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Slam’s Tzvi Twersky caught up with Kendrick Perkins last week as the C’s big man traveled throughout his hometown speaking to students upon their return to classes. Known as the straightest shooter on the team, Perk pulled no punches in this interview giving his thoughts on his future, Tony Allen’s departure, the team’s locker room and more. A few of the highlights:

On His Rehab:
It’s going great, man. I’m going to rehab everyday. It’s getting a whole lot better. I’m walking without crutches and a brace, so things are moving along. I’m not rushing anything, but things are moving at a great pace. It’s not as bad as everybody thinks. It’s difficult, obviously, but it’s not as bad as people think. If you mentally strong, you can get through it.

On Improving His Game:
Well, I still wanna get better with my footwork, my speed, my quickness, my athleticism. You know, I’m not an athlete or nothing like that, but you know obviously you wanna get better at weakness that you have, whatever they may be. So if you always got a right-hand hook, you wanna get a left-hand hook. You know, so I’m trying to work on my left hand, doing everything left-handing. Driving left-handed. Doing everything pretty much left handed, because I want it to get just as good as my right hand.

On Whether He Feels “Overshadowed” By Big Three Like TA Did
Nah. I feel like without them, we wouldn’t be in the position that we are in right now. Without the Big Three forming, we wouldn’t get the TV pub that you get, and everything else you get. So it’s kind of hard to say, “overshadowing.” You’re really supposed to be kinda grateful to be in that situation. It ain’t really about the stats; it’s really about the position and if you can fit for a certain ballclub.

That’s really what it’s all about. And to say you got overlooked a little bit—I ain’t trying to go against TA—but without them, people probably wouldn’t even know your name. We wouldn’t be on TV as much, or anything like that. So don’t take situations for granted. That’s why I say you should be grateful for every opportunity.

On His Future:
Well, I’d love to be a Celtic for life, honestly. But, I know this is a business. So we’re gonna see how this year works out and just go from there. But I wouldn’t want to leave Boston; I love my situation. But we just gotta see and go from there, play this year out.

On Locker Room Chemistry:
The thing is, we all got open minds. So we all willin’ to listen. And that’s one thing Doc that says: “Listen to your teammate. At the time it might not come out how you want it to come out, but listen.” And we got to be able to tell each other what we’re doing wrong. And I think that’s what makes our team different from everybody else. We keep our chemistry on the court. You wouldn’t know if we had an argument in the locker room or not—nobody would know. It wouldn’t show on the court in no kinda way.

All in all a terrific read, be sure to check out the full interview here.

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Brian Robb

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  • MikeD

    The NBA would be a much better league if there were more guys willing to take on Perks mindset. He is everything that is good about sports today. On the other hand, players like LeBron are everything that is wrong with sports. Hang onto Perk, will ya Danny?

  • MikeD

    Also about TA, I wouldn’t say he did anything wrong. He kept his mouth shut while he was in Boston and did his job. Even though he appears to have hit his ceiling, you can’t really blame the guy for wanting an opportunity to find out if he can really do something in this league while he’s still pretty young.

  • DeVelaine

    On his scowl:

    “Man, because, first of all, this is how I feed my family. This is my job. So every time I get on the court, it’s all business. And then, you got a psychopath like KG right on the side of you, so that’s just added fuel to the fire.”

    That’s the single best thing I’ve heard today, as we all know that KG’s just going to laugh when he reads it.

  • steve

    Mike D: Shut the hell up. Talking bout LeBron is what’s wrong with the NBA. LBJ is the NBA. Dummy.

  • c.rock

    perk, i hope you’re reading this! I am a TRUE Celtics fan! Watched EVERY game BEFORE K.g n Allen etc.. where added, when they lost what seemed like every game! I’ve watched Perk n Rondo develop into mature, and what I consider to be stars in their own right. Without their contributions,hard work etc.. the Celts would NOT have been nearly as dominate. Perk, you are getting better every season and I feel you rank up there with ANY center in the leAGUE!! MAYBE NOT AS “EXCITING” TO WATCH AS A HIGH FLYER LIKE D.HOWARD BUT!! FUNDEMENTALLY YOU ARE THERE! AS WEL AS YOUR B;BALL IQ..KEEP WORKING DOG!!

  • c.rock

    k.g is thee man!!!!!! hE’S A beast!!! wE LOVE U IN THE BEAN KEV!!! CELTICS ALL DAY!

  • MikeD

    How is LeBron the NBA when he hasn’t done anything? He is only so big because morons like you crown him as the “King” and MVP because he can’t acheive anything that actually requires competing and winning. He can win all the awards he wants through votes. Rings you have to earn on your own.