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Visit to the Dark Side

Sometimes the best wagers end up being the ones you didn’t know you made.

A few months ago, after the most devastating loss of the Celtics’ season, I finally got out of bed, opened the blinds, wiped up all my tears, and called my friend Cal.  If you have read CelticsHub for any stretch of time, you have undoubtedly heard one of us reference Cal.  Cal is a great guy, a great friend, and extremely knowledgeable about basketball.  He just has one tragic flaw.

Cal was born and raised in Los Angeles and is consequently a member of the Dark Side.  He just happened to go to Boston College where he met Brian and I first semester freshman year.  Luckily for our collective friendship, the Nets won more games than the Celtics and the Clippers won more games than the Lakers that year.  Boy, have times changed.  The lack of relevancy on the part of our respective teams allowed us to all foster a friendship without too much trash talking.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I am begrudgingly dialing a 310 area code and wallowing in the remnants of a season derailed.  We talk for a little bit, I congratulate him on a deserved Championship and then ask when he plans on visiting Boston.  Without missing a beat, Cal responds, “No way my friend, the Lakers won.  You are coming to LA.”

Fast forward again to last Wednesday and I am on a Virgin America red-eye wondering why I paid hundreds of dollars to fly to a lousy, smog-filled, blue and gold bleeding city.  The trip ended up being a blast.  In fact, I did not even see a ton of Laker paraphernalia.  Given its absence, I decided to seek it out by going to the Staples Center.

And here is the photographic evidence of the obnoxiousness that is the Staples Center and its Pro Shop:

Magic Johnson Statue

I know Magic Johnson was great but this statue is ridiculous.  What is he standing on?  Is that water?  Are those players? And if so, why were they all doused in GC-161?  Or did  a celebrity open up the Ark of the Covenant?

Chick Hearn Statue

Chick Hearn was a cool guy but a statue?  And couldn’t the artist have been a little kinder and left out some of the hand wrinkles and the lazy eye?

Chick Hearn Street Sign

Chick Hearn gets a statue and a street sign.  I throw up in my mouth a little bit every time I think about Kobe Bryant is going to get.  They’ll probably make the entrance of the Staples Center into a giant replica of his mug with his under bite as a walkway…ughh..oh man, something almost really came up that time.

Foam Finger

I may have bought this but I was looking for a different finger.  I can’t believe they can sell this given LA’s proclivity for throwing things on the court.  I have a feeling you will be seeing this fly at Paul Pierce’s head some time in the future.

LA Hand Sign Hat

Sticking with the hand theme, here’s the lamest hat ever made.  Wait, isn’t this a gang sign?  No, it’s just lame.

“16” Hat

16 Championships yet only 11 of them actually had a team from Los Angeles involved.  I believe the colors used in this hat are incredibly disengenuous (Note: No sign of George Mikan in the Pro Shop at all.  Just the Championships he won.  While playing for Minneapolis).

That’s just a small sampling of the obnoxiousness that is the Staples Center.

Fortunately, my hundreds of dollars did not go to waste as I got to experience some really cool things.  Some of the highlights include picking up some records at Amoeba on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood, checking out the John Baldessari exhibit at the LACMA, eating a burger at the Village Idiot Pub on Melrose, and getting sandwiches at Bay Cities in Venice.  Luke Wilson also made a cameo to my Monday night dinner at Gjelina in Venice (amazing Pork Belly.  I highly recommend it).   All that was great, but the hands-down best LA experience I had was eating an Al Pastor burrito from a food truck called Leo’s.  Unbelievable.  If you ever find yourself in LA, definitely hit up the food truck at the 76 Gas Station at Venice and La Brea.

Don’t worry C’s fans, I did not leave without giving the Staples Center a proper sign off:

(Note: I am not actually flipping off the Staples Center.  Mostly because I am afraid of ESPN and the people attending the Eroticon Festival at the adjacent Convention Center.)

  • http://www.leftysturn.blogspot.com maq35

    Great last pic. I’m stealing your idea & doing that next time.

    Last time i was at staples was for a Dec2007 Lakers v. Celtics game (the short shorts game). That was also the 17th banner season. The hate I got for wearing a green 33 jersey was bliss.

  • Batman

    Word son those statues are whack

  • Mark

    LOL…Lame is a proper word for that junk. If Boston sold those awful looking things and I got one for my birthday I’d say “thanks” to the giver and later ebay that stuff. I’m glad they sell it to the L.A. fans and not us.

