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I don’t expect Semih Erden to contribute very much to the Celtics this season. He’s going to spend considerable time on the inactive list, and his chances of making the post-season active roster are basically nil. 

But you know what? This block to preserve Turkey’s insane win over Serbia in the FIBA world championship semi-finals will be remembered forever. We’ll never know if Serbia would have converted that last-gasp alley-oop from out of bounds—a play the Celtics know well—but we know this: you can’t ask for a better look inbounding the ball from the halfcourt sideline with 0.5 seconds left. And to block that shot without fouling? That’s a great play, one that will never be forgotten in Turkey. 

Fast forward to about the 4:30 mark of this video (thanks Jose 3030) to see Erden’s work, and hit the jump for some other famous last-second alley-oop tries.

Here’s the famous McHale-Dee Brown lob play from the first round of the 1993 playoffs, with Charlotte ahead 2-1 in the series and 104-103 with 0.4 for seconds left in Game 4. I was convinced in ’93 that Kendall Gill goal-tended Brown’s lay-in attempt. Was I right? Fast-forward to the 4:30 mark of the video for the play:

Many of you probably remember this crazy sequence from a random January game against the Heat last season:

And this last one has nothing to do with the Celtics; I just wish it had gone in.

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  • Northwest C’s Fan

    We will be in trouble if Erden has to see much time this year. However, after watching him play today, we could certainly do worse for the last guy on the bench.

  • JP

    hopefully we can do some more things like that against the Heat this upcoming season!

  • Jason

    I’ve been most surprised by his passing. He’s actually a very, very good passer. The other parts of his game leave me wanting. If only he was a good rebounder, he could be a rotation big someday. Unfortunately, he’s below average in every other area but passing. It was his misfortune to outgrow a point guard’s body.

  • Perry

    Was that a foul though? It certainly would have been in the NBA, especially if he landed into one of league’s prize possessions.

    … don’t get too excited … the NBA pace is much faster than international play and Erden had problems adjusting to the speed during the summer league.

    His two year deal is guaranteed. I never thought much about Marc Gasol, but he turned out to be solid so you never know, this could be a low risk, high reward situation if Erden can play with the same confidence he’s shown in his own backyard.

  • w2

    I am looking forward to seeing Semih play at a fast tempo today against USA. My guess is that Turkey will wilt in the second half…if not earlier.

  • Seph

    It wasnt a foul, there was only .5 seconds on the clock as soon as he tiped it, it was game over. plus you can land on a guys face after a clean block its still not a foul.

  • NHBluesMan

    +1 on what Seph said.

    i remember the night that play against the Heat happened, i jumped all over my living room, it was so crazy! Can’t wait for this season to start

  • Super appropriate . . . . overcome crazy odds to make it to the finals . . . only to get worked by a Laker . . . this fools gonna fit right in with you chumps.

  • ilaykarabay

    semih is a valuable player in Turkey not many people knew it before the championship but the whole world is aware of him now.Celtics may toguht they didnt do a good thing with signing Semih but im sure they also know that Semih got talent and he can improve himself eventually.Thanks to his last second block he has a better reputation than before(Mr. irrelevant as they call him in Celtics camp)and that reputation will help him in NBA.