helin

“Though the Celtics’ window of opportunity is closing, they still have the pieces to try to avenge the 2010 Finals loss.” – Mark Medina

Boston. The C’s were about a half a quarter away from beating L.A. to win the championship last June and added the O’Neals in Shaquille and Jermaine. They have the size, they have the experience and they have clutch guys in Paul Pierce and Ray Allen who can match Kobe Bryant shot for shot. Miami and Orlando would be formidable Finals foes as well, but Boston is better equipped to unseat the back-to-back champs.” – Dave McMenamin

* * *

So there you have it.  Not every Laker fan/blogger/appreciator is a troll on this blog saying something about how the Celtics suck.  The bottom line is that the Finals next season will most likely be a rematch and it would be behoove all of us to respect the Lakers.  Their fans-in-the-know certainly have their eye on the Cs.

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  • slam

    As much as I love the classic matchup with the Lakers, I wouldn’t mind seeing another team meet us in the Finals such as the Thunder, Spurs, Blazers, or Jazz. Thunder would probably be my top pick because Durant is one of my two favorite non-Celtics to watch play (Jefferson).

  • cos

    Sure, with a one ticket straight to the finals, the Celtics are the tough out. But, we will still need to get through Miami, and as I’ve been banging the drum on this for a while, we dont have the depth behind double p.

    Quis may be decent at defense, but he’s not decent at playing 82/year. Im really wondering if DA has something in mind to trade some combo of quis, nate, baby, wafer, and/or west to get some tangible defense first, passable offense back up 3.

    In my mind, its either that, or prepare to play some small ball.

    Brendan, any thoughts on some combo trade?

  • Jocelynn[lakersbby;

    Who ever said that the celtics can beat the lakers sure doesn;t know nothinq about basketball!! if the celtics couldn’t beat the lakers for the 2009-2010 season, then how on earth will they beat them this season. Now we have a better team and the Lakers are unstoppable!! they’e taking the 2010-2011 championhip as well. &’ all the celtics &’ their fans can just watch, cry and maybeh learn how to play better!!!! Go lakers!<3

  • speaking of trolls…

  • Clawlin

    Jocelynn, that was a troll post. That post accomplished nothing and if you have absolutely nothing to say, do not say it at all. It sounds like you dont know anything about basketball either, so go and be an uninformed lakers fan, like most of em (I know many informed ones, but even more that just like them because its the cool thing to do in LA. They dont even like basketball, its pathetic)

  • 2p2d

    I feel good about Boston’s chances. The Celtics can beat the heat psychologically (Delonte pulling a Doohan on LeBron) and then beat the Lakers physically(too much size up front).

  • JP

    Celtics do have the size to match up with the Lakers this year, thats something the C’s missed in last year’s finals especially since Perk wasn’t playing in game 7. The Heat have essentially no front court, and hopefully they will play into our hands and jack up contested 3’s all game since they won’t be able to get inside very easily. I too wouldn’t mind seeing another Western conference team in the Finals, but too much of me wants to avenge the loss last year and have it be Lakers Celtics in the Finals once again.

  • Jordan

    The thing about the heat, is that the Celtics actually match up quite well with them. With four 7-footers, including one named Shaq, the Cs have the size and power to dominate the paint on offense. Plus, Shaq’s greatest defensive weakness, his inability to guard the screen and roll, is actually not a weakness against the heat. You want the Heat to shoot jumpers.

  • Mark
  • Jeff

    Well whata ya know! The trolls are still around from LA!

    What a loser! Do you actaully believe that just because they won last year they’ll beat the C’s again?

    The C’s had the better offseason, will have 3 good Center’s this time around, and oh btw for anyone who thinks that Shaq is old and won’t pound Bynum, why don’t you check the head to head stats between that matchup…you won’t like what you find!

    The C’s were half a quarter from winning, without Perk and with the Zebra’s playing for LA. LA’s good, no doubt but I’m afraid that this time the vengeance will be coming from Boston.

    Banner 18 in BOS next June people! Book it! Oh and the head to head will then be 10-3 C’s! B*tch!

  • captaintruth34

    I also feel pretty good about the C’s chances. I would love a Finals rematch more than anything. I still cant watch footage of Game 7 to this day, I guess the start of the regular season will wash away some of that bitter taste.

  • nigel

    Hi, Laker fan here. I also think the Celtics are the biggest threat to the Lakers in a Finals matchup as well. The Heat will score heaps of points, but like everyone else, I agree they have no frontcourt at all, allowing bigger teams to eat them for lunch. And I’d hold to that even if they do the predictable thing and sign Dampier.

    However, to think that a KG/O’Neals frontcourt could hold its own against the Gasol/Odom/Bynum is rather optimistic. Gasol may be the team’s MVP for the past two seasons with his unbelievable skillset for his size. Bynum, if the kid can just stay healthy, is an up-and-coming force, and Odom fresh of the FIBA world championship, may be playing the best ball of his inconsistent career. Shaq still is a unique and troublesome matchup for any player in the league, but the Lakers may have the best lineup to take him out as an unbalancing force.