  • Tom W

    I feel like every Laker fan wants to keep two things hushed…first, the fact that their hero was put on trial for rape a few years ago, and second, the fact that the LOS ANGELES lakers only have 11 titles.

    Can we, as Celtics fans, make it a point to bring this up at every possible opportunity? Please and thank you.

  • Tom W

    oh, and brendan, GREAT picture log. thanks for that. :)

  • James Patrick

    Hahaha you think that’s bad. I live in L.A. as a Celtics fan! I have to deal with Laker fans BS and obnoxiousness on a daily basis!

    GREAT GREAT GREAT point about the 16 championships, which again, I hear all about.

  • Jeff

    @ James Patrick

    I hear you man! I live in OC but I’m born and raised in Beantown…

    All the junk these LA fans talk man! I can’t wait to pulverize them this year!!!

    They never want to admit about the 5 championships not being theirs. I’d love to see ONE person from LA who was alive when the Lakers were in MN (when their name actually made sense!) who will actually say with a straight face that they were Laker fans before the team moved! LOL! Yeah right!

    The other sad sorry excuse LA fans like using is that “Well all the Celtic’s championships came in the 60’s and 70’s, back when there were only like 10 teams…(duh, with some moronic comatose look on their faces)”.

    I always like to remind them that LA had all the MN ones before Boston had any of them! Not to mention that NINE of ours came against LA so if the Celtic’s were so bad how come LA didn’t stop them LOLOLOL!!!

    Losers…every single band-waggoning one of em!

    I feel your pain btw Brendan…I had to buy my friend some obnoxious car magnets with the Faker logo on them.

    Oh and you want to talk about obnoxious merchandise!!! I once saw a dude driving his Civic in Long Beach and it was completely skinned as one giant Faker logo! Dueschbaaaaag….

  • captaintruth34

    @ Jeff

    you speak the truth my brotha

  • Boston sucks!

    Thanks for spending your time and money in LA.

  • http://CelticsHub.com Brendan Jackson

    No problem! We’ll get your state out of bankruptcy one truck burrito at a time!

  • jimmy

    You celtics fans are idiots. Championships are awarded to franchises not cities! The ENTIRE franchise moved to LA.

    Durant was drafted by Seattle, but the team moved to Oklahoma City. They didn’t just start a whole new roster in OKC. They inherited the Sonic players (i.e. Durant).

    You guys can never be objective and can never lose graciously. Whining and excuses are all that you do.

    Geez, you guys are such losers that you can even admit that the inevitable will happen and the Lakers will be considered the winningest franchise in NBA history (although, you can make the case for that now).

    16 rings and counting…..

  • ShutUpMasshole

    Funny how you Boston fans loooooove to go off about how L.A. can’t count its titles that they won as Minnesota, but then are totally cool with the fact that the Celtics won 8 “titles” when the Playoffs were 2 rounds long and there were a whopping 8 teams in the league.

    L.A.’s got 8 titles to Boston’s 3 when the playoffs are 4 rounds long, and L.A.’s got 11 titles to Boston’s 9 when they’re 3 rounds long.

    So, congrats on loading up on titles during the Cupcake Era. You want to discount championships from Minnesota? Fine. I’ll only count titles from the period where the Run to the Ring wasn’t “First to 8 Wins”.

  • Mjones

    there is a banner INSIDE staples representing the 5 titles mikan and crew won. i get it though, everyone is a hater. just remember mchale gave you garnnett for youth and west donated gasol for salary relief and a beastly hairy brother. be humble. Los Angeles is the greatest city in the world. There’s a reason they call Hollywood “Hollywood”

  • Rangatiratanga

    Statues are shit….PERIOD.Take em all down seriously.What’s a bet Miami will have 3 of them in the near future of Bron,Wade and RuPaul i mean Bosh.Can you just imagine the terror the anguish the wanna make you blow it up with C4.

  • John

    Wow, Celtics fans are such bitter losers, LOL.


  • Brian

    Sticks and stones may break our bones…but we won the last two championships…so suck it

    City of LA

  • !!!

    By we… you mean the franchise that just happens to be located in your city that you have absolutely zero affiliation with except you pay them money sometimes to watch them play a sport, right? Just making sure.

