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Walker Taking Baby Steps

The biggest semi-Celtics related news this morning involves Antonie Walker inching closer to a training camp invite.  While this is pretty much the epitome of “non-news” considering there is no way Walker makes a team for anything more than a ten day contract at some point during the season, it is still compelling.

Walker’s fall from grace (from $100 million dollars to nothing) is hardly unheard of (just ask MC Hammer) but his attempted comeback seems unprecedented.  The knock on Walker throughout his entire career has been his inability to stay in shape, which happens to be the Achilles heel to most former All Stars (that and gruesome injury and “offcourt issues”) .  Similarly, most people that fall this far out of the limelight and their former tax bracket tend to keep a low profile for fear of public ignominy (just ask MC Hammer).  This makes the latest news on Walker all the more puzzling.  Not only is he trying to get back into the league, but this rumor is actually gaining steam.  Per Marc Stein:

“So it certainly made some sense when word reached Stein Line HQ on Sunday night that Toine is expected to arrive in Charlotte this week to stay with Bobcats center Nazr Mohammed, his buddy and fellow Kentucky Wildcat, and join in daily pickup games at the Bobcats’ facility leading up to the start of camp on Sept. 28.

Emphasis on some.

Despite Walker’s Charlotte connections, one source close to the situation says that the three-time former All-Star has no assurances from the Bobcats that he’ll be extended an official opportunity to stay for camp and attempt to make their team, no matter how far he goes back with Bobcats boss Michael Jordan. It is not yet known whether Walker can score that invite with a successful tryout in Charlotte, after a recent Twitter posting from John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal hinting at that possibility.”

While it is not yet known whether Walker can score an inivite to training, what is also equally unknown is whether or not Walker can still score the basketball in an NBA game.  Call me a cynic, but there is no way Walker makes the Bobcats or any other NBA team out of training camp.  It’s still a little baffling that Darius Miles has received interest from any team.  Even more baffling is that Antoine Walker and Darius Miles making NBA comebacks are more prevalent than Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury.

The most important aspect of Stein’s report you have to understand is that THE REGULAR SEASON CAN NOT COME ANY SOONER!  Oh man the dig days of the offseason are so tough.

Who do you think would make the best addition to an NBA roster: Anotine Walker, Darius Miles, or Allen Iverson?  Assuming “none” is not an acceptable answer.

  • Johnny

    Toine’s wiggle could add a spark to every NBA team but that won’t be enough for him this time. The biggest issue for these three is offcourt issues. To pick the lesser of three evils, I would have to go with Iverson. He could bring playoff experience and quickness to teams, but he would have to be willing to take on a role-player position with limited minutes…not sure if he would deal with that very well.

  • eeeee

    How about NEITHER!

  • 2p2d

    Achilles heal???

    You mean, ahem, heel?

  • Jeff

    Iverson still would at least have the speed to play in the NBA. Not that he is going to be toasting anyone anymore, but he has been in the league more recently than the other two so he’d definitely be the better option if you HAD to take a body anyways.

    The list would go:
    1) AI
    2) Miles

    2,969) Toine

  • NHBluesMan

    i like how you managed to reference M.C. Hammer twice in this article…

  • Q

    Toine might want to consider trying out for the Seattle Storm WNBA male cheer leading team along with Vin Baker and Gary Payton. I would buy each of them a beer.

  • bobo

    I never been a fan of Toine’s even when he was in the prime of his career…if he makes the Bobcats team it will tell me a few things about the Bobcats,#1,they must be desparate for cheap bodies,and #2,as long as he’s not on my favorite team i could care less what he does.

  • Mike Miller

    Nice to see “Celtics fans” are still ignorant and judgemental that can’t appreciate anyone not on their team at the current time. Then again you people cheer Brian Scalabrine so that pretty much says how smart you are as a fan base.

    Antoine always worked hard for your team. He worked hard for every team he played for. He deserves a chance if a team is willing to give him a shot and the fact that you people think it is okay to make fun of someone especially someone that worked hard for your team for 8 years says a lot more about you then it does about anyone else.

    I used to know a lot of smart well educated die hard Celtics fans back in the days but I can tell you now none of those exist now. Bandwagon nation is more like it.

  • Victory Cigar

    Mike, you’re right. I enjoyed the wiggle while Walker was in Boston. He was part of an eastern conference finals team and part of a team that helped the celtics back to the playoffs(in his second stint) after a long dry spell. Call me what you want but any team that gets Walker for the low price tag that he will probably go for is getting a DEAL! All upside with minimal risk.

    Although, Iverson, Marbury or Miles would be better options…

  • Tim

    @ Mike Miller

    You get your kicks from leaving diatribes on Celtics blog pages? Real cool dude… Antoine Walker was a talented guy, and anyone with an ounce and a half of brain matter would come to the conclusion that, even if you are 6-9 250lbs, you need to work your tail off to play in the NBA. To quote Ray Allen, NBA also stands for “No Boys Allowed.” Toine is not going to make an NBA. He was cut from a Peurto Rican D-League team less than a year ago for conditioning issues. At age 34, you don’t gain that kind of biological ground in a matter of months. Not that much ground anyhow. As for Celtics fans being band-wagon nation… come to the Garden in a Knicks Jersey and say that stuff. Or better yet, stroll through Southie, Mattapan, Dorchester, or East Boston shouting your lame jibes. Yeah, thought so dude. The Celtics have made 2 finals appearances in the last 3 years, have more banners than any other franchise in NBA history, and have a cool logo/color scheme to boot. Basically the best team to follow now, in the past, and into the future.

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