    That’s today’s Shaq, mind you. The 2000-2005 Shaq would devour Bynum and Gasol, then use Odom as a toothpick. But he’s only really effective in bursts at this stage of his career. Now about Jermaine, even Simmons thinks he’s terrible at this stage. And KG is KG, and the first few months of the season will tell us if he’s all the way back from his knee trouble–he was nowhere near as explosive as he was before the injury in the 2010 playoffs. If he’s back at 90% or more (I’d say last season was probably 65-70%), they’re a force.

    But I think the Lakers’ offseason has been incredibly productive in getting Blake (a sneaky underrated shooter), Barnes (physical backup at the swing spots) and Ratliff, who I’m told isn’t actually 53 years old and dead, and will likely only play 2-3 minutes per game, but continue mentoring Bynum to be the beast we all hope he’ll become. In its composition currently, this may be the most stacked team the Lakers have fielded since the 80s–when a quintessential Glue Guy like Luke Walton (who, I still contend, if he could shoot with more than 30% accuracy, would be a super-sub–he just makes the offense work better when he’s out there) is your TENTH man…I mean, really.

    Not to mention the rookies–both were projected lottery picks that could end up paying dividends late in the season with some minutes to spare the old guys’ legs.

    Sorry, guys. To quote your guy, “You’re all playing for second place.”

  • nigel

    Aw man, “fresh off”, not of. Serves me right for not proofing.

  • How much are Lakers fans going to HATE it when Shaq and the Celtics take them out? Oh man, that’s gonna be sweet.

  • Osahon

    Nigel is right. He is also awesome.

    There is no answer for Pau AND a healthy Bynum. (the Celtics didn’t have an answer for just Pau–even with Perkins healthy.)

    Also, The Lakers Achilles’ heel was their inconsistent bench, i.e. Jordan Farmar/Sasha Vucacic. Now we have a Steve Blake/Matt Barnes bench upgrade. Who had the better offseason?

  • Jeff

    Sorry there Nigel but when Perk is back, JO is either 2nd or 3rd string. No offense to LA because they do have a very talented team and excellent frontcourt but I’m afraid that Bynum will never be healthy or a beast. He will always be a “potential” guy. He will be the guy that everyone always says, “man if he’d have been healthy he could’ve been great!” Sorry but “potential” get’s you nowhere.

    Shaq and JO will anchor the front line, and once Perk comes back we’re 3 deep at Center and 3 deep at PF with KG, Davis and JO also.

    LA has Bynum/Gasol at Center and Gasol/Odom at PF. I’m afraid, as last years Finals showed, Odom is not that great. He got outplayed by Davis, just like when he got outplayed by Powe in 2008. Odom is a body, and Theo Ratliff is a corpse. So basically it’s KG, Davis, Shaq, JO and Perk vs. Gasol and Bynum.

    If I’m LA, I don’t like those chances.

    Blake was a great pickup for $4 mil, no one would argue that but Barnes? He got worked by PP last year on ORL, why exactly would that change now?

    He’s inconsequential to the equation. So all LA added in the offseason was Blake as far as difference makers go.

    C’s added Shaq, JO, West and will have had Nate for the whole year. Those additions alone will easily makeup for a slim (questionable) win at home by 4 pts.

    If that doesn’t tip the scales by 4 points then I don’t know what you people think would.

    C’s will be the winners this time. Sorry LA. Prepare for a miserable offseason.

  • Miami is not strong in the front court, but remember that Chicago won six championships with a series of replaceable centers. Yes, they had MJ and Pip, but Miami has simliar talent level now, and Wade has the killer instinct that Lebron lacks. Another challenge for the Celtics is their regular season record. They’re a great road team, but home court was key in the last Championship. Last, do not take Bynum so lightly. A healthy Bynum will be a big problem even with the O’Neil brothers.

  • Rangatiratanga

    Also remember they had PJ and they ran the triangle,Miami can’t/won’t do that.HUGE difference there chief.I don’t respect the Lakers fans.Their “bloggers”,writers, actually do have a good sense of BBall IQ though.
    The team i’m most looking forward to beat next season is still the Lakers,2nd Miami.As much as i hate Miami, you can’t take away our vengeance.

  • steve

    Having Double P, Ray, KG and the O”neals on the same is a great idea ……… if it’s 2004, in 20011 it sounds desperate and sad. I fear we are a pulled hamstring away from not even making the playoffs.

  • aditya

    whoever picked orlando is a completely lost in basketball

  • Joe

    Boston, Miami and Orlando are all capable of knocking each other out to reach the finals. Of the three, I agree that Boston would present the toughest matchups for the Lakers. And that’s exactly what I want to see in the finals. Bring on the rematch, and may everyone be healthy.
    -not a troll, thanks very much

  • Timothy

    Why would someone who picked Orlando be completely lost in basketball? Orlando still has the game’s most dominant center in Dwight Howard, upgraded from Matt Barnes to Q-Rich, and are one of the deepest teams in the league. Sure they sputtered against the Celtics in the ECF but four of the six games could have gone either way, and the Celtics and the Magic each had a blowout. Wade, Bosh, and Lebron have never had that much success against the Magic individually with their former teams, so it’s not a stretch that the Magic could beat them either. The Lakers are the toughest match for the Magic- mostly because the triangle is tough for them to guard, but the Magic certainly are able to beat them. Add in the fact that the Magic have the best chance at having the top regular season record in the East (the Celtics save it all for the playoffs, the Heat might need time to gel) and there’s no reason to discount them.