  • long live the purple and gold

    Looks like someone is still bitter. someone should call the waaambulance!

  • Wow.

    Your writing is trash. Thank God we have excellent writers on our team’s blogs. G’night.

  • KingJ77

    Bring it boston…seriously, bring it! I think Lakers fans and Celtics fans can agree that if there is another Finals rematch…the Lakers are more equipped to win again. How can you chowder eating idiots trash the greatest North American Sports Franchise of the past 30 years? And how can you trash having statues for Magic and Chick Hearn? If you understood the legacy and culture of the organization, you wouldn’t post these ignorant remarks. I hope your team is healthy enough to make it to the Finals again because it would be a great Finals….but we know who’ll win (again) and it ain’t that nasty green!

  • ducksawce

    Hey, just going by the “logic” of Lakers fans in assessing titles earned during the 60’s era, well…

    …if it was SOOOO easy to win a title back then(as you guys say it was…I hear “cupcake-era” being thrown around), due to the fact that fewer teams existed…

    …then why didn’t the LAKERS win during that time? Idiots forget that although there may have been fewer teams back then, there was also more hall-of-fame talent packed on EVERY existing team of the time. EACH team was basically stacked (in their 60’s era-ish ways).

    We’re talking franchises here. I personally allow for Lakers fans to count their Minneapolis titles…but what that automatically means is that ANY and EVERY title earned by the Lakers and Celtics franchises is counted equally…it truly is still 17 vs. 16…regardless of time or era. Rosters come and go, but dynasties and championships remain.

    One last note. I especially love laughing at the hypocrisy of Lakers fans who proclaim anything before the 80’s (or even 2000’s) to be irrelevant…yet they’re the same ones that obsessively count their Lakers rings (always in comparison to the Celtics’…how many times have we seen users with the phrase “16 vs. 17 it’s a matter of time” in their names?…too many). Bottom line…if you’re counting rings, you count them ALL equally….the LAKERS actually have the oldest rings amongst the two (from basically the stone age period in the 1950’s…as their fans would likely and ignorantly compare it to!)

  • Matt

    … Green is an acceptable color. Really. It’s an acceptable color to wear on a regular basis. A green shirt? Why not.

    Lakers’ main color is purple. PURPLE. Defend wearing purple. Please.

    Enough said.

  • ducksawce

    Oh, and to KingJay77…

    Wow. Lakers…the “Greatest North American Sports Franchise”. Wow.

    Even I wouldn’t proclaim the Celtics as the above stated. That’s just presumptive and dumb.

    First of all, by NBA standards it’s not even close to true. 17 vs. 16 (obvious enough).

    But also, I mean, if you want to count “finals appearances” as one of the defining factors in the greatness of a franchise, then be my guest! Sure, the Lakers have been in the finals the most of any NBA team…but that’s also a polite way of saying that they’ve LOST the most in the finals of any team in the NBA.

    You think I’m going to consider finals appearances (and coinciding losses) as marks of success? My oh my…I should feel proud that my Celts earned number two status this year! Hooray! I should be proud of them! Personally I AM proud of them…but that doesn’t mean it’s actually a useful tool of debate against other NBA fans! Fans of other teams don’t see a finals loss by my beloved Celtics as a respectable and laudable acheivement to be remembered for ages. They just see it as loss….and technically, even we Celtics fans do.

    So by that logic, uhm…no. The Lakers are not even the number one franchise in the NBA…neither are the Celtics number one in sports (by championships, the Yankees still trump).

    As for this year…ha! You’re just insecure that the Celtics are going to take your EXACT strength that the Lakers used against them, and throw it BACK in their faces.

    I watched the Cavs games against LA VERY closely last year, and I took note of how Shaq did against Bynum, Gasol, and Kobe…needless to say, that Christmas game was a joke.

    Beyond that, once the Celtics take care of the Heat and Magic, your Lakers are next. They ran on revenge for 2 years straight. Watch what happens when an angry, intimidating team takes its post-game 7 frustration out on the Lakers next year. Take note of game 1 of the season against the Heat. I know you Lakers fans will be dying to watch. Don’t get too worked up…you’ll get your chance to lose come January and February…and eventually June (if you even get that far this year with Kobe’s arthritis)

  • mugi

    the last pic was lol. can’t wait to get the season started

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    nice piece. la sux. stupid statues.

    nothing like the sidewalk pic of larry legend that shows up every now and then (there’s one in front of boloco on mass ave currently, there was one in front of back bay station last year). old school respect.

