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Oh, Sporcle. It’s 9:45 p.m. on a Wednesday, there are dirty dishes in the sink, Roger Federer is playing at the U.S. Open and I’m supposed to assemble a new vacuum. But you’ve managed to rope me into spending another 15 minutes with you, as if you were a “Godfather” movie or an episode of “The Simpsons” from 1994.

Tonight’s installment: You’ve got 10 minutes to name the 50 NBA players who have scored 15,000 points for a single franchise. Obvious note: This includes players who have played for multiple teams as long as said players have scored at least 15,000 points for one of the teams on which they have played. 

My score: 47. Beat it, and you get a cookie. Get all 50, and you get two cookies . And remember: We’re on the honor code here.

Celtics-themed trivia: Boston has the most players on this list, with seven. Anyone who fails to get at least six is banned from CelticsHub, and I’m being generous to our younger readers by giving them even one mulligan. You should really get all seven. 


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  • I love Green


  • I love Green

    Too laz-e to try for the 50

  • I love Green


    DJ doesn’t count. Its Sam Jones. I’m ashamed. Awww heck I’m banning myself.

  • As the great David Thorpe would say: Banned!

  • I love Green

    To redeem myself I got 40. I missed some guys I had never heard of.

  • JoeF

    I missed Jones, tho to be fair he’s waaaaaay before my time (I turned 10 in 1989)

    I got 29/50. (61st percentile, not bad) I drew some horrible, inexcusable blanks (I missed Ewing and Worthy, for example). Not really ashamed of missing some of these guys, as I’ve literally never heard of a few of them.

    Who did Zach miss? 47/50 is impressive.

  • I love Green

    I was born in ’87. So no excuses JoeF.

  • I missed a Piston (regrettable miss), a King and a Hawk.

  • KC

    40/50. Missed two obvious old-time Lakers (#2 and 4 of their scoring list) and one Celtic (the oldest of the bunch). Should have gotten those, but the others were harder, especially since they list the old-timers by the current location and name of the franchise – one was from the Syracuse Nationals – and not the locations where they played. Kudos to Zach, since he must have gotten that one!

  • dasein

    this thing is brutal when you can’t spell

  • Jason

    The Celtics and Lakers dominate the list. It pounds home their dominant place in NBA history.

    I was somewhat shocked to see so many franchises with either one or zero 15,000 scorers in their history. Orlando with all the great players they’ve had in their franchise like Penny Hardaway, Shaq, T-Mac, don’t have any because they’ve either left quickly or got hurt. Hardaway was definitely a real shame. Miami’s going to get there with Wade but they still don’t have one, even with Tim Hardaway and Mourning in their history. The Knicks only have Ewing and Indiana only has Miller. Cleveland has Lebron as its bittersweet representative. It’s gonna be a good day for their fans when someone passes his mark. NJ and LAC have been shut out, which explains their struggles for most their existence.

  • J

    42/50 …only got that high thanks to reading Bill Simmons’ ridiculous Book of Basketball pyramid which helped me find out about so many old timers I never heard of.

  • Stefano Icecuber

    i got the last 5 right…. but i missed the 6° for less than 500 points….

  • Josh A


  • 40/50 – who would have thought rolando blackman would be on that list…

  • captaintruth34

    dang, I only got a 35. I think thats pretty good though. I completely forgot about dumars and alex english though.

  • guessing blackman made me very, very happy.

  • I love Green

    Dolph Schayes was my “huh????” guy.

  • You got 42 out of 50 players who have scored at least 15,000 points for one franchise.
    Play again or See the most missed
    Also Post Results on Facebook or on Twitter, or Share Game by Email

  • Jeff

    45 / 50 . I missed Jerry West and Elgin Baylor (maybe my subconscious not wanting to acknowledge Laker greats??) .

    Got a lot of the more obscure ones like Paul Arizin, Bing, Schayes and Blackman. Yes, I am an idiot.