  • purplegreengold

    Boston’s core is scary because they’re experienced. They’ll probably coast through the regular season again but home court cannot be taken for granted. The question is whether Bynum can stay healthy. He’s been injured too many times to expect otherwise. Defensively, the Lakers have become significantly better, but offensively questions remain. If the offense runs smoothly with Blake, they’ll have to run on Boston which won’t be easy since the ONeals can be replaced with Perk and Baby if need be. Miami needs to mature and add frontcourt depth, Orlando is done and OKC is in the same boat as Miami. Lakers-Celtics again in 2011. Should be a dogfight.

  • ed

    Laker fan here – and honestly Miami is scary. There won’t be a “gelling” period because these guys have all played together in international competition and frankly Wade and Lebron can both pass and rebound giving them a lot of versatility.

    I think only the Celtics – if Shaq can find his old post game – and the Lakers with a healthy Bynum and Gasol together can beat Miami. Pound them down low with size because Wade / LeBron / Bosh is just too big an advantage at the 2,3,and 4 spots, with the point not that important because both Wade and LeBron are initiators. At those three positions alone I would expect them to have a 25 to 40 point advantage over their competitors.

    I’m pulling for the C’s to knock of Miami because frankly I think they’ll be easier to beat in the Finals.

  • Jim

    The Celtics may come out of the East, they may not, the Heat and Magic will both press them. Shaq needs a wheelchair now. And the Lakers got much better, Blake and Barnes make them crazy deep. If the Lakers are healthy good luck. The only way is if Celtics have home court, then they could win.

  • Justain

    I thought we were having a respectful conversation here started by Brenden Jackson. Trolling goes both ways. Is there anyone here that doesn’t think the Lakers will win the west?

    Steve – Celtics are making the playoffs. The East is a bit top heavy, but there’s no way you guys can’t pull off 40 wins.

    Max – Celtics and Shaq beating us would be quite a blow to the Lakers franchise. I would love to see the Kobe/Bynum pick and roll though.

    Nigel/Max – Who did have a better off-season? Shaq for vet-min was a steal. Delonte back with the C’s and JO isn’t a bad add either. KG isn’t 2008 KG, true, but I’m not going to give Blake, Barnes, Ratliff and rookies more credit than what Lebron, Wade, Bosh get. I do like the adds, but we aren’t 10 times better. I do think we’ll still better. Bynum was running with a bad wheel, Artest was finally starting to gel, etc. but bottom line, let’s wait till the playoffs before we count eggs.

    Jeff – Bynum’s health is questionable, but I really do think Ratliff will allow Bynum to preserve a bit for the playoffs this time around. Call me an optimistic Laker fan, but don’t bank on him to run on his spare again.

    purple – What was your point? OKC barely won game 3. Lakers have an answer for them (to wake up). I hope the Lakers meet OKC because it will get them better conditioned and make them a faster team and prep them for the finals.

    Ok, now, for my comment. Bosh is a non-factor. Yea, he’s a top5 PF (dirk, duncan, pau, bosh, +1) but if the ball does get to him, it’s going to be Toronto offense. I don’t know if Wade and Lebron can really carry their team to beat the Celtics. Talent vs Team, and I’m betting on team. With that said, I still think the Lakers have a better team. I downplayed our additions, but the Lakers added better team players and improved our team’s health. Your big3 and Rondo is still there, but the C’s off-season moves really changed the team-makeup and Perk’s not going to bounce back to form that easily.

    Honestly, I think the Lakers “professional” opinions are somewhat skewed on the fact that we have so many Heat trolls, Lebron hate, and Shaq respect. Also, we know 2010 will be blamed on Perk’s injury, so we want to prove that the Lakers are better than the Cs. We’ll take care of the Heat next year, because after 2011, the C’s are less contentious and we might not have the chance. We’re on the throne, and our choice for dinner are you guys. Hope you guys beat the Heat so that we can feast our favorite dish.

    Lakers bloggers like the C’s? s our mfing d. CELTICS SUCK. 🙂

  • Justain

    Ah, I didn’t proof either.

    “I do think we’ll still better” -> “I do think we’ll still be better.”

    and I meant to say “the C’s are less contentious and we might not have the chance…to meet the C’s in the Finals again (because the Heat will improve).”


  • The Sy

    Not a fan of the Celts. The way I see it, age and injury will combine with locker room meatheads and the team that will beat Boston out of the playoffs will be THEMSELVES. Far too many hardcases in one squad.

  • The way I see it, age and injury will combine with locker room meatheads and the team that will beat Boston out of the playoffs will be THEMSELVES.

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