  • KingJ77

    Hey ducksawce – spoken like a true “chowder-head”! It would be tough to argue that the Lakers aren’t the greatest N.A. franchise since 1980 (30+ years); which coincides with the birth of the modern NBA (e.g. Magic/Bird). More championships + more finals appearances. Yes, you are correct that finals appearances alone is not an indicator of greatness…but if you add these appearances to the fact the Lakers have the most titles in the modern NBA, then it is significant. Furthermore, I agree that Shaq had his way against the Lakers last season…I too noticed this. But, it’s important to note that the Lakers had significant chemistry issues during the winter…and Shaq was rendered almost a non-factor when the two teams met in CLE…the Lakers blew that game which had everything to do with horrific 4th quarter free throw shooting. Shaq will help the ugly green; but if you’re relying on him to “take you over the hump” you should be worried..very worried! He’s a year older and pounds heavier. Jermaine O’neal gets outplayed by Bynum every game…look at YouTube when O’neal was in Tor & Mia.

    Look here Celtic fans…I want another rematch. I don’t respect MIA and certainly not ORL. I respect BOS…no doubt, but there’s no doubt who would win assuming both teams are healthy.

  • BScott4

    Until Sox fans get rid of the Pink “B” hats – Don’t bother criticizing another team’s gear.

  • Josh A

    Hey guys, calm down. It’s 9/11. lets just remember some ppl who past away

  • Matt

    BScott4 says:
    September 11, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    Until Sox fans get rid of the Pink “B” hats – Don’t bother criticizing another team’s gear.

    I hate baseball and I hate the Red Sox. My point stands. Not to mention, I’m confident the pink “B” hats would be for female fans. Purple is an actual color in every single thing the Lakers put out for sale, whether it be memorabilia, jerseys, what have you.

    Hmm. Let’s just not talk about that anymore. It’s making me laugh too much.

  • Matt
  • Simon NZ

    What a bitter, bitter article. SO classy too (rolls eyes). So, you take exception at the base of Magic’s statue, the detail in Chick’s statue, a couple of hats invented by some random design group, and finally flip off the stadium where the Celts failed in June?
    Is that all you’ve got?! Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic….I know a few Boston fans who would be ashamed of this piece. Next time I’m in Boston, I’ll visit TD Garden with a little more respect, even with this piece in mind.

  • Laurie

    You do not know how much I needed that hometown laugh today!! Thanks for that. No matter how “slick” and “polished” people think LA is, those pictures are proof that Boston has WAY more class!

    Is it October yet?

  • gt1980

    Too many people here don’t seem to understand that the author is screwing around. It’s not supposed to be taken seriously.

  • Heisenberg

    Look for my column soon in the LA Times. There will be a picture of me in a Kobe jersey, peeing on the side of the Garden in Boston!

  • mitch

    everyone from L.A is a gay fish

  • onanoman

    Well, that post was cerebral indeed. I hope that at least you got yourself a shirt that says “I went to LA and all I got was this idiotic post!” on it. You earned it. All that was missing was you taking a whiz on something.
    As for the landmarks, we can’t all have geniuses the likes of Tommy Heinsohn, I guess. Is there a statue of him somewhere, or does he just occasionally doze off in front of TD Garden?

  • http://www.okaymentary.com the_capital_t

    Quick note re: Chick Hearn…

    I don’t know enough about the experience of listening to Johnny Most call a Celtics game, but I can tell you that you can’t overstate how important Chick was to sustaining the culture of the franchise for its fans during the decades that he called Laker games.

    I know the roles of GM/President/Coach (especially when held by one man) are HUGELY different than Play-by-Play guy…but you can think of Chick as LA’s answer to Red Auerbach in terms of the one guy who provided a sense of continuity for fans across a number of years.

    There is an obvious argument to be made for Jerry West being that important to Laker fans…but he never lost that West Virginia sheepishness no matter how long he lived in Cali. And he was quite content during the ’80s to cede the spotlight to Magic, Riles and Dr. Buss. Leaving Chick to serve as a stronger, lasting presence.

    I know the Celtics have been more selective with their statues. (Just Red, right?) But keep in mind that LA–and California in general–has a very different, more insecure exuberance about its own history. To the point that it will celebrate something before enough time has passed to place it in proper context. Simply because it has an urge to celebrate something. It’s a bit like a 22-year-old dude getting a barbed wire tattoo on his bicep 10 years ago.

    Speaking of history…it is also constructed very muddily for Californians as so many come from some place else. Consequently, it becomes very easy to NOT distinguish between 11 and 5 and to just lump the championships together. Frankly, the NBA has evolved so much that most smart fans I know recognize the differences between the modern game and the pre-Jordan era. Rather, all of the pre-Jordan eras. With that in mind, the Celtics clearly have the upper hand in the Lakers-Celtics rivalry. But the distance between the 2 franchises feels more like 17-16 than 17-11.

    Even if a person insisted on 17-11, you could make a case for the Lakers being a greater overall franchise due to so many different versions of the franchise winning titles. Subtract the Bill Russell Era and the Celtics franchise is tied with the Bulls. The Lakers, on the other hand, have spread titles across a greater number of eras.

    That is, as you can see, a silly way to think about the rivalry. What will always be important is that we will probably always hate y’all. And y’all will probably always hate us. And that’s okay. As long as the loser has enough money to buy beers in June.

  • longtimelakerlover

    All I have to add to this is:

    BWAHAHAHAHA cry your little green tears, dude. We don’t really care what you think about our city, much less our icons. Seems to me you have a statue of Red somewhere in that city, but hey – that’s cool. You can rag on us.

    Bottom line: We beat you. Down by 13 points in the third, we beat you. Los Angeles Lakers, baby. WORLD CHAMPS.

    And as to the whole “LA vs Minnesota” banners – they all count. “Lakers” is what mattered. Not the city.

    Bitter, Boston fans. Bitter.

  • longtimelakerlover

    Jeff says:
    September 10, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    @ James Patrick

    I hear you man! I live in OC but I’m born and raised in Beantown…

    All the junk these LA fans talk man! I can’t wait to pulverize them this year!!!

    They never want to admit about the 5 championships not being theirs. I’d love to see ONE person from LA who was alive when the Lakers were in MN (when their name actually made sense!) who will actually say with a straight face that they were Laker fans before the team moved! LOL! Yeah right!

    The other sad sorry excuse LA fans like using is that “Well all the Celtic’s championships came in the 60?s and 70?s, back when there were only like 10 teams…(duh, with some moronic comatose look on their faces)”.

    I always like to remind them that LA had all the MN ones before Boston had any of them! Not to mention that NINE of ours came against LA so if the Celtic’s were so bad how come LA didn’t stop them LOLOLOL!!!

    Losers…every single band-waggoning one of em!

    I feel your pain btw Brendan…I had to buy my friend some obnoxious car magnets with the Faker logo on them.

    Oh and you want to talk about obnoxious merchandise!!! I once saw a dude driving his Civic in Long Beach and it was completely skinned as one giant Faker logo! Dueschbaaaaag….

    Gee, I wonder how you feel about it, Jeff!

    Look, do you think we Laker fans aren’t going to defend our team just as ardently as the C’s fans do? That’s what makes this rivalry great!

    In terms of the championship thing, it’s about the organization, not the city. And I know real, genuine fans from Minnesota when the Lakers were there. C’mon, Jeff. Lakers have been good enough to win 16 championships all tolled. Give credit where credit is due.

    I bet you’re jonesin’ for the regular season as much as I am. Good luck to your franchise (and I feel about the C’s they way you feel about the PnG) and I hope they stay healthy. We’d like to cream your butts with everyone healthy and playing well.

    Yeah, I said it.

  • lance from laguna

    as an ex-nu yoorker and a long time laker junkie, i got to hand it to you guys.the celts came THIS CLOSE!!!! to winning it at staples, but i don’t think it was because of any perkins injury. after all sheed had a great game and made shots that perkins could only dream of. no it goes to something deeper and much more scary. THEY JUST CHOKED!!! pure and simple

  • Donaghy


    You got a lot of balls making fun of Lakers statues, when what does Boston have again? Oh yeah, statues of DUCKS!!! That’s right, bronze ducks. On the sidewalk. In Copley square. Oh, and how’s that Big Dig coming along?

    To be honest, you’re more than welcome to make fun of the Magic statue, or Staples Center, or the goofy paraphernalia at the Laker store… BUT…

    Leave Chick Hearn out of it. Seriously. That guy was the classiest of the classy, the best of the best, the man who gave the NBA a lot of the excitement and thrill it now possesses, and never had a bad thing to say about the Celtics even when they beat the Lakers. Chick Hearn is a gift for all basketball fans, not just Laker fans. I hope you can come to realize that someday.

  • Donaghy

    Oh, and regarding the championships…

    When did Red Auerbach coach? How many teams were in the NBA at the time? You can’t really be trying to dismiss the Laker early championships and then turn around and try to claim the Celtics ones are valid are you?

    Sounds like something that someone who follows a team that loves to make excuses would say. Didn’t have Perkins say what?

  • Oregonian

    Celtic fans…most miserable whiners in the world, even if they are drunk most of the time. We are very happy you live in your miserable city, and not here.


    I don’t know. I lived in Boston for a while. I lived in LA for a while too. They both have good things, depends what you like. But what’s all this name calling, and bratty behavior? The Celtics sort of choked a 12 point lead. That was sad. Acquiring Snaq and Jermaine two slow big bodies, I don’t know. Lakers improved their bench, some. We’ll see. But first the Celts have to deal with Miami, Orlando, and a really solid Chicago. Yeah, we’ll see…

  • LakerNut

    Don’t hate BeaNuts…ha ha ha.

  • Lifelong Laker Fan

    Guys, you lost, get over it. How many of you were alive to see the Celtic titles from the 60’s? The Celtics are up 9-2 head to head, but how many of them came after the ball stopped having laces? Since 1970 the Lakers are up 11 titles to 4. We get more joy out of beating eachother than anyone else. The finals are truly the finals when we play eachother. I hope I speak for every Laker fan when I say I hope you crush Miami and come back for the finals. It’s always better when we beat you. Now try and get big fat Shaq to switch the screen roll and play great D like the rest of your boys do.

  • Lifelong Laker Fan

    One more thing… This Laker fan respects the Celtics. Larry Bird would have never “Taken his talents to South Beach”. Tree Rollins bit Danny Ainge, and McHale had the best low post moves ever, even if he did cheap shot Rambis. Those Celtic and Laker teams inspired eachother.

    Wasn’t the 2008 title even sweeter because you beat the Lakers?

    To all Celtic fans, don’t hate. Enjoy the rivalry. Besides, your only other option is the Yankee’s…

    BTW, Doc is high.. These Lakers starters have never lost either…

  • http://myspace.com/beverlyglen Bobby

    Im a Laker fan and here are my come backs to you Boston Live in the cold weather Celtics

    1 – LA has 11 in LA…..thats your comeback? So what?…….its the same franchise…..Lots of teams moved in time

    2 – Since you want to pinpoint our championships let me pinpoint yours….most of your championships came during that Bill Russell Bob Cousy Era…..But unlike you living in the cold weather people, Los Angeles has consistently won championships over time. Im not bashing Russell and Cousy. Im saying since you pinpoint our 11 in Los Angeles and seperate our Minneaopolis ones, then ill do the same….so again…..most of your champiionships came during an era……But Los Angeles has been consistently winning

    3 – Los Angeles Lakers then have also been to the Finals more then you have then. So we have only one less ring then you, and we have been to the Finals more times then you…..And we didnt just win in one era….we consistnetly win championships…..unlike you were the majority of yours came during an era and then you win one every once in a while…..so Los Angeles Lakers are a more stories franchies then your Boston Celtics…….And hey…..if you want to tell me how you have one more championship….fine…enjoy that while it lasts then……

    4 – What kind of stupid name is Boston Celtics? I mean how many of your players are actually Irish? Or Celtic? Even if there white how many of them are actually Irish? Or Cetlic? Maybe back in the racist days it was a good name. But now it’s a stupid name……..You can say Lakers is a stupid name….sure maybe…..but Celtics? Come on…..Well at least your not called Red Sox….oh wait that’s in your city to then……..

    Anyway California girls are world famous and Mass is not

    People want to come to our state from all over the world. The same can be said about yours maybe sometimes then here then here then here then here

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5LJeIeRgtY Hostgatorcouponcode

    oh god
    If you have read CelticsHub for any stretch of time, you have undoubtedly heard one of us reference Cal. Cal is a great guy, a great friend, and extremely knowledgeable about basketball. He just has one tragic flaw.

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